Friday, March 28, 2008

"Abraham Lincoln Was A Pretty Good Republican"

Not my line; that's a quote from Senator Obama who just wrapped up an appearance with the women on The View.

For thirty minutes Obama charmed an adoring crowd that was clinging to his every word. The first topic was the Reverend Wright controversy, in which he provided no direct answers to Elisabeth's inquisition. The normal empty rhetoric spewed by Obama passed for groundbreaking straight talk to the easily-convinced audience. He was effortlessly able to side step any questions that may actually have been thought-provoking, delivering merely carefully constructed campaign talking points.

It was an unimpressive television performance but it was necessary for Obama in order to further his appeal with women voters. His campaign photographers were flashing pictures throughout his portrayal as a legitimate candidate, which will surely be on the cover of his new campaign propaganda. He did nothing to suppress his arrogance either, foolishly stating he and Hillary will be friends after the primary and that he will go on to beat McCain in November.

I do not see this impressive ability of articulation the liberals claim he possesses. I see a political novice who has reached heights he never thought possible and is now a puppet of the Democrat Party. He endlessly preaches about change and how America is ready for new ideas and new faces; but upon closer examination of his campaign crew it is obvious that this is a deceptive concept. His supporters are the white, establishment-type Democrats which means it will be business as usual inside the Beltway.

And just to show the professionalism of the unbiased, impartial interviewers of ABC; the women concluded the show:

"John McCain, we'd still love to talk to you too"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How Low Will it Go?

Barack Obama was seven points ahead of Mrs. Clinton at the beginning of March. It looked as if nothing could stop this wave of momentum sweeping across this nation; an ideology of change.

And then there was Reverend Wright...

This pathetic excuse for a clergyman has sent the Obama camp into a tailspin where they find themselves fighting to save the junior Senator's presidential aspirations. Mrs. Clinton was given a clear mandate to remain in the race with the massive shift of public opinion against Obama. In the latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll released Monday, the new figures speak for themselves:

46% Clinton
44% Obama

The number of undecided voters has increased and Obama finds himself trailing Hillary for the first time in several weeks. Now his campaign is frantically searching for any fuel Mrs. Clinton can provide (There's plenty out there. We conservatives just hide it in Karl Rove's play book for November).

A rather facile jab came today when the Obama campaign accused Hillary of dramatizing the situation in Bosnia during her visit as First Lady. Apparently Mrs. Clinton exaggerated the threat snipers in the area posed and the Obama camp pounced on it. A debate about the language Hillary uses in campaign dialogues? This is a dangerous attack for Obama to make considering this man is in the habit of lifting entire portions of speeches from other politicians (See Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's "Just Words" speech).

And in yet another hostile foreign endorsement for the Democrat Party; Hugo Chavez, the tyrannical dictator from Venezuela warns that diplomatic relations between his country and the United States would worsen if McCain is elected.

To refresh our memories: North Korea, Iran and even Osama Bin Laden himself have endorsed the Democrat Party in just the past four years.

This nation can ill-afford to elect a president who would be inviting these oppressors and clear enemies of democracy to stay a night in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Speech

About a year ago members of Senator Obama's campaign staff noticed some remarks by Reverend Jeremiah Wright that could cause a bit of controversy for their candidate. However they severely underestimated the firestorm that the hateful sermons has produced. Finally members of the media are probing into Barack Obama's past and examining his background.

Reverend Wright was a spiritual advisor to Obama for more than twenty years: He presided over the Senator's marriage, gave him guidance during his college years and even provided the inspiration behind the name of Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope" (title lifted directly from a sermon given by the reverend). Wright plays a vital role in Obama's life and the electorate must keep that in mind during this campaign. The racist and hateful rhetoric expressed in this man's sermons is utterly reprehensible, even proclaiming in a now infamous soundbyte "God Bless America? God**** America!"

