Monday, November 16, 2009

The Palin Predicament

Sarah Palin's autobiography, aptly entitled Going Rogue is on the store shelves and its sales numbers are leaving Dan Brown and Stephen King in the dust.

As one of the most anticipated books in recent years, Palin attempts to settle the score with her Democrat critics, the liberal media, and even disgruntled former aides within the McCain-Palin campaign.

Palin's appearance on Oprah today seemed to play well with audiences. The ratings are not yet in but the show is likely to see a significant boost in viewership given the former Governor's celebrity at the moment.

All seems to be going well for Palin. But things are rarely what they seem...

This "Hockey Mom" is not being taken seriously as a professional and national political figure. The public is hungry for the latest gossip about her or her family.

The interview is the perfect example and highlights why producers want her on the show.

How can Sarah Palin appear presidential when the interviewer asks no policy questions?

Did Oprah ask Palin her position on health care? Was the Governor asked if she agreed with Obama's (mis)handling of the economic situation? What does she think of education in America?

We will have to wait for these answers because Oprah did not pose these questions. She went on, at great length, to discuss that fame-starved blockhead Levi Johnston. Oprah was very eager to hear what went wrong with the campaign despite the election being held over a year ago. And Ms. Winfrey was puzzled as to how Palin could be in elected office as a mother of five.

It can be argued that this was not the proper forum in which to discuss political ideology but it underscores Palin's predicament: many in the public and the liberal media are obsessed with the former Governor: what she reads, where she buys her clothes and how much they cost, is her marriage failing, etc. but could care less about her policy positions.

Her résumé is not respected, her accomplishments go largely unnoticed and she seems uneducated to the left because her alma mater is the University of Idaho and not one of the Ivy League elites.

She has work to do before she can be wholly accepted as a viable contender for the White House in 2012. Crafting a message and then delivering it to the masses while promoting her book would be a sufficient start.

Palin must speak to the issues, offering real solutions and innovative ideas, if she hopes to turn this celebrity book tour into a national political campaign.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Grand Old Party

Last night was a colossal victory for conservatism in America; a mere twelve months after the Democrats and the media declared it lifeless.

To their dismay, the voters came out in droves for the conservative movement yesterday, showing the same passion and vigor they had in August at the town hall meetings.

A blowout win in Virginia and an upset in liberal New Jersey, which had gone to Obama by some fifteen points a year ago, has laid the foundation for which conservatives can bring this country back to the right.

Bob McDonnell's campaign in Virginia largely resembled Chris Christie's own fight in New Jersey. They attracted independents and moderate Democrats by utilizing two principle themes: low taxes and job creation.

Their campaign strategy ought to be taught to every potential GOP candidate in 2010. They did not delve into social issues the way Mike Huckaphony likes to campaign to the evangelical fringe of the right. These men spoke to the voters and asked them directly if bigger government was the solution or if they might prosper being released from its iron-fisted grasp.

The Democrat Party is already busily spinning the election in their favor and downplaying its significance (Obama claiming he didn't watch, Pelosi exclaiming the left won) but do not be fooled. Theirs is a party running scared at the moment and every moderate elected official is contemplating his level of job security right now.

In the coming days and weeks, we will hear Democrats boast on the outcome in New York's 23rd congressional district. Bill Owens, a very moderate Democrat, defeated the Conservative Party's Doug Hoffman. Dede Scozzafava, an ultraliberal Republican, had picked up the nomination from the local party. Upon closer examination of her record, it turned out Owens was actually more conservative than she was. Hoffman entered the race to give the voters a real conservative choice.

Although Mr. Hoffman will not be going to Washington this year, it was a big victory for the conservative movement. 30 days ago Hoffman was an unknown, polling at 2-3%. When the residents in NY-23 started to learn more about him they gravitated towards his campaign in swarms. The shift was so powerful that Scozzafava dropped out of the race Saturday. On Monday, she held true to her roots as a Republican-in-name-only, and in the ultimate act of political pettiness, endorsed the Democrat.

Owens went on to win but this election made it clear that this is no longer the Party of John McCain, Colin Powell, and Arlen Specter. This GOP is made up of red-blooded Reaganites believing in American prosperity through lower taxes, more jobs and less government.

Do not be fooled by the likes of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. There is panic en masse at the DNC today. The leadership in the Democrat Party knows there is no way they can push through radically liberal legislation with Bill Owens as its newest member of Congress.

Independents and moderate Dems make ours a Grand Old Party.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SNL Fact Check

CNN's Wolf Blitzer has never denied his liberal leanings, nor has anyone at that network. But never before has the public seen such blatant liberalism in protecting their prodigal son as Wolf's recent program.

Over the weekend, Fred Armisen portrayed Obama and took issue with his non-deliverance on any campaign pledge. The SNL Obama appeared in the Oval Office sighting each issue and his failure to deliver on every campaign pledge. From health care reform to Gitmo, the comedian Armisen, acting as the left's Messiah, proclaimed "I did nothing".

While I was stunned to see such a skit on a GE owned network, nothing could prepare me for Wolf Blitzer and his liberal cronies "fact-checking" the particular skit.

Blitzer devoted a sizable amount of his mediocre program towards discrediting the comedic performance.

I ask you all, has any news organization ever engaged in dissecting a scenario solely based on comedy?

Did Fox News ever discredit Tina Fey's portrayal of Sarah Palin? Or Will Ferrell's George W. Bush?

The answer is an emphatic "no".

The fact that CNN, which claims to be the world wide leader in news, would challenge a comedic performance of Obama only proves that the left can endure no criticism of their Messiah.

SNL has never been subject to "fact checking" until the show took aim at the left's golden boy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Open Letter to the Minnesota 4th Congressional

Congresswoman Betty McCollum has represented Minnesota's 4th Congressional District for more than eight years.

During her tenure, the former high school teacher has found herself casting a number of controversial votes; including her vote today to defend criminally corrupt ACORN. (She was one of only 75 nay votes in the House)

In February, 2007 she voted against the surge in Iraq which was overwhelmingly successful and is now widely considered to be the turning point of the conflict.

In May of that very year she again expressed her disdain and contempt for the military by voting against funding American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling instead for a complete withdrawal of the troops.

She has consistently voted for tax increases and supports grossly expanding the size of the federal government, including socialized health care.

She voted against the Bush tax cuts which spurred 33 months of consecutive GDP growth. Voted against protecting the border from illegal aliens. Against the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Against a ban on the desecration of the American flag. And in 2005 she voted against a resolution instituting House ethics reform.

This "independent" and "strong willed" woman has sided with her colleagues on the left for a whopping 98.3% of her votes cast.

Betty McCollum: Against economic growth, against national security, against public ethics reform.

Her campaign war chest is routinely bankrolled by the AFL-CIO and she is customarily well below the national average for fund raising due to the lack of a plausible GOP or independent candidate.

As a resident of the 4th Congressional District I know we desperately need to elect an individual who is not ruled by Speaker Pelosi, supports our military and possesses a sincere desire to achieve American prosperity.

The 4th has been held by a Democrat since 1949.

60 years is enough.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Speech of Dissidence

President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress last night to campaign for health care reform.

The speech was a verbose and pompous one; filled with partisan attacks, vague generalities and paradoxical subject matter.

One of his most ambivalent "facts" was the sheer number of uninsured individuals in this country. Last night he set it at 30 million; a mere three weeks ago at one of his town hall meetings it was more than 46 million.

Obama delivered more of the same empty rhetoric that the public has become accustomed to these past nine months, playing the typical GOP blame game and talking up all the problems he inherited from his predecessor.

The President acknowledged his plan has "...some details to be ironed out". This provided one of the most amusing moments of the night when it was followed by roaring laughter from Republicans.

Throughout Obama's act, it was blatantly obvious that he was angry and bitter at his falling poll numbers. He looked on with scorn and animosity when he addressed the right side of the aisle and engaged in petty, campaign warfare tactics.

The contradictions ran aplenty last night. The truth is Obama has neither the facts nor the record to support his absurd socialized health care.

This prompted Rep. Joe Wilson to exclaim "you lie!" when Obama said illegal immigrants would not receive health benefits. Mr. Wilson now finds himself in the spotlight as a rallying point for on-the-fence Dems. Any liberal who doubted Obama's plan up until last night will now support it out of spite for Mr. Wilson and the GOP.

The Kennedy eulogy was blasphemous and unethical, as was having Teddy's widow seated beside Mrs. Obama while her husband's body has hardly been returned to the ground.

The shot of Biden holding back water works was a nice touch. Pelosi tried her best to force a cry but unfortunately due to her numerous face lifts and excessive botox injections her tear ducts are now at her elbows.

This address did nothing to "recenter" the debate as was its intention. The details were not revealed and people's fears were not put to rest.

This was a speech that did not require a joint session of Congress. It was so hateful and divisive that it could have been given to the Democrat Caucus alone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


President Obama will address a joint session of Congress tonight in what is shaping up to be a raucous and untamed affair; like the State of the Union address with a two drink minimum.

