Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How Low Will it Go?

Barack Obama was seven points ahead of Mrs. Clinton at the beginning of March. It looked as if nothing could stop this wave of momentum sweeping across this nation; an ideology of change.

And then there was Reverend Wright...

This pathetic excuse for a clergyman has sent the Obama camp into a tailspin where they find themselves fighting to save the junior Senator's presidential aspirations. Mrs. Clinton was given a clear mandate to remain in the race with the massive shift of public opinion against Obama. In the latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll released Monday, the new figures speak for themselves:

46% Clinton
44% Obama

The number of undecided voters has increased and Obama finds himself trailing Hillary for the first time in several weeks. Now his campaign is frantically searching for any fuel Mrs. Clinton can provide (There's plenty out there. We conservatives just hide it in Karl Rove's play book for November).

A rather facile jab came today when the Obama campaign accused Hillary of dramatizing the situation in Bosnia during her visit as First Lady. Apparently Mrs. Clinton exaggerated the threat snipers in the area posed and the Obama camp pounced on it. A debate about the language Hillary uses in campaign dialogues? This is a dangerous attack for Obama to make considering this man is in the habit of lifting entire portions of speeches from other politicians (See Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's "Just Words" speech).

And in yet another hostile foreign endorsement for the Democrat Party; Hugo Chavez, the tyrannical dictator from Venezuela warns that diplomatic relations between his country and the United States would worsen if McCain is elected.

To refresh our memories: North Korea, Iran and even Osama Bin Laden himself have endorsed the Democrat Party in just the past four years.

This nation can ill-afford to elect a president who would be inviting these oppressors and clear enemies of democracy to stay a night in the Lincoln Bedroom.

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