Early observations and reviews of the speech have been quite positive. The crowd in Philadelphia was very receptive (Philadelphia being a strategic choice by the campaign as Pennsylvania's primary arrives in a matter of weeks). It was eloquently spoken and carefully constructed. Obama manages to tie in his connections to both the black and white communities and argues that this generation of America, his generation, is ready for change.

Just how the American electorate will perceive this speech is another issue entirely. Mitt Romney's 'groundbreaking' speech on religion in America won mass praise in the days after its' delivery but his popularity did not improve.

Has the damage inflicted by the Wright controversy spelled certain defeat for Obama's quest? Only time will answer that question. A Fox commentator remarked that Obama's past was best represented by an empty slate. Now with the surfacing of Reverend Wright, it is as if someone shot a paintball at that slate.

I was undecided in regards to Senator Obama's integrity prior to this latest controversy. But given his close personal friendship with a hate-mongerer the likes of Reverend Wright, his warm association and campaign contributions from soon-to-be convicted felon Anthony Rezko, as well as his friendship with William Ayers (an admitted member of the terrorist group 'Weather Underground' who declared war on the U.S. government in the 1970s) I am reminded of the Japanese proverb:

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Another Day in Politics

Ashley Alexandra Dupre of New Jersey aka "Kristen"- Spitzer's political nightmare.

The identity of the infamous call girl has been reported and her images are racing across the internet. This 22 year old woman has brought one of the biggest states in the union to a stand still. With Spitzer stepping down in a matter of days one has to wonder what else the government has on him. The New York Post has already reported that he has spent upwards of $80,000 on hookers over the past six years or so. The most bizarre element of this story however does not involve the disgraced governor himself but rather his wife. It has been reported that she was pleading with her adulterous spouse to remain in power and to get past this whole mess. What kind of a woman is this? Is she completely lacking all human emotion? She makes Mrs. Clinton look like Carol Brady.

Speaking of Hillary, Geraldine Ferraro got the campaign into some hot water with remarks the Obama crowd deems racist. She claimed the junior senator from Illinois has only seen the success he has because he is black, and the media is playing into this all. In fairness, she said the same comment about her VP run in 1984; claiming she only made it that far because she is a woman. This was not a racist comment and the Obama campaign is just using their favorite tactic once again. When a tough question or issue faces this man, the campaign always retreats to their ace in the hole; scream out "racism!" This man is unscrutinized by the media and by his opponents out of fear they will seem racist. It is the most unfair handicap in the political arena and is the sole reason Obama has reached the heights that he has. As a result of his dirty politics, Ferraro has resigned from Mrs. Clinton's campaign today.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Otis Moss III are preachers at Barack Obama's church in Illinois. They are both under fire for shady fund raising they organized during church ceremonies. Many eyebrows are being raised about where the collections for the overall church endowment are being spent; possibly directly to Obama's campaign. Both preachers have been televised during their sermons and are blatantly racist and openly intolerant of any political ideology besides Obama's. Ironic that liberals claim the GOP is guilty of politicking from the pulpit.

The Senator's church even bestowed their highest honor upon Louis Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam: a shameless anti-semitic, homophobic, racist excuse for a human being.

Will Obama relinquish his membership to this church? Will he at least denounce his preachers' ravings and state his opposition to them?

Tough questions: I wouldn't hold my breath for an answer though.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Goes Down

Well yet another politician has fallen from grace with the recent scandal that has rocked New York. Governor Eliot Spitzer has publicly acknowledged his involvement in a prostitution ring; calling for the services of 'Kristen' on February 13th at a D.C. area hotel. It seems as though the politicians who claim to be made of higher moral principles are usually the ones caught in this type of behavior (Think 'family values' Larry Craig and a certain men's room in the Minneapolis airport).

Spitzer was known as 'the sheriff of Wall Street' vowing to clean up the corruption there and bring their behavior to a level that was acceptable by his standards. We now know that was all empty campaign rhetoric, as Spitzer is reduced to nothing more than a hypocrite.

Mrs. Spitzer was at his side during the press conference yesterday looking as though she had lost the will of independence, hanging on the arm of a man who had just violated the sanctity of marriage (and on the eve of Valentine's Day to boot). During the broadcast, an individual was more inclined to watch her and the emotionless expression on her face than listen to Spitzer fight for his political life.

