Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tough Act To Follow

Since Tuesday night I have waited to see what the media's reaction would be to the two very different speeches given; particularly the "Republican Response" as offered by Governor Bobby Jindal.

Needless to say the coverage has been overwhelmingly negative for Governor Jindal while liberal pundits are claiming the Democrats have found their "Great Communicator".

Comparisons between Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan make my conservative blood boil. Obama is eloquent and powerful as an orator but nobody seems to be listening much to the content of his speeches.

The media is impressed more with how he sounds as a speaker rather than paying attention to the agenda he is putting forward.

Reagan and Obama share nothing in terms of political beliefs and ideology. Reagan was the man who blamed government bureaucracy for creating problems while Obama advocates a socialist mentality in America.

Governor Jindal had the arduous task of facing the nation Tuesday night as a 37 year old governor in his first term and having to make the argument for a GOP return to conservatism.

The speech read better on paper than it sounded during Jindal's delivery. It promoted smaller government, a return to decreased spending following the recession, and for Americans to keep their money in their wallets rather than in government coffers in Washington.

The GOP has an uphill battle but with dedication and fierce opposition to the radical agenda the liberals are proposing, the country will come back to conservatism in due time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Novel Idea

Louisiana Governor and future President of the United States Bobby Jindal has refused a part of President Obama's massive spending (not stimulus) bill.

A clause of the package includes expanding the unemployment benefit for three years. After which the state would be forced to levy millions in new tax dollars in order to pay for the program.

Jindal stated “Increasing taxes on our Louisiana businesses is certainly not a way to stimulate our economy. It would be the exact wrong thing we could do to encourage further growth and job creation”.

Now his decision can be overturned by the state legislature in Louisiana but he has proven himself as a more than formidable adversary to the Messiah.

While Jindal is well known within conservative circles, mainstream America has yet to identify with him.

That will change tomorrow night as Jindal was chosen to represent the Republican response following Obama's speech to Congress.

Governor Jindal is a principled man and the key to energizing the depleted Republican base in America. We have seen the decline of fiscal conservatism in recent years, but it is refreshing to see Jindal personify that principle.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bravo North Dakota

Yesterday the North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill banning all abortions within the state.

According to the resolution, a fetus can not be aborted without the procedure being considered murder.

It passed by ten votes in the House and now proceeds to the Senate.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocating liberals are furious. They see it as a clear violation of the "Law of the Land" (i.e. Roe v. Wade) and will likely take the matter all the way to the Supreme Court if the bill is approved.

Pass or fail, I am ecstatic at such a resolution being discussed.

This proves that regardless of Washington being dominated by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, the heartland of America remains very much a "right" territory.

Rachel Maddow

Anyone who knows the Casanova realizes he is not a follower of Rachel Maddow.

She is a hate-mongerer who spews the propaganda at any chance.

I have followed her show on MSNBC since its' inception in September, and have found myself more outraged with every broadcast.

I have copied below an email I wrote to her earlier this evening:

Dear Ms. Maddow,
I do not enjoy your program. In fact, I can only get through it with a bottle of Merlot at my side.

Your so-called political analysis is asinine and your sarcasm borders on the absurd.

Furthermore, the pretentious grin you wear during every news story can drive a viewer to the brink of insanity.

I can clearly see why your show on Radio America lasted only a matter of months.

MSNBC will remain a laughable network as long as you remain in its' lineup.

Conservative Casanova

Those of you who would like to call her out may do so at

It was only after much research that I was able to obtain her email. Obviously she is not a fan of criticism.

I realize I will be chastised for such remarks but Ms. Maddow is a genuine threat to the honest American society.

Conservatives; heed my call and evade MSNBC as long as radicals the likes of Ms. Maddow occupy their airwaves.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sex Ed in America

Last night Bristol Palin opened up to Fox News' Greta Van Susteren about teen pregnancy in America and shared her own story.

"Everyone should wait ten years" Bristol admitted. She then spoke of the immense responsibilities that accompany teenage parenthood and how she is blessed to have a supportive family around her.

Governor Palin then walked on the set holding her beautiful grandson Tripp in her arms.

When Greta inquired as to the effectiveness of abstinence-only education, Bristol responded "not realistic at all."

Governor Palin won her 2006 gubernatorial bid with an abstinence-only approach as a large part of her platform. Since the birth of Tripp she has started to redefine her position.

She is changing the narrative, putting the majority of the emphasis on what happens after the teen is impregnated.

There is no more logic in teaching an abstinence-only sex ed program than there is in completely abandoning the ideal.

Teens need to know the contraceptive options available to them, but more importantly need to understand that abstinence is the only guarantee to stay free from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Some inner-city districts have gone so far as to distribute condoms in the classroom.

Schools should not be in a position to hand out these materials to the students; obtaining contraception is the responsibility of the family and teen together.

