Tuesday, March 4, 2008

End of the Road?

At least it will be for the GOP tonight. Tomorrow morning, the Maverick will have officially reached the 1,191 delegate threshold, bringing an end to this drawn out Republican primary season. Senator Cornyn of Texas made a remark yesterday that accurately summed up our nominee: "I sort of liken it to a grieving process. You come to acceptance". McCain will be in Texas tonight for his victory party; Can Cornyn expect an invitation?

But for the Democratic side, the contest will hardly have reached its conclusion come dawn. With Senator Obama ahead in the overall delegate count, there is some much needed good news flowing into the Clinton machine. According to the latest polls, Hillary will win Ohio and is in a statistical dead heat with Obama in Texas. Before Camp Clinton breathes a sigh of relief however, there is unseasonably harsh precipitation in Ohio today and any pundit will acknowledge that poor weather will only drive away voters who are undecided (the last several contests, Mrs. Clinton has won the demographic who said their minds were made up at the last minute). So the buzzword within her campaign today should be 'cautious optimism'.

Also before the liberal media tries to spin this tonight, allow me to enlighten some of you: We will see a much greater turn-out in the Democrat Party's contests this evening, I'm going to concede that right away. But the liberal commentators will attempt to make the case that this is due to a "change of the status quo" in this country, or a shifting towards a more progressive ideology. This could not be further from the truth. There will be more individuals participating tonight for the Democrats because theirs is still a contest. McCain has been the GOP nominee for a number of weeks and Huckabee is essentially on a tour of the nation promoting his recently re-issued book. The Democratic race is wide open, and people want their voices to be heard and their votes to count during this process so it is only logical that they will show up in droves compared to Republicans.

As I have said for several weeks now, conservatives should hope Hillary has a great showing tonight and in future contests. She has the ability to attack Obama without catching a great deal of flak from the media. Can you imagine the severe condemnation a Republican would have received if he had leaked a photo of Barack Obama in Muslim dress? It would have been relentless. Conservatives are not even allowed to whisper his middle name without drawing considerable reproach. (Hussein)

So Republicans should cheer on Hillary this evening. For if the polls are accurate and she does indeed receive a good showing, we will witness the Clinton machine take this campaign to the next level; to the heights where a political novice like Obama will have no idea how to compete.

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michele said...

Looks like Hillary is back. Today a Hillary Obama ticket is being bantered about. I can't see Obama agreeing to it, but possibly. It looks like another long road until we find out who is going against McCain in November.