Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Open Letter to the Minnesota 4th Congressional

Congresswoman Betty McCollum has represented Minnesota's 4th Congressional District for more than eight years.

During her tenure, the former high school teacher has found herself casting a number of controversial votes; including her vote today to defend criminally corrupt ACORN. (She was one of only 75 nay votes in the House)

In February, 2007 she voted against the surge in Iraq which was overwhelmingly successful and is now widely considered to be the turning point of the conflict.

In May of that very year she again expressed her disdain and contempt for the military by voting against funding American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling instead for a complete withdrawal of the troops.

She has consistently voted for tax increases and supports grossly expanding the size of the federal government, including socialized health care.

She voted against the Bush tax cuts which spurred 33 months of consecutive GDP growth. Voted against protecting the border from illegal aliens. Against the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Against a ban on the desecration of the American flag. And in 2005 she voted against a resolution instituting House ethics reform.

This "independent" and "strong willed" woman has sided with her colleagues on the left for a whopping 98.3% of her votes cast.

Betty McCollum: Against economic growth, against national security, against public ethics reform.

Her campaign war chest is routinely bankrolled by the AFL-CIO and she is customarily well below the national average for fund raising due to the lack of a plausible GOP or independent candidate.

As a resident of the 4th Congressional District I know we desperately need to elect an individual who is not ruled by Speaker Pelosi, supports our military and possesses a sincere desire to achieve American prosperity.

The 4th has been held by a Democrat since 1949.

60 years is enough.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Speech of Dissidence

President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress last night to campaign for health care reform.

The speech was a verbose and pompous one; filled with partisan attacks, vague generalities and paradoxical subject matter.

One of his most ambivalent "facts" was the sheer number of uninsured individuals in this country. Last night he set it at 30 million; a mere three weeks ago at one of his town hall meetings it was more than 46 million.

Obama delivered more of the same empty rhetoric that the public has become accustomed to these past nine months, playing the typical GOP blame game and talking up all the problems he inherited from his predecessor.

The President acknowledged his plan has "...some details to be ironed out". This provided one of the most amusing moments of the night when it was followed by roaring laughter from Republicans.

Throughout Obama's act, it was blatantly obvious that he was angry and bitter at his falling poll numbers. He looked on with scorn and animosity when he addressed the right side of the aisle and engaged in petty, campaign warfare tactics.

The contradictions ran aplenty last night. The truth is Obama has neither the facts nor the record to support his absurd socialized health care.

This prompted Rep. Joe Wilson to exclaim "you lie!" when Obama said illegal immigrants would not receive health benefits. Mr. Wilson now finds himself in the spotlight as a rallying point for on-the-fence Dems. Any liberal who doubted Obama's plan up until last night will now support it out of spite for Mr. Wilson and the GOP.

The Kennedy eulogy was blasphemous and unethical, as was having Teddy's widow seated beside Mrs. Obama while her husband's body has hardly been returned to the ground.

The shot of Biden holding back water works was a nice touch. Pelosi tried her best to force a cry but unfortunately due to her numerous face lifts and excessive botox injections her tear ducts are now at her elbows.

This address did nothing to "recenter" the debate as was its intention. The details were not revealed and people's fears were not put to rest.

This was a speech that did not require a joint session of Congress. It was so hateful and divisive that it could have been given to the Democrat Caucus alone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


President Obama will address a joint session of Congress tonight in what is shaping up to be a raucous and untamed affair; like the State of the Union address with a two drink minimum.

Critics see the speech as a desperate attempt to repair the damage done by a summer of discontent for liberals while proponents of Obamacare believe the President will seal the deal tonight to socializing the health care industry.

The Republican Response will be delivered by Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany, thoracic surgeon for more than twenty years. Boustany knows the immense pressure he is under to steal Obama's thunder, particularly after the last Republican Response from Louisiana was an awkward and uncomfortable one by Governor Bobby Jindal.

The stakes are high for both sides tonight, a possible climax to a battle that has raged on since January.

Which side will emerge victorious?