If the family neglects its duty to have that conversation with the teen, radical organizations the likes of Planned Parenthood will step in and have it for them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shame On Them

For the last couple of weeks, the American people could not turn on a television, open a newspaper or log onto the Internet without being warned of the severe danger ahead if an economic stimulus bill was not passed.

We were told an economic doomsday was on the horizon; a meltdown of the once monstrous American markets.

This resolution was such a necessity that Congress was actually forced to go into work on a weekend; an unprecedented move. It passed in a largely party-line vote.

But President Obama did not reflect the urgency he preached. He chose instead to vacation in Chicago, waiting to sign the bill until tomorrow at a site in Colorado that conveniently resembles a campaign stop.

The President has made it abundantly clear since he took the oath that his singular talent lies in campaigning. He passed the buck to Pelosi's Congress when crafting this resolution, saying only "swift action is needed".

Mr. Obama has still not recognized what distinguishes governing from campaigning. Instead of sitting down with members of Congress or meeting with party elders from the GOP, he decided to go on a tour of the country to "sell" a massive spending plan wrapped in a 'stimulus' label.

The fact of the matter is as follows: This economic crisis was severely oversold by President Obama and the liberals in Congress while the liability to the average American taxpayer went largely unreported.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Now the Casanova is no fan of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. When he first emerged on the national stage following an impressive showing in Iowa, the public was intrigued by his folksy charm and quick witted humor. But upon examination of his record, the former Governor holds very little conservative credentials, raising taxes in Arkansas on several occasions during his tenure. This man labels himself a Republican but apart from his Bible thumping speeches, does not possess a conservative portfolio.

Huckabee was running for the nomination during a time our party needed a strong commander-in-chief. Sadly he conducted himself in debates and campaign events as the court jester.

Thus the term "Huckaphony" was coined by one of my favorite pundits, Mark Levin.

But why bring this up now?

Because Governor Huckaphony found his name in the headlines today when he labeled the stimulus bill as "anti-religious".

Huckabee tries to justify his rather absurd accusation by pointing to a clause that would ban federal funds from going to any “school or department of divinity.”

The Governor is engaging in tactics that are destructive to the party's image and serve as roadblocks to the process of returning to conservative roots. He is employing a divisive strategy focused on separating the shrinking Religious Right from mainstream conservatism.

Huckabee knows his time in the spotlight is dwindling. His neighborly persona that was once refreshing in a tough political landscape has become an annoyance and a distraction to fixing America's problems.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrity Moron: Cher

Today's edition of Celebrity Moron honors Cher.

Cher is a woman who has enjoyed success in television, film and music. To nobody's surprise, she is also a Hollywood liberal who is singing the praises of President Obama.

Last Friday Cher made the mistake of going outside of her element and bashed the entire Republican Party.

In an interview with, she said "...I just don’t understand how anyone would want to be a Republican".

Then she went for the kill by stating "If you’re poor, if you’re any kind of minority – gay, black, Latino, anything. If you’re not a rich, born-again Christian, I don’t get it."

I share these laughable Hollywood moments with you to truly expose how out of touch the left is with mainstream values.

Since the election of President Obama, liberals have tried to solidify their party as the epitome of diversity.

To Cher's disbelief however, the Republican Party is comprised of a wide variety of individuals. There are Latino conservatives, Log Cabin Republicans, and the new Chairman Steele is an African American.

He Doesn't Get It

President Obama held a press conference last night in which he addressed the growing economic crisis.

Labeling last night's show a "press conference" is misleading due to the pre-arranged softballs the press lobbed at the Messiah.

Obama has staked his entire presidency on this bailout. If it is unsuccessful, the GOP will be in prime position to defeat him in 2012. If successful, he might very well reside at 1600 Pennsylvania for eight years.

This flawed bill is overflowing with pork. Harry Reid and San Francisco Pelosi have loaded it with incentives to special interests, namely the ones dealing with climate change.

Spending will always grow the size of government whereas tax cuts, which are severely needed, will shrink its' influence.

Obama hurls frivolous charges at the GOP saying "Doing nothing is not an option" and "eight years of tax cuts for the wealthy have not worked". Mr. Obama fails to remember that George W. Bush and a Republican Congress oversaw six straight years of impressive economic prosperity.

President Reagan inherited an economy much worse than Obama has. Inflation in 1981 was more than 20%, there was widespread unemployment, and panic ensued. Reagan managed to turn the tide and proceeded to create the largest peacetime economic expansion in American history.

He did so through tax cuts, not spending.

Japan serves as an excellent case study. They found themselves in a similar predicament as America and decided to spend their way out of recession. This process failed, the recession loomed on, and the national debt quadrupled.

Obama is using the same fear tactics that the liberals attack the GOP for employing. He is using his 60% approval rating as a mandate.