Critics see the speech as a desperate attempt to repair the damage done by a summer of discontent for liberals while proponents of Obamacare believe the President will seal the deal tonight to socializing the health care industry.

The Republican Response will be delivered by Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany, thoracic surgeon for more than twenty years. Boustany knows the immense pressure he is under to steal Obama's thunder, particularly after the last Republican Response from Louisiana was an awkward and uncomfortable one by Governor Bobby Jindal.

The stakes are high for both sides tonight, a possible climax to a battle that has raged on since January.

Which side will emerge victorious?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama Presser

Greetings all,
Let me begin by apologizing for my absence from the blogosphere recently. My computer was stricken with an unfortunate virus that prevented me from accessing the internet. But fear not loyal readers for I am back and my resolve is stronger than ever.

Last Wednesday at Obama's press conference on socialized health care in America, the President found himself in yet another controversy.

The final question of the evening was with regards to a white police officer arresting a black Harvard professor. The President admitted to not possessing all the facts but that did not prevent him from saying the police "acted stupidly".

This answer overshadowed any discussion on health care and Obama found himself at the center of contentious racial debate.

White House advisors, gauging the public backlash, attempted to downplay the President's comments on Thursday, claiming it was an off-the-cuff remark from the Commander in Chief.

The public remained unsatisfied and Obama was forced to personally phone the two parties involved and invite them to the White House for a beer. The invitation was accepted and the men will sit down Thursday afternoon to enjoy a cold one.

Obama and Company feel the issue has been resolved and that they have removed a significant roadblock on their path to American socialism. The liberal media is praising the Messiah's "peace-making" skills. Everyone is content right?

Not so fast Mr. President...

Press conferences at any level in government (local, state or federal) are heavily rehearsed. Each journalist is meticulously vetted and their questions must be approved by the politician who is to answer them.

There is rarely any authenticity to a Presidential press conference anymore: spontaneity has been replaced by formula and hard hitting questions replaced with administration approved talking points.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama made an "off the cuff" remark but the President knew the question was going to be asked. He knew when it was coming and according to insiders, wanted to weigh in on the issue.

President Obama had hours to craft a diplomatic response, one that would question the official protocol of Gates' arrest but that would also firmly support law enforcement.

And the best he could come up with was to say the police "acted stupidly".

I guess one can not sit in a pew listening to the racist, wrong Reverend Wright in Chicago for twenty years without some of him rubbing off.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Stalemate

Sonia Sotomayor's Senate hearings have begun this week and the process has been quite civil.

Several GOP senators have gone on the record to express their belief that Sotomayor will indeed receive confirmation and that no last minute filibuster is in the works.

While the conservative wing of the party, currently fueled by the outraged likes of Rush and Sean Hannity, implore Senators to stand against Sotomayor, such an action would surely cripple a party desperately fighting to regain prominence.

There are more qualified and certainly less controversial judges who could have been selected but Sotomayor is largely a symbolic selection: the first Latina on the Supreme Court, nominated by the first African American President.

We live in largely aesthetic times and this move was an acknowledgment of that.

The underlying point here is that Sotomayor's confirmation will not alter the composition of the court. Justice Souter, though expected to be a conservative voice on the court, heavily sided with the liberal element. Sotomayor will assume his role without dramatically shifting the Court towards the left.

Conservatives have four "Aces in the hole" with regards to Justices Thomas, Alito, and Scalia, in addition to Chief Justice John Roberts.

The left cringed during the previous confirmation process of Justice Alito, a man who embodies conservative judicial philosophy.

The GOP can ill afford to waste the little political capital it has in a losing battle against Sotomayor. Not to mention that such a campaign against the nation's first Latina Supreme Court nominee would result in alienating the Hispanic population, an increasingly important voting bloc.

This round goes to the Democrats.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Michael Jackson's life came to a sudden end June 25th at the age of 50. His contribution to the music industry is undeniable and he was an entertainment icon.

But since his death, television coverage of every detail leading up through today's memorial service has been meticulously reported. He has been eulogized for two weeks now and it is resulting in a false portrait of the man.

Congressman Peter King, a popular Republican from New York, made a short videotaped statement over the weekend condemning the media for its incessant reporting on Jackson.

King goes on to label Jacko a "pervert", "lowlife" and "pedophile".

While the Congressman's choice of vocabulary may have been controversial many individuals, especially the Casanova, agree with his overall sentiment.

This past weekend was among the deadliest in recent years for American troops in Afghanistan and yet these fallen heroes received a fraction of the time as Jackson.

The only time it seems CNN can ever beat Fox News in the ratings war is when a famous person dies. Liberals have been glued to their television sets and have been falsely eulogizing the singer since his demise.

The individuals who feel this story is worthy of the hundreds of hours of airtime it has received are severely out of touch with reality.

Men and women in our Armed Forces are dying in service to this nation; people are losing their jobs, pensions and health care; social security is drying up; education is failing and we are fighting an increasingly dangerous war on terror.

Liberals choose not recognize these problems, they have more exciting things to do than learn about these issues.

But when a celebrity drops dead rest assured they sit and gaze into that screen for hours.

This is not to say I did not enjoy some of Jackson's music; admittedly I own an album or two.

But I will not deny or forget the many, many accusations leveled towards him over the years.

I simply choose to separate the art from the artist.

Monday, July 6, 2009

These Heels Were Made For Walking

Governor Palin's shocking announcement Friday afternoon that she will be stepping down as the chief executive of Alaska on July 26th made headlines across the world.

A Google search for "Palin" over the weekend yielded thousands of news articles about the breaking story. Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin's influence is undeniable.

At first glance this decision seems ill-advised. The liberal operatives within the Democrat Party wasted no time issuing an attack on Palin, calling her behavior reckless and bizarre.

Her resignation also causes some friction within the GOP itself; with moderate Republicans (RINOs for all intents and purposes) taking issue while conservatives laud her boldness.

This woman has been relentlessly attacked since September; from the media, the Democrat Party, feminists, liberal academic elites and celebrities, the Colin Powell Republicans and bitter former employees of the McCain campaign.

Every aspect of her life has been shamefully smeared on television and the internet. Nothing has been off limits to a media thirsty for conservative blood, including her infant son's battle with Down's Syndrome.

Despite all this the incredible Hockey Mom is leaving her office in Alaska to pursue a "higher calling".

Her resignation was essential in order to wage an uphill, national campaign against President Obama in 2012.

Running for president has expanded to a full time task. It is next to impossible for a sitting Governor to perform her state obligations while on the campaign trail. Additionally, Palin could not compete in a national campaign without being in the lower 48.

After coming to this realization she decided to put Alaska's interest ahead of her own personal ambitions and relinquish her post.

It is an extraordinary rarity in politics to have Palin practice what she preaches. She is tired with "politics as usual" and has spent her life fighting against a broken political system. What better way to attempt fixing the system than to remove yourself from it for awhile in order to gain a fresh perspective?

Palin has lived up to her campaign mantra of 2008 and has put "Country First".

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carter Reincarnate

Jimmy Carter's presidency was disastrous due in large part to two factors: foreign policy and the energy crisis at home.

Carter paraded around the world apologizing to foreign dignitaries for the numerous shortcomings of the United States. He believed America was to blame for much of the world's problems. Carter was a weak and wobbly diplomat.

Domestically he faced a severe energy crisis. With decreasing popularity and weakening political capital, he delivered a "Crisis of Confidence" speech asking the American people to trust in his administration again and all would be fine.

To combat energy shortcomings Carter professed that Americans could no longer keep our thermostats at any level we wish and we must conserve to the best of our ability.

Is this pattern familiar to any modern day politician?

President Obama held a press conference yesterday to announce new lighting standards. Using inflated projections and phony promises, he projected savings of over $4 billion annually from 2012-2042. Any legitimate expert will concur these figures are nothing but pie-in-the-sky hopes.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell got it right when he said "Conservation is only half the equation. Even as we use less energy, we need to produce more of our own".

Democrats are not interested in an actual energy debate. As shown recently with the reprehensible "Cap and Trade" legislation, they care more about the climate change myth than they do everyday Americans.

Real people are losing their jobs, their homes, their health care everyday. We have a crisis situation in Iran and a nuclear North Korea.

These are serious issues. And what does our esteemed President do?

He holds a press conference telling us to change our lightbulbs.

Cut The Losses

Senator Norm Coleman and the comedian Al Franken have been in a heated legal battle over the Senate seat from Minnesota since November.

The court decisions have all ruled in Franken's favor and over the weekend Governor Pawlenty admitted he was ready to declare Al Franken the winner of last year's election.

The Minnesota State Supreme Court is also expected to make a ruling at any time with regards to the contested election results.

To date, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has contributed over $1 million to help defray Coleman's legal expenses.

The GOP will face major challenges in 2010 and if they wish to capitalize on the Democrat Party's numerous blunders they will need every penny in their warchest.

