Thursday, July 24, 2008

Same Old Story

The liberal media continues to reach new lows on an almost daily basis as of late.

These so-called journalists are on a mission to make history, to be there when the first candidate of color wins the presidential election. They will sacrifice everything; their values, journalistic integrity and factual reporting all in order to see their "Messiah" (term credited to Rush of course) take the throne in January.

John McCain is in a dead heat with the freshman Senator from Illinois but CNN has already called the election for Obama. Do not allow these news networks with obvious political agendas proclaim this contest over before every last vote is tallied.

Obama is in Europe currently on a trip that he says is in no way "campaign-related". He claims it is his intent to get to know its leaders better because he will be dealing with them "over the next eight to ten years".

I guess he can say just about anything now and people will cling to every word, regardless of substance.

With this quote; this ill-thought, absurd and pompous remark, this is a man asserting that he has won this election already as well as his reelection campaign in 2012 and somehow has added on two additional years.

El Rushbo made this commentary the other day and I think it is worthy of paraphrasing here:

It is quite a tribute to America that a child born of two races, two religions, growing up in meager surroundings and being raised by his grandmother in Hawaii, can grow up to be even more pretentious than Senator John Kerry.

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