That 60% is a severely inflated figure. President Obama is known for his eloquence. The man can give good speeches. He has repeatedly attacked Congress as well, which is another way of scoring cheap political points.

This is Obama's forte: campaigning. We have seen him with the media and conducting town hall meetings but he does not realize that the election is over. The time for words has ceased.

President Obama- the campaign has ended.

Let's start governing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Celebrity Moron: Ashley Judd

A new feature coming to the Conservative Corner is "Celebrity Moron".

Whenever a Hollywood elitist goes outside of their element and tries to use their celebrity to dictate policy, the Casanova will call them out. It's a big job but somebody has to do it.

Our first edition focuses on Ashley Judd.

Judd appears in a public service announcement for the group Defenders of Wildlife condemning the predator control program in Alaska. She attacks Governor Palin for supporting the practice of aerial wolf hunting.

Judd is inexplicably oblivious to the facts.

This program is crucial for maintaining the animal balance in Alaska. For years the wolf population has been growing and has now reached hazardous levels. They are killing the moose and caribou population in droves and even venturing into urban areas, dangerously interacting with the people.

It is ironic that celebrities have such a problem with "cruel and inhumane practices" because I have never seen one in a public service announcement against abortion.

The cheapest and most efficient way for a liberal to appear in the headlines is to attack the country's most influential conservative woman. This is a tactic becoming more and more popular with the left but only fuels the drive of diehard Palin supporters.

When will they learn?

Ms. Judd- stick to the movies.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In the coming days, weeks, and months, President Obama will be faced with many issues ranging from improving the economic climate to matters of foreign policy.

As was brought to light during the campaign season, Barack Obama voted "present" 130 times in the Illinois Senate. On 130 separate occasions, this man refused to take a hard line stand.

The decisions made by President Bush during the last two or so years of his presidency did not necessarily reflect public opinion. Debate will linger on for the foreseeable future regarding the effectiveness of his decisions, but there is no question that our former president was a decisive leader.

Just today, President Obama warned of "catastrophic consequences" if Congress fails to act in resolving the economic crisis.

The American public wants action; this is one issue that Obama does not require a poll to be conducted before he speaks to it.

But President Obama has the habit of passing the buck on big issues. In terms of this economic uncertainty alone- he claims his predecessor is solely at fault (in other words he inherited this problem) and now implores Congress to fix it.

If this man is unable to stand toe to toe with Congress in order to bring our country back to prosperity, then how will he be able to stand strong against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the various other threats facing America?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Rocky Start

Tom Daschle becomes the latest casualty of an Obama cabinet plagued by tax evasion.

Earlier this morning the woman who was to become the first government performance czar, Nancy Killefer, also withdrew her name due to failure to pay employment taxes on household help for more than eighteen months.

Timothy Geithner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary despite belatedly paying more than $34,000 in income tax.

And let us not forget Governor Bill Richardson, Obama's original choice for Commerce Secretary, who is under investigation due to misusing state contracts.

It is not uncommon for a president's first choice to be stonewalled by the confirmation proceedings. We have also witnessed nominees withdraw their names in the past.

But never has it been corruption and deceit on such a grand scale for a new president.

With scandals being exposed on a near daily basis with this new Obama administration, how is the White House supposed to deal with the plethora of very real problems in this country?

Have they crafted responsible legislation to deal with the nation's deepening financial turmoil? Have they addressed the housing crisis? Do they have any new ideas on the future of entitlement programs the likes of Medicare and Social Security?

Two very important questions remain:

1) How can President Obama live up to his immense campaign promises when he is combating Democrat scandal after scandal?


2) Who's next?

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Step In The Right Direction

Michael Steele was elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee last week, becoming the first African American to hold such a position.

Steele was Maryland's Lieutenant Governor for four years and ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2006. Despite the horrid conditions for Republican candidates that year, and being a conservative in Maryland, Steele earned a respectable 44% of the vote.

I could not be more energized with this decision. Steele is a true conservative and will bring the GOP back to success.

The media's biggest criticism of the Republican field of presidential primary candidates was that they looked like "members of the same country club" whereas the Democratic competitors displayed elements of diversity.

The left will still make outlandish claims portraying conservatives as small minded racists every time we disagree with President Obama, but having Steele in the driver's seat of the GOP will help to modernize our image.

In an appearance on Hannity following his election win, Steele showed off his enthusiasm to spread conservative principles. "We are going to engage in Iowa to Florida to Nebraska to California, the Northeast. We want to be competitive everywhere. And I think this is a great opportunity to do it. And the conservative message resonates. When we walk away from that message, when we try to do conservative light, that's when we run into trouble."

At the end of the interview, Mr. Hannity thanked his guest and stated his belief that Steele is the man who will lead conservatives to the promised land.

To which Steele cleverly quipped, "My name ain't Moses, it's Steele but we will do our best my friend".