It is gravely unfortunate but the time has come for Senator Coleman to concede the election. The GOP is unable to move forward with their agenda while simultaneously defending Coleman.

Governor Pawlenty has decided not to seek another term in office, thereby presenting a great opportunity in the future for Coleman.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tiny Tim

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced last week that he will not be seeking a third term in office. The news came as a bit of a shock to some but many in the political arena had been secretly anticipating this move.

Pawlenty has enjoyed immense popularity across a state that has become increasingly blue with each election. In a grim 2006 for the GOP, Pawlenty was able to fight off an aggressive challenge from former Attorney General Mike Hatch.

The Governor was on John McCain's shortlist for the VP slot last year and is considered a viable primary candidate in 2012.

Running for president has become a full time job and Pawlenty will take some time following his term's expiration in 2010 to assemble a competitive team of professionals.

While he does not yet have the national recognition of Governors Palin or Romney, he possesses youth and vitality that may be appealing to Republicans.

With Pawlenty becoming a lame duck governor of sorts, look for him to endorse legislation that will be attractive to conservatives while being unpopular with many Minnesotans as he moves more to the right.

Also watch for former Senator Norm Coleman to drop his challenge to the comedian Al Franken and throw his hat in the ring for governor.

Dr. Killer

George Tiller committed countless thousands of late term abortions during his 35 years specializing in the deplorable practice.

He rightfully earned the nickname "Dr. Killer" from anti abortion activists who put his numbers at approximately 70,000 abortions.

As has been heavily reported, Tiller was gunned down in a Wichita church this past Sunday and the crime has fueled an already contentious abortion debate.

We do not resolve our ideological differences in this country with violence; we are more evolved than that. Tiller's murder is unacceptable in America; his assassin must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But let us not forget that this was a man whose specialty was the same as his undoing: murder.

Over the past week I have read articles from the left honoring and emulating this morally depraved man. Some view him as a martyr, anointing him as a champion of women's rights.

Taking a life is the prerogative of our Creator; not of an ultra liberal abortion doctor from Kansas.

His murder, like all others, was shameful. Our society must not resolve our differences in such a manner.

But to think for one minute that I am going to lose a wink of sleep tonight over this man, or sympathize with his cause, is ludicrous.

Sarah Palin on FNC Tonight

My apologies to the loyal readers for being a bit laxed in my editorial duties. I have been heavily engaged in my work at the University but it will be ending soon and I promise then the updates will become more regular.

Governor Palin, often regarded as one of the early frontrunners in 2012, has been rather inconspicuous since Obama's inauguration. She has largely avoided the media and has not taken a trip to "the lower 48" for some time.

That will all change tonight in what will be a heavily watched (and scrutinized) interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Early transcripts obtained by several media outlets show that Palin will not be pulling any punches at the Messiah tonight. Matt Drudge has even taken the liberty of calling it the "Told Ya So" interview.

Governor Palin, utilizing her charming and plain spoken disposition, says of the increased government spending "You gotta quit digging that hole!"

It is this "hockey mom" persona that endeared her to millions of Americans, reenergized a depleted base searching for a real conservative, and nearly brought her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Governor Palin faces an uphill battle in trying to remain relevant over the next four years. Elitists admonish her, the media trivializes her political career, and the left paints her as a gun-toting radical.

Only time will tell if the Governor can overcome these odds. But one must give the woman a lot of credit for trying.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Presidential Bond

Dick Cheney has been anything but subtle in his criticism of the Obama administration since the former vice president left elected office.

He has charged the President with making the country less safe by declassifying once secret documents and his plan to close Gitmo. He said he fears for the future of this nation under the Obama presidency.

As a contrast to Cheney's sharp tongued accusations, President George W. Bush has been noticeably quiet. He has stayed out of the public spotlight and steered clear from criticizing his successor.

Former presidents, upon vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, are generally respectful towards future commanders in chief. Reagan, Bush 41, and even Bill Clinton did not engage in partisan bickering with the new President. The notable exception to this is Jimmy Carter whose unfounded attacks against George W. Bush were classless and asinine.

There is an inexplicable bond among the men who serve as America's chief executive.

Candidate Obama verbally scourged W at every opportunity.

However when the transition process started in November, President-elect Obama had nothing but praise for the man.

When Obama witnessed firsthand the stresses that had plagued President Bush on a daily basis, he was not so quick to judge him anymore.

Serving as President is an awesome responsibility that the general population can never fully understand or appreciate.

Those who have been there, seated behind the desk in that oval shaped room, comprise the most exclusive club in the world.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Sotomayor Complex

A firestorm of controversy has erupted today following President Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

Sotomayor's record has now been opened and her history seems to contradict the President's claim that she possesses a moderate voice and is a fair jurist.

Perhaps the most troubling statement she made was this:

"...The Court of Appeals is where policy is made."

I can not underestimate the danger of confirming to the highest court in the land, a woman who completely rejects the legislative and executive branches.

This kind of sentiment epitomizes liberal judicial activism and represents a growing threat within this country. These judges refuse to acknowledge the presence of any governing body in America, excluding of course, the court system.

This startling revelation is more than enough cause to demand Sotomayor's immediate withdrawal as a nominee.

But the debate took an unexpected turn today...

Based on prior court decisions and documented speeches, accusations have been made today that Judge Sotomayor is a racist.

This conversation has no place in the debate.

As I wrote earlier today Republicans must keep this debate as civil and professional as possible. If the GOP launches a prodigious assault on this woman they will only be playing into the charges hurled by the disgraced General Colin Powell that the Republicans are a "small tent" party.

With the plethora of Ms. Sotomayor's professional shortcomings, surely the GOP can conjure up enough evidence to force the President to withdraw this absurd nominee.

SCOTUS & Sotomayor

Well I have certainly chosen an eventful day to return from vacation.

This morning President Obama nominated federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States.

He praised her as a woman with vast judicial experience, compassion and intellect.

If confirmed Sotomayor would become the nation's first Hispanic Justice and the third woman in history.

While she will certainly not change the balance of the court as her replacement, Justice Souter, sided with liberals, she does have a considerable age advantage over her potential predecessor. At 54, Sotomayor would become one of the younger faces on the Court.

The media has already began their sensationalist reporting and propagandizing. The following is an actual excerpt from the Associated Press:

"It was a striking picture of diversity: a black president, a white vice president and a Hispanic nominee to the nation's highest court."

It is lunacy to believe this woman will be a competent Justice of the Supreme Court because she is of a certain color.

The woman has spent seventeen years on the federal bench, amassing her fair share of controversial rulings.

Her past will be meticulously dissected by the Senate in the coming months. The media and the Democrat Party will spin it as "GOP filibustering" when in reality it is an important process when one is being appointed to a lifetime position of power.

It is not a decision to be taken lightly and the road to confirmation should be a lengthy one.

Regardless of her prior history of rulings, Judge Sotomayor now stands at the precipice of history.

As Hispanics have been shifting in droves towards the left, the GOP must remain well-mannered towards this woman. She is widely respected as a jurist and her story is a tale of American success.

If party members can treat her fairly during the confirmation proceedings, focusing their arguments on issues and supporting them with tangible evidence, we will see the beauty of democracy at work.

Democrats would have you believe this is an historic opportunity for the left but it has the potential to be just as much one for the right.

Republicans will present all the evidence in an objective manner during the hearings. Their questions will be inquisitive in nature and the nominee will not face the barrage of attacks Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts had to endure.

The modus operandi will be to determine if Ms. Sotomayor is a viable candidate for confirmation and to be certain she will protect the Constitution of the United States.

When the process is complete, the American electorate will be grateful to GOP senators for upholding their Constitutional oath to carry out a fair confirmation.

If this hearing is handled correctly, in the professional demeanor described above, we will then witness a resurgence of Republican support abroad.

Monday, May 11, 2009

California Crazy

I have always wished California shared the same Constitutional right as Texas to secede from the Union. I, along with most mainstream Americans, would not miss its' presence for a second.

To further my argument, the California state legislature is attempting to pass a bill creating a "Harvey Milk Day".

The state Senate has passed legislation creating such a holiday and I do not expect the RINO Governor Schwarzenegger to veto the bill.

These left wing lunatics want our school children to honor a radical, openly gay San Francisco politician and subscribe to his beliefs.

Californian politicians are severely out of touch with mainstream America and ought to be called out on their hatred of a Christian union.

There is no "Ronald Reagan Day" in California because he was not the radical that they would like to honor.

Reagan saw America as a "Shining city on a hill" and did not fit the modus operandi of the fringe groups in the Golden State.

They would instead honor a liberal who disavowed America as a Christian nation.

Nothing Funny Here

The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner was held Saturday evening. Journalists, celebrities and politicians came together to honor a tradition stemming back to the days of President Calvin Coolidge.

As is tradition, the President tells a few jokes and makes a couple tongue in cheek remarks at his opponents.

President Obama's skit was entertaining and even possessed some nuggets of truth, such as when he told the room filled with the media and celebrities "I know you all voted for me".

