Monday, February 16, 2009

Shame On Them

For the last couple of weeks, the American people could not turn on a television, open a newspaper or log onto the Internet without being warned of the severe danger ahead if an economic stimulus bill was not passed.

We were told an economic doomsday was on the horizon; a meltdown of the once monstrous American markets.

This resolution was such a necessity that Congress was actually forced to go into work on a weekend; an unprecedented move. It passed in a largely party-line vote.

But President Obama did not reflect the urgency he preached. He chose instead to vacation in Chicago, waiting to sign the bill until tomorrow at a site in Colorado that conveniently resembles a campaign stop.

The President has made it abundantly clear since he took the oath that his singular talent lies in campaigning. He passed the buck to Pelosi's Congress when crafting this resolution, saying only "swift action is needed".

Mr. Obama has still not recognized what distinguishes governing from campaigning. Instead of sitting down with members of Congress or meeting with party elders from the GOP, he decided to go on a tour of the country to "sell" a massive spending plan wrapped in a 'stimulus' label.

The fact of the matter is as follows: This economic crisis was severely oversold by President Obama and the liberals in Congress while the liability to the average American taxpayer went largely unreported.


Anonymous said...

Shame on them?

Shame on you.

You conservatives were holding up the stimulus that should have been passed weeks ago.

Will you put politics aside already? It is because of people like you that Obama has not been able to work with the other side. You guys are too stubborn!!

Phil said...

Oh I suppose you conservatives would rather see the market work itself out, huh?
How well did that work out during the depression?
We need to stop arguing and get behind Obama before Bush's economic plans ruin the country permanently. But I wouldn't expect the Casanova to understand this.