Not surprisingly, the political spin is in full swing. The New York republicans in the state legislature as well as the Republican Governors Association have called upon the disgraced Spitzer to resign his office. If that does happen he would be handing power down to Lieutenant Governor Dave Paterson, a 54 year old African American who is legally blind (He would be the first blind governor in this nation's history).

Prior to the Bill Clinton era, Spitzer would have been finished in the public life. But because of the incredibly low standards Slick Willy has set, I would give Spitzer a 50/50 chance at staying in power.

Oh and there is a primary in Mississippi today which Obama will win by a very wide margin.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

No Break for Mav

Well the New York Times has once again managed to generate negative coverage of Senator McCain. While aboard his campaign plane over the weekend, a reporter from the contemptible Times attempted to bait McCain with a question regarding his discussion with John Kerry in 2004. This now infamous chat is public knowledge and was already reported at the time it occurred and extensively at the beginning of the primary season. Whatever her question was we will never know because the maverick cut her off and was visibly irritated; justifiably so I might add. The reporter did get in a snide "Why are you so angry?" jab towards the end as well. The media of course picked up the footage and began showing it to the masses. Remember this folks: He's catching all this abuse from a newspaper that endorsed his candidacy. It is evident now there was some secret motivation for doing so.

Also being talked about this weekend is McCain's choice for vice president. He claims to be seriously considering a number of well qualified candidates and a decision might even be in the near future. The sooner the GOP can get its house in order and the ticket finalized, the better we will look compared to the anarchy running rampant in the Democrat party. Karl Rove and other distinguished republicans have just announced their choice: Mitt Romney. I was very surprised by this. Romney would certainly win over the conservative wing of the party and he is quite the public speaker but the ceremony he and McCain put on last month when Mitt gave his endorsement was quite cold. Romney looked as if he was attempting to hide the anguish of defeat inside of him and McCain appeared still bitter over a very negative campaign aimed at him. Even still, if they can repair the damage inflicted by the primary; what about Romney's needs? He has made it clear that the presidency is what he is after, nothing smaller than that. In contemporary politics, a candidate has one legitimate shot at the big seat; McCain of course being the obvious exception. If Romney loses twice (primary and general) in the same year, it does not bode well for his future elect ability.

Can't end without bringing this up: Bill Clinton was giving a stump speech for Hillary when a reporter once again brought up the "Dream Ticket" of Obama/Hillary. (I would in fact label that a nightmare but I digress...) Slick Willy actually said his wife would be a great candidate for the veep slot. Not only did he admit it, but he then went into a strategy of what states she could win where Obama had lost or is trailing.

Do you think it was a coincidence that as soon as Bubba disappeared for awhile, she started winning again?

I didn't either.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Riddance

At long last the distraction of the Ron Paul campaign will be finished. He has acknowledged his campaign will wind down and he will re-assume his role in the House. The millions of dollars that Ron Paul has raised during this primary season can now be transferred into his House reelection fund; finally proving that his run was nothing more than an attempt to inject much needed cash into his congressional war chest. Talk about campaign finance reform?

Barack Obama is in a heap of trouble lately. Samantha Power is a journalist and professor, who also serves as the foreign policy senior advisor on Obama's campaign. That was until today. The junior senator from Illinois relied heavily upon her with regards to strategies for dealing with the situation in Iraq. For months we have heard Obama's empty rhetoric that he will withdraw forces immediately from the troubled region. However, while Power was on a book tour in the U.K. a journalist asked her what Obama's specific course of action might be. Her response, "He will, of course, not rely on some plan that he’s crafted as a presidential candidate or a U.S. Senator". Ironic that liberals call the GOP the party of double-speaking isn't it?

But that is not the worst of it. In fact, I would argue that this exchange will not even be shown by the liberal media. What you will see is an interview with a Scottish newspaper wherein Ms. Power labels Hillary Clinton a "monster". She has since apologized for the remark and consequentially resigned from the campaign.