The night was seemingly flawless, not even Joe Biden could ruin the atmosphere with an off the cuff remark.

Then came comedian Wanda Sykes.

Her bit started out tame enough poking fun at Obama's basketball skills but then took an ugly turn when she set Rush Limbaugh in her sights.

After incorrectly quoting Limbaugh as saying he hopes this country fails (this has been erroneously reported by all media outlets, his actual quote revolves around socialism failing) Wanda went on to say: “I think Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker, but he was just so strung out on Oxycontin he missed his flight.”

President Obama was noticeably grinning from ear to ear.

She continued, wishing death upon the talk radio behemoth by saying "Limbaugh hopes the country fails. I hope his kidneys fail."

Once again, the President succumb to laughter.

The administration has since taken steps to distance itself from Sykes.

Earlier today at a press conference, White House puppet Robert Gibbs said “I think there are a lot of topics that are better left for serious reflection rather than comedy. I think there's no doubt 9/11 is part of that."

Notice how Gibbs never mentioned Obama having a problem with Sykes' wishing Limbaugh dead.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Observation

During the campaign season Senator McCain was grilled by the Democrat Party and especially candidate Obama for labeling the "wealthy" as anyone earning more than $5 million annually.

Under Obama's new tax plan, "wealthy" is now anyone making more than $250,000 per year.

The media has not covered this new designation of "wealthy" and the Republicans are surprisingly silent.

If there is nobody holding this President accountable then there is no limit to his agenda.

Reckless spending and tax hikes will continue until someone steps up to challenge Obama.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Specter Part II

Senator Specter's defection to the Democrat Party has come at a high price as he has lost his seniority on all Senate committees.

Last night, the Senate passed a resolution declaring Specter as the most junior Democrat on the committees to which he was assigned.

Harry Reid's office said the issue of Specter's seniority would be taken up again following the 2010 elections.

The Democrats must not have too much faith at the moment in their newest member's electability come next year. They did not want to risk elevating him only to lose the seat in 2010.

Specter would have played a crucial role as the ranking Republican on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee as it prepares for hearings on the next Supreme court nominee.

Republicans could never rely on this renegade and now it appears, through his many demotions, that the Democrats do not trust him either.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fair And Balanced

I was worried I may have come down a little harshly on Mr. Biden so in the interests of fairness and in honoring the Messiah's first 100 days in office, I would like to share with you a few of his oratorical gems.

-"I've been in 57 states"

-"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today"

-"Israel is a strong friend of Israel's"

-"Its always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never'"

-(On bowling) "I sort of fall into the Special Olympics category"

-"Okay, move it up" (Talking to his teleprompter Tuesday during a televised speech)

It appears as though President Obama is a flawed mortal like the rest of us.

There You Go Again Joe

President Obama's press conference last night is being credited as a success. How could it not be when a question from The New York Times asked what "enchanted" him most about the presidency and his country.

Was this a presidential news conference or the Miss America pageant?

Regardless, Obama displayed his master showmanship skills and the media ate it all up.

That was yesterday.

Any sense of calm and restraint Obama might have projected to Americans with regards to the swine flu outbreak was undone in a single interview by his number two man.

Vice President Biden has once again left the American people asking:

What the hell did he just say?

In an interview on NBC, Biden told Americans not to travel anywhere in confined spaces right now.

"It’s not that it’s going to Mexico. It’s [that] you’re in a confined aircraft. When one person sneezes, it goes all the way through the aircraft. That’s me."

He went on to recommend against using the subway systems as well; a source of transportation millions of people depend upon daily.

So in addition to crippling the airline industry and shutting down subways, Joe has also managed to spread unfounded mass panic.

Just another day at the office for Vice President Biden.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Benedict Arlen: Update

Hours after jumping ship to save his own skin, further details have been released on Senator Specter's switch.

In an interview with The Hill, Specter said the following:

"[Democrats] are trying very hard for the 60th vote. Got to give them credit for trying. But (my) answer is no."

This was March 17th.

Apparently the Democrat Party has been courting the soon to be ex-Senator from Pennsylvania for some time.

Since the inauguration, Vice President Biden has had 14 separate conversations with Specter regarding a switch in his party affiliation.

President Obama personally phoned Specter's office after today's announcement and exclaimed "We're thrilled to have you!"

Senators Lindsey Graham and Olympia Snowe, both moderate Republicans, have defended Specter's decision and have blamed conservatism for his departure. They advocate Republicans taking more "progressive" positions in order to welcome new members.

Their argument is essentially the same as Specter's: "The party left me and moved right".

This is political drivel as it is abundantly clear that the GOP was much more conservative during the days of Reagan and has exponentially moved towards the left of center. One needs to look no further than our most recent presidential nominee to recognize the amount of influence moderates now have within the party.

But Senators Graham and Snowe ought to heed this warning.

In a poll tonight on Sean Hannity's program, he posed this question to the viewers:

Is the GOP better off without Arlen Specter?

The Results:

1% Maybe
5% No
93% Yes

Enough said.

Conservatism is retaking this party and "progressives" can exit to their left.

Benedict Arlen

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has announced today that he will switch parties and register as a Democrat for his upcoming reelection bid in 2010.

Specter has been seriously out of touch with conservative principles since his election in 1980. He is a firm believer in global warming, promotes destructive embryonic stem cell research, supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, and has been a champion of the pro-choice movement.

The senior Senator from Pennsylvania faced an uphill battle in the GOP primary, trailing in a Rasmussen poll by more than twenty points.

When Al Franken is sworn into the Senate after stealing the election in Minnesota, the Democrats will have achieved a 60 seat, filibuster proof majority.

Specter is a bitter man who is motivated purely out of his lust for power. He saw the proverbial writing on the wall that conservatives were no longer going to support his reckless politics and therefore sacrificed his integrity in order to keep his job.

The Senator should enjoy his time in Washington while it lasts because he has enraged Republicans in Pennsylvania and their anger will spread like a brush fire across the state.

William Shakespeare puts it best:

"Though those that are betrayed
Do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitor
Stands in worse case of woe."

Monday, April 27, 2009


As we approach the 100th day of the Obama administration, the White House has sent a request to the broadcast networks to interrupt their regularly scheduled programming Wednesday night in order to televise the President's remarks on his agenda.

Being the media darling that he is, Obama's handlers did not anticipate any problem.

Then came Fox.

For the first time since Obama's inauguration a broadcast network has denied a primetime television request from the White House.

Fox will instead air an episode of their popular series Lie To Me.

Ironically that is also the title of President Obama's speech.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The United States Supreme Court is about to rule on the legality of schools "Strip Searching" suspected students not adhering to district regulations.

One such case attracting national attention comes from Arizona's Savanna Redding who was accused of carrying prescription strength medication; a violation of district ordinances.

The 13 year old was strip searched in 2003 but no such violation was found.

Regardless of that outcome, we need to err on the side of caution when it comes to our nation's youth.

I went through school as an asthmatic suffering from chronic allergies. All of my medications were forced to be checked in through the school's main office. This policy was necessary so my medicine could be administered by an adult.

Liberals on the Supreme Court are making this a case against the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution "Unreasonable Search And Seizure".

There can be no room for error here. A child should not be ingesting prescription strength medication without adult supervision. The school had probable cause to search Ms. Redding and luckily for her, they turned up nothing.

I loathe the hypotheticals but imagine for a moment that Ms. Redding did have drugs on her. The backlash would be unrelenting; against the school and her parents.

The Supreme Court must rule in favor of a school's right to search the students in order to ensure a safe learning environment.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss Congeniality

Carrie Prejean, Miss California and runner up in last night's Miss USA pageant, has found herself in a very public and nasty feud with trashblogger Perez Hilton.

During the question and answer segment of the program, Hilton asked her opinion on gay marriage.

At first it seemed as though she was going to give an ambiguous, wordy answer the way all other contestants conduct themselves in boring fashion.

But Ms. Prejean fell back on her faith and principles saying she believes marriage as a union between a "man and a woman".

Hilton was visibly distraught after hearing her response and the audience reaction was mixed.

Today Hilton has resorted to juvenile name calling and has been bashing her on his blog.

MSNBC called the response "a serious mishap".

How far gone are we as a nation when a young woman is torn apart for adhering to Christian ideology; the same Christian principals under which America was founded.

Bravo Ms. Prejean-this was not a "mishap".

It was a refreshing reminder that there are still bright young minds out there in California.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, has always been an outspoken young woman. She holds many liberal positions (and voted for Kerry in 2004), often criticizes conservatism, and registered as a Republican only as a Father's Day 'gift' in 2008.

She has been wrapped up in a rather public feud with Ann Coulter the past several weeks and maintains her own political blog, showcasing her "progressive" opinions.

She is a strong supporter of gay marriage and was invited to speak to the Log Cabin Republicans yesterday. The Log Cabin Republicans are a group composed of gay and lesbian members sharing conservative positions while lobbying for gay rights.

