Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Rocky Start

Tom Daschle becomes the latest casualty of an Obama cabinet plagued by tax evasion.

Earlier this morning the woman who was to become the first government performance czar, Nancy Killefer, also withdrew her name due to failure to pay employment taxes on household help for more than eighteen months.

Timothy Geithner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary despite belatedly paying more than $34,000 in income tax.

And let us not forget Governor Bill Richardson, Obama's original choice for Commerce Secretary, who is under investigation due to misusing state contracts.

It is not uncommon for a president's first choice to be stonewalled by the confirmation proceedings. We have also witnessed nominees withdraw their names in the past.

But never has it been corruption and deceit on such a grand scale for a new president.

With scandals being exposed on a near daily basis with this new Obama administration, how is the White House supposed to deal with the plethora of very real problems in this country?

Have they crafted responsible legislation to deal with the nation's deepening financial turmoil? Have they addressed the housing crisis? Do they have any new ideas on the future of entitlement programs the likes of Medicare and Social Security?

Two very important questions remain:

1) How can President Obama live up to his immense campaign promises when he is combating Democrat scandal after scandal?


2) Who's next?

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