Lastly, Howard Dean has shown severe favoritism as he is using his post as chair of the DNC to attempt "reruns" in Michigan and Florida. You have to love the show this party can put on. And there's no end in sight either; Pennsylvania is six weeks away. Breathe easy Maverick.

And a quick note about party fund raising:

DNC: $3.7 million on hand; $60 million raised in past 13 months
RNC: $25 million on hand; $90 million raised in past 13 months

Doesn't really bode well for the liberals' message for change.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Road From Here

McCain is the heir apparent and the Dems are in for a long battle; what a primary season it has been.

Mrs. Clinton had an incredibly good night yesterday but the math is still not adding up in her favor. Still, there is much speculation about a brokered convention, a convention wherein a handful of delegates will elect the Democratic nominee.

Mark my words: We will now witness the Clinton machine try desperately to have the elections in Michigan and Florida officially certified. Both contests were stripped of their delegates because their primary was too early for the DNC calendar. But with the election being so tight and Hillary winning both of the states, she will be relentless in making those votes count.

Obama must step it up and begin taking a hard-line against Mrs. Clinton. Additionally, the media owes it to the American people to begin throwing hardball questions at him. This is unprecedented for a front-runner to receive such treatment from journalists, they are not probing him whatsoever. Anyone remember Rezko? He's the man on trial for manipulation and bribery in Illinois who also donated thousands to Obama's campaign. Ironic that the New York Times let that slip under the radar.

This Democratic primary must drag on because once the general arrives Senator McCain is not allowed to take the kind of shots these two are currently exchanging. For if he does start to throw that kind of fire around, you better believe the liberal media will surely brand him a bigot.

Quite the double standard...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

End of the Road?

At least it will be for the GOP tonight. Tomorrow morning, the Maverick will have officially reached the 1,191 delegate threshold, bringing an end to this drawn out Republican primary season. Senator Cornyn of Texas made a remark yesterday that accurately summed up our nominee: "I sort of liken it to a grieving process. You come to acceptance". McCain will be in Texas tonight for his victory party; Can Cornyn expect an invitation?

But for the Democratic side, the contest will hardly have reached its conclusion come dawn. With Senator Obama ahead in the overall delegate count, there is some much needed good news flowing into the Clinton machine. According to the latest polls, Hillary will win Ohio and is in a statistical dead heat with Obama in Texas. Before Camp Clinton breathes a sigh of relief however, there is unseasonably harsh precipitation in Ohio today and any pundit will acknowledge that poor weather will only drive away voters who are undecided (the last several contests, Mrs. Clinton has won the demographic who said their minds were made up at the last minute). So the buzzword within her campaign today should be 'cautious optimism'.

Also before the liberal media tries to spin this tonight, allow me to enlighten some of you: We will see a much greater turn-out in the Democrat Party's contests this evening, I'm going to concede that right away. But the liberal commentators will attempt to make the case that this is due to a "change of the status quo" in this country, or a shifting towards a more progressive ideology. This could not be further from the truth. There will be more individuals participating tonight for the Democrats because theirs is still a contest. McCain has been the GOP nominee for a number of weeks and Huckabee is essentially on a tour of the nation promoting his recently re-issued book. The Democratic race is wide open, and people want their voices to be heard and their votes to count during this process so it is only logical that they will show up in droves compared to Republicans.

As I have said for several weeks now, conservatives should hope Hillary has a great showing tonight and in future contests. She has the ability to attack Obama without catching a great deal of flak from the media. Can you imagine the severe condemnation a Republican would have received if he had leaked a photo of Barack Obama in Muslim dress? It would have been relentless. Conservatives are not even allowed to whisper his middle name without drawing considerable reproach. (Hussein)

So Republicans should cheer on Hillary this evening. For if the polls are accurate and she does indeed receive a good showing, we will witness the Clinton machine take this campaign to the next level; to the heights where a political novice like Obama will have no idea how to compete.