According to the attendees of last night's dinner, Ms. McCain gave a rousing speech to a receptive crowd. She urged Republicans to embrace the Log Cabin Republicans and endorse gay marriage initiatives around the country.

Eloquence is a trait that alluded Senator McCain during the campaign and seems to plague Meghan as well. The young woman reportedly said "...Old school Republicans are scared sh**less of the changing landscape".

She went on to take jabs at Ann Coulter calling her "overly divisive" and even worked in: "...Most of this country wants our President to succeed", a rather obvious reference to Rush Limbaugh.

Attacking the conservative base of her father's party is a sure way to extend her stay in the spotlight.

Meghan possesses no insight into these issues and yet manages to attract a sizable following.

She has become a media darling. Liberals adore her. The left salivates whenever she attacks conservatives.

Meghan-your fifteen minutes are up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grassroots In All Its Glory

Taxpayers are fed up with the reckless "tax and spend" liberalism running rampant throughout the country and they are taking to the streets today.

All across America, protesters are gathering around state capitols and cities in a fashion reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party.

Thousands are in attendance at numerous rallies and the momentum among the crowds is building.

While the loonies of the left abuse their first amendment right on a near daily basis, it is unusual for conservatives to hold protests because so many of us have jobs and actual responsibilities.

Ordinary citizens made today possible. This was a huge victory for grassroots conservatism.

As Newt Gingrich's spokesman Rick Sawyer said "It's the Reagan coalition reinventing itself".

Today may be the shot in the arm conservatives were desperately looking for; a central rallying point in which to unite the base.


President Obama has been in power for nearly three months and he has finally labeled his political opposition as "extremists".

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security (Created by President George W. Bush) issued a warning to all local municipalities to be on the lookout for "rightwing extremist activity".

After reading the memo; This is a word to the wise from the Casanova:

If you oppose abortion; you are a radical.

If you oppose the infringement on your second amendment right to own a firearm, you are a radical.

If you oppose an "open border" immigration policy that is backed by President Obama; you are a radical.

If you advocate local or state-controlled government; you are a radical.

President Obama has taken us one step closer towards a totalitarian state by labeling his political opponents as "extremists" or "radicals".

I do not believe our freshman president has it right here.

An extremist is Bill Ayers, who advocated deliberate terrorist attacks on
American institutions.

An extremist is Tony Rezko, who will bypass all Illinois campaign finance laws in order to donate windfall profits to prominent Illinois Democrats.

An extremist is the wrong Reverend Wright who will say in his church and on video "God Damn America".

Conservatives will always put their country first and politics second.

My sincere hope is that the fringe lefties who elected Obama as president will see the "right" as a legitimate political thinking and not mistake it for the radicalism Obama is selling.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

R.I.P. The Strib

The Minneapolis Star Tribune was founded (as the Minneapolis Tribune) in 1867 and is currently the 15th largest newspaper in the country.

On January 15th, 2009 the company filed for bankruptcy. According to the Associated Press: "...the newspaper listed assets of 493.2 million dollars and liabilities of 661.1 million dollars".

In an era where the majority of readers are now migrating towards free news via the internet, the Strib finds itself in the same predicament as other publications such as the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

This week several employees launched a website to "Save the Strib".

Their goal is to raise public awareness of the Star Tribune's dire financial status in hopes of attracting a new owner to take over the company.

My question is simple: Why?

No capitalist in his right mind would want to own the bottomless money pit that the Strib has become.

The Star Tribune may be Minnesota's largest newspaper but its quality of journalism and objectivity has been declining for decades. The liberal spin and propaganda now run rampant through the pages.

Here is a rather novel idea: How about the almighty reporters' union at the Strib agrees to pay freezes and other cost reducing techniques in order to save hundreds of jobs right now?

I doubt the union bosses would agree to such acts of self-sacrifice however.

These labor leaders will relentlessly pursue their outrageous demands until the headquarters of the Strib turns into the downtown unemployment office.

This is an awful time to be out of work and it is unfortunate to see the already sizable unemployment rate growing.

The paper's employees are hoping to recover from their financial peril. They are looking to business leaders, investment firms and even the city and state governments for assistance.

But the response to their pleas has been sparse.

No one can afford to save the Strib.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Dangerous Game of Chicken

Last night North Korea openly defied the warnings of the United States and other allies by firing a long range rocket.

Ballistic missiles pose a major threat to the United States. Given the current rate of technological advancement, it is not inconceivable that such a missile could hit any point in the continental United States within the next few years.

Kim Jong Il is a crazed and corrupt dictator. However I do not believe he would engage the American military.

The real danger would be North Korea selling these weapons to terrorist entities for profit.

The North Korean leader has called America's bluff.

There are a number of ways President Obama could deal with this blatant move of defiance:

-Economic sanctions imposed against North Korea
-Ramp up intelligence gathering operations within North Korea
-Seize North Korean assets in the United States
-Continue the progress made by the Bush administration in crafting a missile defense shield

What action did our esteemed President decide to take?

He passed the buck to the United Nations, where it will be buried in bureaucratic red tape for months.

North Korea seems to be another issue that is above Obama's pay grade.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Man of Steele

Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee has once again found himself immersed in more controversy.

In an interview this week with CNN, Steele hinted at the possibility of running for the presidency in 2012.

Steele is quoted as saying if he decides to run for president "it'll be because that's where God wants me to be at that time".

This man was elected RNC Chairman in order to unify the party and craft a sound message that will resonate with voters. But Steele is treating this as another line on his resume, a starting point in his quest for the presidency.

As if his newly found presidential aspirations did not rattle party members enough, Steele went on to reaffirm his belief in a woman's right to choose.

He makes this distressing assertion as he prepares to attend the Right to Life Banquet in Evansville, Indiana next month. Evansville Bishop Gerald Gettelfinger has decided to boycott Steele's appearance.

Chairman Steele put his spin masters to work upon hearing this news and issued the following statement: ""I (Steele) am pro-life, always have been, always will be."

With Obama's poll numbers slipping on a daily basis and congressional approval waning as well, the RNC needs to get its house in order if it is hoping to make any gains in public opinion.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Angie Harmon has always been a classy Hollywood starlet. She rose to fame after starring in Law and Order and has been married to former NFL star Jason Sehorn since 2001.

Harmon and Sehorn are registered Republicans who both spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention and supported John McCain's presidential bid last November.

Defending President Obama's socialist agenda is all the rage in Tinseltown these days, but an intelligent gal like Harmon is not having any part in it. She has been sticking to her conservative beliefs and has publicly criticized Obama's numerous failures to date.

Ms. Harmon is fed up with Hollywood liberals and had this to say about how she is treated by her colleagues after disagreeing with their Messiah."If I have anything to say against Obama it's not because I'm a racist, it's because I don't like what he's doing as President..."

Kudos to Ms. Harmon for sticking to principle and standing up against Hollywood elites. It is a shame there are not more starlets out there like her.

When asked about her personal favorites within the GOP and who has the most potential as a presidential nominee in 2012, Harmon left little doubt that she is a steadfast supporter of Governor Palin.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Obama Code

The teleprompter screens were conspicuously absent.

The American people were meant to believe that the President was speaking from his heart; his own words were being delivered to the electorate.

But it was not to last...

Obama had instead moved to a giant television screen placed in the back of the room.

This press conference was going to be more of the same empty rhetoric being read off of a screen.

Obama said the current economic turmoil was the result of "many years and many failures" and going on to say "This allusion of prosperity has endangered us all".

What is he running for now? The campaign season ended nearly five months ago. What does he gain by continually bashing President Bush and the Republicans?

"The only problems we've had is from contracts which were in place before we took over".

None of this mess is President Obama's fault folks.

Tim Geithner, Joe Biden, Barney Frank, Rahm Emanuel- They have done nothing wrong these past 65 days.

Now these lines would be funny if these men did not actually believe them to be true. They have the audacity to blame the entirety of this economic mess on the Bush administration.

This is more of the same from the left. After hearing the sham press conference last night I am convinced I have cracked the code of the left.

The following is something I am sure is written in some liberal handbook somewhere...
Blame. Anger. Fear. These are the tenets of the Obama administration.

Blame- Fault the Bush administration and conservatives for the economic downturn. It has nothing to do with living outside your own personal means or natural declines in free markets. Blame the right.

Anger- Get mad. Loathe your opposition. Shut them out of the debates entirely.

Fear- Become so afraid that you think the only entity remaining to protect you is a massive government. You need big government to survive. You are helpless without it.
America can stand up against this. We know that each of us has the ability to get through these difficult times without reckless government intrusion.

Obama is using this economic crisis as a mandate to liberalize America.

Now is the time for conservatives to say in unison "No More".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Primetime Tuesday

At 7:00 tonight, President Obama will take to the airwaves in en effort to sell his economic plan to the American public for a second time.

Poll numbers conducted since his initial unveiling of his economic proposals have shown significant decline in the past weeks. As the public begins to further educate themselves on the details, the more opposed they have become.

