Sunday, March 9, 2008

No Break for Mav

Well the New York Times has once again managed to generate negative coverage of Senator McCain. While aboard his campaign plane over the weekend, a reporter from the contemptible Times attempted to bait McCain with a question regarding his discussion with John Kerry in 2004. This now infamous chat is public knowledge and was already reported at the time it occurred and extensively at the beginning of the primary season. Whatever her question was we will never know because the maverick cut her off and was visibly irritated; justifiably so I might add. The reporter did get in a snide "Why are you so angry?" jab towards the end as well. The media of course picked up the footage and began showing it to the masses. Remember this folks: He's catching all this abuse from a newspaper that endorsed his candidacy. It is evident now there was some secret motivation for doing so.

Also being talked about this weekend is McCain's choice for vice president. He claims to be seriously considering a number of well qualified candidates and a decision might even be in the near future. The sooner the GOP can get its house in order and the ticket finalized, the better we will look compared to the anarchy running rampant in the Democrat party. Karl Rove and other distinguished republicans have just announced their choice: Mitt Romney. I was very surprised by this. Romney would certainly win over the conservative wing of the party and he is quite the public speaker but the ceremony he and McCain put on last month when Mitt gave his endorsement was quite cold. Romney looked as if he was attempting to hide the anguish of defeat inside of him and McCain appeared still bitter over a very negative campaign aimed at him. Even still, if they can repair the damage inflicted by the primary; what about Romney's needs? He has made it clear that the presidency is what he is after, nothing smaller than that. In contemporary politics, a candidate has one legitimate shot at the big seat; McCain of course being the obvious exception. If Romney loses twice (primary and general) in the same year, it does not bode well for his future elect ability.

Can't end without bringing this up: Bill Clinton was giving a stump speech for Hillary when a reporter once again brought up the "Dream Ticket" of Obama/Hillary. (I would in fact label that a nightmare but I digress...) Slick Willy actually said his wife would be a great candidate for the veep slot. Not only did he admit it, but he then went into a strategy of what states she could win where Obama had lost or is trailing.

Do you think it was a coincidence that as soon as Bubba disappeared for awhile, she started winning again?

I didn't either.

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