Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama Presser

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Let me begin by apologizing for my absence from the blogosphere recently. My computer was stricken with an unfortunate virus that prevented me from accessing the internet. But fear not loyal readers for I am back and my resolve is stronger than ever.

Last Wednesday at Obama's press conference on socialized health care in America, the President found himself in yet another controversy.

The final question of the evening was with regards to a white police officer arresting a black Harvard professor. The President admitted to not possessing all the facts but that did not prevent him from saying the police "acted stupidly".

This answer overshadowed any discussion on health care and Obama found himself at the center of contentious racial debate.

White House advisors, gauging the public backlash, attempted to downplay the President's comments on Thursday, claiming it was an off-the-cuff remark from the Commander in Chief.

The public remained unsatisfied and Obama was forced to personally phone the two parties involved and invite them to the White House for a beer. The invitation was accepted and the men will sit down Thursday afternoon to enjoy a cold one.

Obama and Company feel the issue has been resolved and that they have removed a significant roadblock on their path to American socialism. The liberal media is praising the Messiah's "peace-making" skills. Everyone is content right?

Not so fast Mr. President...

Press conferences at any level in government (local, state or federal) are heavily rehearsed. Each journalist is meticulously vetted and their questions must be approved by the politician who is to answer them.

There is rarely any authenticity to a Presidential press conference anymore: spontaneity has been replaced by formula and hard hitting questions replaced with administration approved talking points.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama made an "off the cuff" remark but the President knew the question was going to be asked. He knew when it was coming and according to insiders, wanted to weigh in on the issue.

President Obama had hours to craft a diplomatic response, one that would question the official protocol of Gates' arrest but that would also firmly support law enforcement.

And the best he could come up with was to say the police "acted stupidly".

I guess one can not sit in a pew listening to the racist, wrong Reverend Wright in Chicago for twenty years without some of him rubbing off.

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