The whole country has watched as political softballs were lobbed towards the President in heavily scripted and rehearsed press conferences.

But tonight marks an historic opportunity for the news media: With Obama's popularity shrinking everyday, will they now begin to uphold their journalistic obligation to ask the tough questions the public wants to know?

The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the more centrist all have articles regarding what they want to hear asked of Obama this evening.

The questions are hard hitting and warrant answers. They range from "Who are you listening to most regarding economic policy?" to "What has been your biggest mistake and what have you learned from it?"

I sincerely hope that we see a genuine back and forth between the media and the President and not another teleprompter assisted, recapitulated performance from Obama.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hey Arnold!

Back from vacation and reenergized, the Casanova is contented to return to the blogosphere.

Governor Schwarzenegger of California places an (R) following his name but holds little else in common with the party.

Michele-a devoted reader and proud conservative- often warns against RINOs (Republican in name only) infiltrating the party. There is no mistake here; Arnold is the quintessential RINO.

During his tenure as Governor, California's taxes exponentially increased along with wasteful spending. Now California faces an economic collapse but the "Governator" is bewildered at how the state got there.

Since his election in 2003, he has moved gradually to the left with each passing year. He appointed Susan Kennedy, a Democrat, to serve as his Chief of Staff. He has been referenced as one of the "greenest Governors" by various environmentalists.

During an interview on NBC's Meet The Press, Schwarzenegger defended President Obama's abhorrent gaffe on the Special Olympics and said "I know his heart is in the right place".

As Governor of California, Ronald Reagan was successful because he pulled the entire state to the right. As President, he employed the same tactic and swayed the American electorate towards a conservative mentality.

Arnold takes a different approach. He ran as a conservative and has since shifted leftwards.

Politicians like Arnold are the reason the GOP has lost its identity. They are the reason for the confusion and electoral defeats.

Republicans need to band together and give the boot to the Governator.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Regardless of the increasing volatility within the stock market, growing unemployment, and escalating spending, President Obama's approval ratings remain relatively high.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC was defending the president's record saying "It's only been 50 days". There is no doubt that her dialogue would be quite different if Senator McCain had emerged victorious.

Despite what the polls might say, there is no denying that President Obama has lost considerable momentum. He has alienated members of his own party while completely ostracizing the GOP.

Is this change? Is this a new direction for America?

President Obama railed against earmarks during his campaign and yet has just signed a bill that includes more than 9,000 pet projects.

He has not passed meaningful legislation that will pull this country out of recession. He has not offered ideas as to curbing the national debt. The only work he has done since taking his oath has been a commitment to the destruction of human life in using taxpayer money to promote abortions throughout the world as well as funding embryonic stem cell research.

America can ill afford to continue giving him the benefit of the doubt.

The N Word

To my loyal readers: I must warn you, this is the most controversial article of which I have ever written.

The N word has no place in today's society. I will never condone it by anyone.

The View, of which I consider to be my guiltiest pleasure, has tackled this subject in the past.

The N word simply has no place in today's society.

It conjures up a view of America as racist, discriminatory, and hateful.

Why is it acceptable for rappers to employ this term at their will?

Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard, two African American hosts of The View, argue that it is their right to make the term their own.

But why?

Why must we revert ourselves back to a bleak period of American history?

This heinous word has no place in modern times. I will never condone any usage of it as it is an archaic and asinine term.

In no way is it productive, and it serves no purpose in progressing this great nation.

Sadly, the African American community has tried to adapt this word into their pop culture everyday vocabulary yet it does nothing to bridge the racial divide within this country.

The sooner we can do away with this antiquated terminology, the less divisive America will become.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Quick Query

A recent article in a political magazine read "Do political campaigns even matter anymore?"

It is a complex question filled with ambiguity. I decided to respond here.

Americans function largely on self-interest. The economic climate and an individual's personal financial state are the primary factors for the majority of voters. If a person's stocks are in a windfall and he has gainful employment, he will see no need to shake up the status quo. If his portfolio is in a tailspin and he finds his wallet a great deal lighter, he will seek new leadership.

A campaign is not so much about finding the right message as it is avoiding the wrong one. In 1984 Walter Mondale explicitly told the voters he would raise their taxes during a televised debate. This struck a nerve with America and resulted in a landslide win for President Reagan.

In September 2008 Senator McCain was quoted during a press conference saying "The fundamentals of our economy are still strong". Obama and the DNC were relentless in airing this clip repeatedly and in post-election polls, is a major reason for the Senator's defeat.

So yes, the campaign still matters.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Crack In The Foundation

"The United States does not negotiate with terrorists".

This has been America's bedrock foundation throughout modern history.

Presidents the likes of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan and George W. Bush have all reaffirmed that standard belief during their respective presidencies.

So why does President Obama feel he is exempt from this?

Recently he drew a lot of flak for admitting he would like to sit down with "moderate members" of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

To many including myself, "moderate members" of the Taliban still remain malevolent murderers.

"Moderates" do not exist when it comes to dealing with Islamic fundamentalism. They are beyond logic, reason and sensibility.

Attempts at negotiation with them is an act of futility because their warped ideology tells them not to rest until the infidels have been driven from the face of the earth.

And now the leader of the free world will legitimize their position by opening an actual dialogue with them?

Consider this: Obama is more than willing to sit down with bona fide terrorists but is too afraid to share a beer with Sean Hannity.

Monday, March 9, 2009


President Obama signed a bill today that lifts the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

He went on to state during the ceremony that human cloning is "dangerous" and "profoundly wrong".

As per usual with the Messiah, his record does not match his rhetoric.

While in the Senate, he cosponsored a bill protecting an institution's rights to create a human clone only to then destroy its cells in the name of scientific research.

The science-ethics debate has been occuring since the beginning of time. But with new technologies and advancements the discussion has become increasingly essential.

Destroying human life for scientific study is both dangerous and wrong. There are new technologies that do not require the destuction of human life being discovered each and every day that hold the same potential without raising any moral or ethical questions.

Removing the human element from this debate; there is another perspective from which one should be concerned by today's announcement.

In this era of a deepening recession with massive government expenditures and growing national debt, how does the federal government justify additional spending on embryonic stem cell research at this time?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Funny

President Obama placed a call from the Oval Office to The New York Times today to clarify yesterday's gaffe. When asked by a Times reporter "Are you a socialist as some people have suggested?" the President gave an ambiguous answer and brushed the implication off as a mere joke.

Obama's handlers must have alerted him to the potential controversy his comments might spark. He gave a lengthy clarification today, blaming the failures of the Bush administration for the need to create such an enormous "spending" (not stimulus) bill.

What does it say when even The New York Times is concerned that Obama's policies resemble a socialist agenda?

The bottom line: Socialism is spreading throughout this country and that is nothing to joke about.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Double Trouble

I wrote earlier today regarding the tension within the Republican Party as they struggle to unite behind their leadership.

But in the interests of full disclosure I feel it necessary to point out the anxiety within the Democrat Party as well.

President Obama has not had smooth sailing since January 20th and has proven the mandate he claims to hold is worthless.

Senior members of Congress are now balking at his leadership (or lack thereof) as evidenced today when House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer claimed "I don’t think the White House has the ability to tell us what to.”

Hoyer was speaking in reference to Obama's plan to reform earmark spending. Hoyer was quick to point out that his party's leader had earmarks himself while in the Senate for projects in Illinois.

The dissension among members of both parties is stemming out of frustration. The liberals are upset with Obama for not wholly adopting their plan to socialize America and Republicans are angry that no single voice has yet to present himself (or herself) as a viable representative of conservative philosophy.

Governor Jindal did his very best last week in the toughest of scenarios but his stumbling proved troublesome to those who had pegged him as the future leader of the party.

There is much talent within the GOP and it is only a matter of time before a true conservative steps up, takes the reins, and leads the party back to prosperity.

The Elephant In The Room

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held over the weekend and featured a wide array of speakers ranging from Ron Paul to Rush Limbaugh.

A straw poll was conducted asking who should be the presidential nominee and Governor Mitt Romney, for the second consecutive year, emerged victorious.

It all concluded Saturday evening with a keynote address from El Rushbo.

To the casual observer the conference was a great success and a crucial step in uniting the GOP.

But that sense of "unity" was not to last.

In an interview on CNN, the new chairman of the RNC Michael Steele brushed off Limbaugh's address and dismissed him as merely "an entertainer".

When asked if Rush was the leader of Republicans Steele denied the claim saying "I am the head [of the GOP]..."

Steele's comments have sparked outrage from the more than 20 million listeners who tune into Limbaugh each day.

The news media and the White House have been fueling this fire since it flared up over the weekend.

The fact of the matter is that the longer Republicans refuse to acknowledge the disarray among the ranks, the more the situation will deteriorate.

Steele, during his short tenure as RNC Chairman, has disappointed conservatives including the Casanova for his unwillingness to acknowledge the conservative side of the party. He has been focused too much on bringing new members to the party at any cost and has ignored much of the conservative base thus far.

