Monday, August 25, 2008

It's So Nice When It Happens Good

I know the title sounds like yet another botched line from Barack Obama but it is in fact a memorable quote from Seinfeld and certainly applicable to how I have been feeling since Senator Biden was introduced as the Democrat veep choice.

I hear analysts comment on how the image of these two men together looks appealing and presidential but I fail to grasp this. Seeing the men on stage Saturday and listening to how they addressed the audience, it almost looked as if the positions should have been reversed. Obama looked small and naive compared to the lofty and confident Biden.

Obama's subconscious might have been screaming something out to him as well when he introduced Biden as the next president before correcting himself.

One cannot deny the strength of this ticket, but it does not bode particularly well for Obama's consistent and annoying rhetoric on change.

The American people identify Biden as a typical Beltway liberal. While it will be difficult to engage in character attacks against a man who lost his wife and daughter in a tragic car accident years ago, the Democrat voters in the primary still found other reasons not to endorse his candidacy. Biden amassed a mere 9,500 votes during his run, barely enough to qualify him to run for dog catcher.

While the left will herald him as a champion of the international relations stage, let us not forget his abundance of radical and downright asinine opinions with regards to foreign policy.

This is a man who voted against the Gulf War- a tremendous and overwhelming military success; voted for the war in Iraq-a candidate's death wish in the Democrat Party; and who actually proposed dividing Iraq into three independent states segregated by religion.

That's not "Change We Can Believe In".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama's Mate

In early June, the Casanova wrote:

"He [Obama] needs to choose a veteran of the political arena who knows the system and can sell it to the people. In short, an elder white statesmen who has a wealth of foreign policy experience and is part of the Democrat establishment".

Now more than two months later and an announcement imminent regarding the identity of the VP nominees, my prediction has been given a face and a name.

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

Mr. Biden will turn 66 this November and has been a member of the Senate for more than 35 years; currently serving as chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Biden also just wrapped up an overseas trip to the war-torn nation of Georgia.

Biden will be a formidable adversary to McCain in terms of the foreign policy and national security debate. While Senator McCain will likely still win the voters who list national security as their top issue, Biden could sway a sizable number of them away from the GOP's efforts.

Biden is severely in the wrong on economic issues and McCain & Company must take advantage of his many twisted and destructive positions if the Republicans have any chance at defeating this dangerous duo come November.

Biden was given a mere 36% approval rating from the United States Chamber of Commerce as he favors raising taxes on American businesses to pay for liberal social programs. He is against the Bush tax cuts that brought a stagnant economy out of recession and into periods of record growth. He has a mixed record on free trade and is deeply in the pocket of the corrupt AFL-CIO.

He would be a stark contrast to a man the likes of Governor Romney;the candidate McCain desperately needs if only the two can reconcile their differences after a very heated primary season.

Expect an announcement from Obama later today or tomorrow and watch the liberal media, particularly NBC, salivate over it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Fight We Will Win

Finally the party that had been challenging my fidelity on a near daily basis recently has proven it is still fighting for its people.

House Speaker and covert communist Nancy Pelosi broke yet another promise of the 2006 midterm elections to have "open and honest" debates on the House floor when she refused to listen to the GOP's plea on domestic drilling. Reverting to classic liberal and dictatorial tactics, the Democrat Party went into recess without giving the Republicans the chance for debate.

As a result, the Republican Party was finally able to unify under a single message and is now staging an effective protest of the liberals' dirty tactics.

The momentum is shifting to the right as Americans are hurt badly at the pump and this is an issue that is undoubtedly in the GOP's favor.

We will see how far this drags out but it is my firm contention that this is the win-win scenario Republicans were so desperately searching for.

On a related note, Senator Obama today has flip-flopped on his position regarding the strategic oil reserves. He is now supporting efforts to tap into them.

Is he worried that the GOP is on the correct side of this debate and may jeopardize his once inevitable lock on the Oval Office?

If not, he certainly should be.