Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama Presser

Greetings all,
Let me begin by apologizing for my absence from the blogosphere recently. My computer was stricken with an unfortunate virus that prevented me from accessing the internet. But fear not loyal readers for I am back and my resolve is stronger than ever.

Last Wednesday at Obama's press conference on socialized health care in America, the President found himself in yet another controversy.

The final question of the evening was with regards to a white police officer arresting a black Harvard professor. The President admitted to not possessing all the facts but that did not prevent him from saying the police "acted stupidly".

This answer overshadowed any discussion on health care and Obama found himself at the center of contentious racial debate.

White House advisors, gauging the public backlash, attempted to downplay the President's comments on Thursday, claiming it was an off-the-cuff remark from the Commander in Chief.

The public remained unsatisfied and Obama was forced to personally phone the two parties involved and invite them to the White House for a beer. The invitation was accepted and the men will sit down Thursday afternoon to enjoy a cold one.

Obama and Company feel the issue has been resolved and that they have removed a significant roadblock on their path to American socialism. The liberal media is praising the Messiah's "peace-making" skills. Everyone is content right?

Not so fast Mr. President...

Press conferences at any level in government (local, state or federal) are heavily rehearsed. Each journalist is meticulously vetted and their questions must be approved by the politician who is to answer them.

There is rarely any authenticity to a Presidential press conference anymore: spontaneity has been replaced by formula and hard hitting questions replaced with administration approved talking points.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama made an "off the cuff" remark but the President knew the question was going to be asked. He knew when it was coming and according to insiders, wanted to weigh in on the issue.

President Obama had hours to craft a diplomatic response, one that would question the official protocol of Gates' arrest but that would also firmly support law enforcement.

And the best he could come up with was to say the police "acted stupidly".

I guess one can not sit in a pew listening to the racist, wrong Reverend Wright in Chicago for twenty years without some of him rubbing off.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Stalemate

Sonia Sotomayor's Senate hearings have begun this week and the process has been quite civil.

Several GOP senators have gone on the record to express their belief that Sotomayor will indeed receive confirmation and that no last minute filibuster is in the works.

While the conservative wing of the party, currently fueled by the outraged likes of Rush and Sean Hannity, implore Senators to stand against Sotomayor, such an action would surely cripple a party desperately fighting to regain prominence.

There are more qualified and certainly less controversial judges who could have been selected but Sotomayor is largely a symbolic selection: the first Latina on the Supreme Court, nominated by the first African American President.

We live in largely aesthetic times and this move was an acknowledgment of that.

The underlying point here is that Sotomayor's confirmation will not alter the composition of the court. Justice Souter, though expected to be a conservative voice on the court, heavily sided with the liberal element. Sotomayor will assume his role without dramatically shifting the Court towards the left.

Conservatives have four "Aces in the hole" with regards to Justices Thomas, Alito, and Scalia, in addition to Chief Justice John Roberts.

The left cringed during the previous confirmation process of Justice Alito, a man who embodies conservative judicial philosophy.

The GOP can ill afford to waste the little political capital it has in a losing battle against Sotomayor. Not to mention that such a campaign against the nation's first Latina Supreme Court nominee would result in alienating the Hispanic population, an increasingly important voting bloc.

This round goes to the Democrats.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Michael Jackson's life came to a sudden end June 25th at the age of 50. His contribution to the music industry is undeniable and he was an entertainment icon.

But since his death, television coverage of every detail leading up through today's memorial service has been meticulously reported. He has been eulogized for two weeks now and it is resulting in a false portrait of the man.

Congressman Peter King, a popular Republican from New York, made a short videotaped statement over the weekend condemning the media for its incessant reporting on Jackson.

King goes on to label Jacko a "pervert", "lowlife" and "pedophile".

While the Congressman's choice of vocabulary may have been controversial many individuals, especially the Casanova, agree with his overall sentiment.

This past weekend was among the deadliest in recent years for American troops in Afghanistan and yet these fallen heroes received a fraction of the time as Jackson.

The only time it seems CNN can ever beat Fox News in the ratings war is when a famous person dies. Liberals have been glued to their television sets and have been falsely eulogizing the singer since his demise.

The individuals who feel this story is worthy of the hundreds of hours of airtime it has received are severely out of touch with reality.

Men and women in our Armed Forces are dying in service to this nation; people are losing their jobs, pensions and health care; social security is drying up; education is failing and we are fighting an increasingly dangerous war on terror.

Liberals choose not recognize these problems, they have more exciting things to do than learn about these issues.

But when a celebrity drops dead rest assured they sit and gaze into that screen for hours.

This is not to say I did not enjoy some of Jackson's music; admittedly I own an album or two.

But I will not deny or forget the many, many accusations leveled towards him over the years.

I simply choose to separate the art from the artist.

Monday, July 6, 2009

These Heels Were Made For Walking

Governor Palin's shocking announcement Friday afternoon that she will be stepping down as the chief executive of Alaska on July 26th made headlines across the world.

A Google search for "Palin" over the weekend yielded thousands of news articles about the breaking story. Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin's influence is undeniable.

At first glance this decision seems ill-advised. The liberal operatives within the Democrat Party wasted no time issuing an attack on Palin, calling her behavior reckless and bizarre.

Her resignation also causes some friction within the GOP itself; with moderate Republicans (RINOs for all intents and purposes) taking issue while conservatives laud her boldness.

This woman has been relentlessly attacked since September; from the media, the Democrat Party, feminists, liberal academic elites and celebrities, the Colin Powell Republicans and bitter former employees of the McCain campaign.

Every aspect of her life has been shamefully smeared on television and the internet. Nothing has been off limits to a media thirsty for conservative blood, including her infant son's battle with Down's Syndrome.

Despite all this the incredible Hockey Mom is leaving her office in Alaska to pursue a "higher calling".

Her resignation was essential in order to wage an uphill, national campaign against President Obama in 2012.

Running for president has expanded to a full time task. It is next to impossible for a sitting Governor to perform her state obligations while on the campaign trail. Additionally, Palin could not compete in a national campaign without being in the lower 48.

After coming to this realization she decided to put Alaska's interest ahead of her own personal ambitions and relinquish her post.

It is an extraordinary rarity in politics to have Palin practice what she preaches. She is tired with "politics as usual" and has spent her life fighting against a broken political system. What better way to attempt fixing the system than to remove yourself from it for awhile in order to gain a fresh perspective?

Palin has lived up to her campaign mantra of 2008 and has put "Country First".