Chairman Steele's comments were foolish and the seasoned political veteran that he is should have known the backlash that would ensue.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tough Act To Follow

Since Tuesday night I have waited to see what the media's reaction would be to the two very different speeches given; particularly the "Republican Response" as offered by Governor Bobby Jindal.

Needless to say the coverage has been overwhelmingly negative for Governor Jindal while liberal pundits are claiming the Democrats have found their "Great Communicator".

Comparisons between Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan make my conservative blood boil. Obama is eloquent and powerful as an orator but nobody seems to be listening much to the content of his speeches.

The media is impressed more with how he sounds as a speaker rather than paying attention to the agenda he is putting forward.

Reagan and Obama share nothing in terms of political beliefs and ideology. Reagan was the man who blamed government bureaucracy for creating problems while Obama advocates a socialist mentality in America.

Governor Jindal had the arduous task of facing the nation Tuesday night as a 37 year old governor in his first term and having to make the argument for a GOP return to conservatism.

The speech read better on paper than it sounded during Jindal's delivery. It promoted smaller government, a return to decreased spending following the recession, and for Americans to keep their money in their wallets rather than in government coffers in Washington.

The GOP has an uphill battle but with dedication and fierce opposition to the radical agenda the liberals are proposing, the country will come back to conservatism in due time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Novel Idea

Louisiana Governor and future President of the United States Bobby Jindal has refused a part of President Obama's massive spending (not stimulus) bill.

A clause of the package includes expanding the unemployment benefit for three years. After which the state would be forced to levy millions in new tax dollars in order to pay for the program.

Jindal stated “Increasing taxes on our Louisiana businesses is certainly not a way to stimulate our economy. It would be the exact wrong thing we could do to encourage further growth and job creation”.

Now his decision can be overturned by the state legislature in Louisiana but he has proven himself as a more than formidable adversary to the Messiah.

While Jindal is well known within conservative circles, mainstream America has yet to identify with him.

That will change tomorrow night as Jindal was chosen to represent the Republican response following Obama's speech to Congress.

Governor Jindal is a principled man and the key to energizing the depleted Republican base in America. We have seen the decline of fiscal conservatism in recent years, but it is refreshing to see Jindal personify that principle.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bravo North Dakota

Yesterday the North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill banning all abortions within the state.

According to the resolution, a fetus can not be aborted without the procedure being considered murder.

It passed by ten votes in the House and now proceeds to the Senate.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocating liberals are furious. They see it as a clear violation of the "Law of the Land" (i.e. Roe v. Wade) and will likely take the matter all the way to the Supreme Court if the bill is approved.

Pass or fail, I am ecstatic at such a resolution being discussed.

This proves that regardless of Washington being dominated by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, the heartland of America remains very much a "right" territory.

Rachel Maddow

Anyone who knows the Casanova realizes he is not a follower of Rachel Maddow.

She is a hate-mongerer who spews the propaganda at any chance.

I have followed her show on MSNBC since its' inception in September, and have found myself more outraged with every broadcast.

I have copied below an email I wrote to her earlier this evening:

Dear Ms. Maddow,
I do not enjoy your program. In fact, I can only get through it with a bottle of Merlot at my side.

Your so-called political analysis is asinine and your sarcasm borders on the absurd.

Furthermore, the pretentious grin you wear during every news story can drive a viewer to the brink of insanity.

I can clearly see why your show on Radio America lasted only a matter of months.

MSNBC will remain a laughable network as long as you remain in its' lineup.

Conservative Casanova

Those of you who would like to call her out may do so at

It was only after much research that I was able to obtain her email. Obviously she is not a fan of criticism.

I realize I will be chastised for such remarks but Ms. Maddow is a genuine threat to the honest American society.

Conservatives; heed my call and evade MSNBC as long as radicals the likes of Ms. Maddow occupy their airwaves.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sex Ed in America

Last night Bristol Palin opened up to Fox News' Greta Van Susteren about teen pregnancy in America and shared her own story.

"Everyone should wait ten years" Bristol admitted. She then spoke of the immense responsibilities that accompany teenage parenthood and how she is blessed to have a supportive family around her.

Governor Palin then walked on the set holding her beautiful grandson Tripp in her arms.

When Greta inquired as to the effectiveness of abstinence-only education, Bristol responded "not realistic at all."

Governor Palin won her 2006 gubernatorial bid with an abstinence-only approach as a large part of her platform. Since the birth of Tripp she has started to redefine her position.

She is changing the narrative, putting the majority of the emphasis on what happens after the teen is impregnated.

There is no more logic in teaching an abstinence-only sex ed program than there is in completely abandoning the ideal.

Teens need to know the contraceptive options available to them, but more importantly need to understand that abstinence is the only guarantee to stay free from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Some inner-city districts have gone so far as to distribute condoms in the classroom.

Schools should not be in a position to hand out these materials to the students; obtaining contraception is the responsibility of the family and teen together.

If the family neglects its duty to have that conversation with the teen, radical organizations the likes of Planned Parenthood will step in and have it for them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shame On Them

For the last couple of weeks, the American people could not turn on a television, open a newspaper or log onto the Internet without being warned of the severe danger ahead if an economic stimulus bill was not passed.

We were told an economic doomsday was on the horizon; a meltdown of the once monstrous American markets.

This resolution was such a necessity that Congress was actually forced to go into work on a weekend; an unprecedented move. It passed in a largely party-line vote.

But President Obama did not reflect the urgency he preached. He chose instead to vacation in Chicago, waiting to sign the bill until tomorrow at a site in Colorado that conveniently resembles a campaign stop.

The President has made it abundantly clear since he took the oath that his singular talent lies in campaigning. He passed the buck to Pelosi's Congress when crafting this resolution, saying only "swift action is needed".

Mr. Obama has still not recognized what distinguishes governing from campaigning. Instead of sitting down with members of Congress or meeting with party elders from the GOP, he decided to go on a tour of the country to "sell" a massive spending plan wrapped in a 'stimulus' label.

The fact of the matter is as follows: This economic crisis was severely oversold by President Obama and the liberals in Congress while the liability to the average American taxpayer went largely unreported.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Now the Casanova is no fan of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. When he first emerged on the national stage following an impressive showing in Iowa, the public was intrigued by his folksy charm and quick witted humor. But upon examination of his record, the former Governor holds very little conservative credentials, raising taxes in Arkansas on several occasions during his tenure. This man labels himself a Republican but apart from his Bible thumping speeches, does not possess a conservative portfolio.

Huckabee was running for the nomination during a time our party needed a strong commander-in-chief. Sadly he conducted himself in debates and campaign events as the court jester.

Thus the term "Huckaphony" was coined by one of my favorite pundits, Mark Levin.

But why bring this up now?

Because Governor Huckaphony found his name in the headlines today when he labeled the stimulus bill as "anti-religious".

Huckabee tries to justify his rather absurd accusation by pointing to a clause that would ban federal funds from going to any “school or department of divinity.”

The Governor is engaging in tactics that are destructive to the party's image and serve as roadblocks to the process of returning to conservative roots. He is employing a divisive strategy focused on separating the shrinking Religious Right from mainstream conservatism.

Huckabee knows his time in the spotlight is dwindling. His neighborly persona that was once refreshing in a tough political landscape has become an annoyance and a distraction to fixing America's problems.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrity Moron: Cher

Today's edition of Celebrity Moron honors Cher.

Cher is a woman who has enjoyed success in television, film and music. To nobody's surprise, she is also a Hollywood liberal who is singing the praises of President Obama.

Last Friday Cher made the mistake of going outside of her element and bashed the entire Republican Party.

In an interview with, she said "...I just don’t understand how anyone would want to be a Republican".

Then she went for the kill by stating "If you’re poor, if you’re any kind of minority – gay, black, Latino, anything. If you’re not a rich, born-again Christian, I don’t get it."

I share these laughable Hollywood moments with you to truly expose how out of touch the left is with mainstream values.

Since the election of President Obama, liberals have tried to solidify their party as the epitome of diversity.

To Cher's disbelief however, the Republican Party is comprised of a wide variety of individuals. There are Latino conservatives, Log Cabin Republicans, and the new Chairman Steele is an African American.

He Doesn't Get It

President Obama held a press conference last night in which he addressed the growing economic crisis.

Labeling last night's show a "press conference" is misleading due to the pre-arranged softballs the press lobbed at the Messiah.

Obama has staked his entire presidency on this bailout. If it is unsuccessful, the GOP will be in prime position to defeat him in 2012. If successful, he might very well reside at 1600 Pennsylvania for eight years.

This flawed bill is overflowing with pork. Harry Reid and San Francisco Pelosi have loaded it with incentives to special interests, namely the ones dealing with climate change.

Spending will always grow the size of government whereas tax cuts, which are severely needed, will shrink its' influence.

Obama hurls frivolous charges at the GOP saying "Doing nothing is not an option" and "eight years of tax cuts for the wealthy have not worked". Mr. Obama fails to remember that George W. Bush and a Republican Congress oversaw six straight years of impressive economic prosperity.

