Monday, August 4, 2008

A Fight We Will Win

Finally the party that had been challenging my fidelity on a near daily basis recently has proven it is still fighting for its people.

House Speaker and covert communist Nancy Pelosi broke yet another promise of the 2006 midterm elections to have "open and honest" debates on the House floor when she refused to listen to the GOP's plea on domestic drilling. Reverting to classic liberal and dictatorial tactics, the Democrat Party went into recess without giving the Republicans the chance for debate.

As a result, the Republican Party was finally able to unify under a single message and is now staging an effective protest of the liberals' dirty tactics.

The momentum is shifting to the right as Americans are hurt badly at the pump and this is an issue that is undoubtedly in the GOP's favor.

We will see how far this drags out but it is my firm contention that this is the win-win scenario Republicans were so desperately searching for.

On a related note, Senator Obama today has flip-flopped on his position regarding the strategic oil reserves. He is now supporting efforts to tap into them.

Is he worried that the GOP is on the correct side of this debate and may jeopardize his once inevitable lock on the Oval Office?

If not, he certainly should be.

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