President Reagan inherited an economy much worse than Obama has. Inflation in 1981 was more than 20%, there was widespread unemployment, and panic ensued. Reagan managed to turn the tide and proceeded to create the largest peacetime economic expansion in American history.

He did so through tax cuts, not spending.

Japan serves as an excellent case study. They found themselves in a similar predicament as America and decided to spend their way out of recession. This process failed, the recession loomed on, and the national debt quadrupled.

Obama is using the same fear tactics that the liberals attack the GOP for employing. He is using his 60% approval rating as a mandate.

That 60% is a severely inflated figure. President Obama is known for his eloquence. The man can give good speeches. He has repeatedly attacked Congress as well, which is another way of scoring cheap political points.

This is Obama's forte: campaigning. We have seen him with the media and conducting town hall meetings but he does not realize that the election is over. The time for words has ceased.

President Obama- the campaign has ended.

Let's start governing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Celebrity Moron: Ashley Judd

A new feature coming to the Conservative Corner is "Celebrity Moron".

Whenever a Hollywood elitist goes outside of their element and tries to use their celebrity to dictate policy, the Casanova will call them out. It's a big job but somebody has to do it.

Our first edition focuses on Ashley Judd.

Judd appears in a public service announcement for the group Defenders of Wildlife condemning the predator control program in Alaska. She attacks Governor Palin for supporting the practice of aerial wolf hunting.

Judd is inexplicably oblivious to the facts.

This program is crucial for maintaining the animal balance in Alaska. For years the wolf population has been growing and has now reached hazardous levels. They are killing the moose and caribou population in droves and even venturing into urban areas, dangerously interacting with the people.

It is ironic that celebrities have such a problem with "cruel and inhumane practices" because I have never seen one in a public service announcement against abortion.

The cheapest and most efficient way for a liberal to appear in the headlines is to attack the country's most influential conservative woman. This is a tactic becoming more and more popular with the left but only fuels the drive of diehard Palin supporters.

When will they learn?

Ms. Judd- stick to the movies.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In the coming days, weeks, and months, President Obama will be faced with many issues ranging from improving the economic climate to matters of foreign policy.

As was brought to light during the campaign season, Barack Obama voted "present" 130 times in the Illinois Senate. On 130 separate occasions, this man refused to take a hard line stand.

The decisions made by President Bush during the last two or so years of his presidency did not necessarily reflect public opinion. Debate will linger on for the foreseeable future regarding the effectiveness of his decisions, but there is no question that our former president was a decisive leader.

Just today, President Obama warned of "catastrophic consequences" if Congress fails to act in resolving the economic crisis.

The American public wants action; this is one issue that Obama does not require a poll to be conducted before he speaks to it.

But President Obama has the habit of passing the buck on big issues. In terms of this economic uncertainty alone- he claims his predecessor is solely at fault (in other words he inherited this problem) and now implores Congress to fix it.

If this man is unable to stand toe to toe with Congress in order to bring our country back to prosperity, then how will he be able to stand strong against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the various other threats facing America?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Rocky Start

Tom Daschle becomes the latest casualty of an Obama cabinet plagued by tax evasion.

Earlier this morning the woman who was to become the first government performance czar, Nancy Killefer, also withdrew her name due to failure to pay employment taxes on household help for more than eighteen months.

Timothy Geithner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary despite belatedly paying more than $34,000 in income tax.

And let us not forget Governor Bill Richardson, Obama's original choice for Commerce Secretary, who is under investigation due to misusing state contracts.

It is not uncommon for a president's first choice to be stonewalled by the confirmation proceedings. We have also witnessed nominees withdraw their names in the past.

But never has it been corruption and deceit on such a grand scale for a new president.

With scandals being exposed on a near daily basis with this new Obama administration, how is the White House supposed to deal with the plethora of very real problems in this country?

Have they crafted responsible legislation to deal with the nation's deepening financial turmoil? Have they addressed the housing crisis? Do they have any new ideas on the future of entitlement programs the likes of Medicare and Social Security?

Two very important questions remain:

1) How can President Obama live up to his immense campaign promises when he is combating Democrat scandal after scandal?


2) Who's next?

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Step In The Right Direction

Michael Steele was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee last week, becoming the first African American to hold such a position.

Steele was Maryland's Lieutenant Governor for four years and ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2006. Despite the horrid conditions for Republican candidates that year, and being a conservative in Maryland, Steele earned a respectable 44% of the vote.

I could not be more energized with this decision. Steele is a true conservative and will bring the GOP back to success.

The media's biggest criticism of the Republican field of presidential primary candidates was that they looked like "members of the same country club" whereas the Democratic competitors displayed elements of diversity.

The left will still make outlandish claims portraying conservatives as small minded racists every time we disagree with President Obama, but having Steele in the driver's seat of the GOP will help to modernize our image.

In an appearance on Hannity following his election win, Steele showed off his enthusiasm to spread conservative principles. "We are going to engage in Iowa to Florida to Nebraska to California, the Northeast. We want to be competitive everywhere. And I think this is a great opportunity to do it. And the conservative message resonates. When we walk away from that message, when we try to do conservative light, that's when we run into trouble."

At the end of the interview, Mr. Hannity thanked his guest and stated his belief that Steele is the man who will lead conservatives to the promised land.

To which Steele cleverly quipped, "My name ain't Moses, it's Steele but we will do our best my friend".

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Unclenched Fist

During his inaugural address President Obama vowed to extend a hand to the nation of Iran if it would unclench its fist.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is holding the new leader of the free world to his promise.

Ahmadinejad demands that the United States drastically downsize its military presence by withdrawing troops from abroad and the dictator requests an apology for American "crimes against Tehran".

All Americans, liberal and conservative, seek world peace.

There is an almost universal agreement that the American image needs a great deal of polishing.

In ancient times, a Roman citizen could wander the entire scope of the known world unharmed because he was a citizen of Rome. The wrath of Rome was so great and the reputation so respected that foreigners extended every courtesy to a Roman.

American citizens are not fortunate enough to share that same privilege.

There are real threats growing everyday against those who believe in liberty and freedom.

Iran is the quintessential adversary of democracy. This is a nation committed to the utter destruction of Israel, perhaps the entire Western world as well, and the suppression of individual rights.

But President Obama is willing to have a friendly chat with Ahmadinejad.

There is no negotiation with Islamic fundamentalists. That point was made abundantly clear more than seven years ago.

Ahmadinejad is an extremist, and President Obama will only legitimize the tyrant's claims if he meets with him.

I agree with the new president's efforts to forge new alliances and mend friendships.

But unlike the liberals who are willing to negotiate away our great nation, conservatives are committed to securing America's continued position as the last remaining superpower in the world.

We are the last defenders of democracy; the champions of liberty.

Dirty Harry

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is notorious for his "back room politicking" and corrupt dealmaking shenanigans.

His contemptible antics are on display again with his recent attempts to seat the comedian Al Franken.

As the entire country anxiously watches the judicial process unfold in Minnesota, Harry Reid is trying to bypass the law so he can inch closer to a liberal super majority in the Senate.

The Constitution of Minnesota clearly states that no Senator shall be allowed to take his seat while there is a legal challenge to the election results.

Franken, being a comic, is apparently unfamiliar with Constitutional law.

Senator Coleman was declared the winner on three separate occasions and Franken's cronies took the matter to court. Thousands of ballots were challenged and miraculously the Democrat Party emerged victorious.

Now they will not extend that same right to the GOP. Senator Coleman's lawyers have called the validity of thousands of ballots into question but Franken appears unscathed; measuring the drapes in his new Beltway office.

Coleman is now waging the battle on two fronts: Within the court of law and the court of public opinion. He is taking to the airwaves to share his story with the nation. He is attempting to expose Dirty Harry for the corrupt politico that he is.

This will continue to unfold over the coming weeks but Republicans and all those who favor the democratic process must not allow the left to hijack an election.

We must remain vigilant and optimistic against Al Franken; an unqualified radical who has made no secret of his liberal agenda.

In Senator Coleman's own words: "I will win".

Thursday, January 22, 2009


President Obama has signed an executive order that will close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp (Gitmo) within one year.

245 suspected terrorists currently reside at the prison, and now the new administration will have two options: Bring them to facilities in America or release them.

Since 2001 this nation has been at war. Military tribunals and interrogating prisoners who may posses information which could save American lives are vital during such times.

President Obama believes the camp to be unconstitutional: but since when does the United States Constitution apply to enemy combatants?

I hardly believe James Madison had al-qaeda or the Taliban in mind when he was drawing up the Bill of Rights.

European powers have long been opposed to Gitmo's operating procedures. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been especially critical. President Obama has made it clear today that his allies in Europe are more important to him than securing the homeland.

I wonder if that Ivy League education of his included any world history classes. I doubt it was in the curriculum for if it had been, Obama should have known not to take the advice of a country who conducted appeasement with Adolf Hitler for three years.