Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tea Party v. McCain

Criticize them if you choose but there is no denying the enormous influence of the Tea Party movement. This protest of big government and bureaucracy gridlock is sweeping through the nation like a brush fire and has every moderate, Republican and Democrat, wondering if he ought to upload his resume onto monster.com.

It seems as though no one can escape the wrath of the tea baggers as John McCain, the face of the Party less than two years ago, is engaged in political warfare fending off J.D. Hayworth in a heated primary challenge.

Hayworth claims to be fighting for the conservatives in the GOP in his bid to defeat the Maverick. The tea baggers tempers' appear to be hotter than the deserts in Arizona but if they are not careful, the repercussions could be harmful to their cause.

As we witnessed in New York a short while ago, tea baggers split the Republican vote between a moderate and a conservative, thereby handing the seat to the Democrat challenger.

McCain is admittedly moderate but this mood of "die hard conservatism" must be put on the back-burner. Ronald Reagan said that Republicans represented a "big tent" Party; one in which all are welcome to join.

Many people still believe in the big tent theory, as prominent conservatives Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin have already endorsed McCain in the race.

It is refreshing to witness conservative activism on the rise once again but the movement needs to be preaching messages of tolerance and acceptance.

The Tea Party movement ought to remember this:

There is a reason ours is called the Grand Old Party.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Palin Predicament

Sarah Palin's autobiography, aptly entitled Going Rogue is on the store shelves and its sales numbers are leaving Dan Brown and Stephen King in the dust.

As one of the most anticipated books in recent years, Palin attempts to settle the score with her Democrat critics, the liberal media, and even disgruntled former aides within the McCain-Palin campaign.

Palin's appearance on Oprah today seemed to play well with audiences. The ratings are not yet in but the show is likely to see a significant boost in viewership given the former Governor's celebrity at the moment.

All seems to be going well for Palin. But things are rarely what they seem...

This "Hockey Mom" is not being taken seriously as a professional and national political figure. The public is hungry for the latest gossip about her or her family.

The interview is the perfect example and highlights why producers want her on the show.

How can Sarah Palin appear presidential when the interviewer asks no policy questions?

Did Oprah ask Palin her position on health care? Was the Governor asked if she agreed with Obama's (mis)handling of the economic situation? What does she think of education in America?

We will have to wait for these answers because Oprah did not pose these questions. She went on, at great length, to discuss that fame-starved blockhead Levi Johnston. Oprah was very eager to hear what went wrong with the campaign despite the election being held over a year ago. And Ms. Winfrey was puzzled as to how Palin could be in elected office as a mother of five.

It can be argued that this was not the proper forum in which to discuss political ideology but it underscores Palin's predicament: many in the public and the liberal media are obsessed with the former Governor: what she reads, where she buys her clothes and how much they cost, is her marriage failing, etc. but could care less about her policy positions.

Her résumé is not respected, her accomplishments go largely unnoticed and she seems uneducated to the left because her alma mater is the University of Idaho and not one of the Ivy League elites.

She has work to do before she can be wholly accepted as a viable contender for the White House in 2012. Crafting a message and then delivering it to the masses while promoting her book would be a sufficient start.

Palin must speak to the issues, offering real solutions and innovative ideas, if she hopes to turn this celebrity book tour into a national political campaign.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Grand Old Party

Last night was a colossal victory for conservatism in America; a mere twelve months after the Democrats and the media declared it lifeless.

To their dismay, the voters came out in droves for the conservative movement yesterday, showing the same passion and vigor they had in August at the town hall meetings.

A blowout win in Virginia and an upset in liberal New Jersey, which had gone to Obama by some fifteen points a year ago, has laid the foundation for which conservatives can bring this country back to the right.

Bob McDonnell's campaign in Virginia largely resembled Chris Christie's own fight in New Jersey. They attracted independents and moderate Democrats by utilizing two principle themes: low taxes and job creation.

Their campaign strategy ought to be taught to every potential GOP candidate in 2010. They did not delve into social issues the way Mike Huckaphony likes to campaign to the evangelical fringe of the right. These men spoke to the voters and asked them directly if bigger government was the solution or if they might prosper being released from its iron-fisted grasp.

The Democrat Party is already busily spinning the election in their favor and downplaying its significance (Obama claiming he didn't watch, Pelosi exclaiming the left won) but do not be fooled. Theirs is a party running scared at the moment and every moderate elected official is contemplating his level of job security right now.

In the coming days and weeks, we will hear Democrats boast on the outcome in New York's 23rd congressional district. Bill Owens, a very moderate Democrat, defeated the Conservative Party's Doug Hoffman. Dede Scozzafava, an ultraliberal Republican, had picked up the nomination from the local party. Upon closer examination of her record, it turned out Owens was actually more conservative than she was. Hoffman entered the race to give the voters a real conservative choice.

Although Mr. Hoffman will not be going to Washington this year, it was a big victory for the conservative movement. 30 days ago Hoffman was an unknown, polling at 2-3%. When the residents in NY-23 started to learn more about him they gravitated towards his campaign in swarms. The shift was so powerful that Scozzafava dropped out of the race Saturday. On Monday, she held true to her roots as a Republican-in-name-only, and in the ultimate act of political pettiness, endorsed the Democrat.

Owens went on to win but this election made it clear that this is no longer the Party of John McCain, Colin Powell, and Arlen Specter. This GOP is made up of red-blooded Reaganites believing in American prosperity through lower taxes, more jobs and less government.

Do not be fooled by the likes of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. There is panic en masse at the DNC today. The leadership in the Democrat Party knows there is no way they can push through radically liberal legislation with Bill Owens as its newest member of Congress.

Independents and moderate Dems make ours a Grand Old Party.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SNL Fact Check

CNN's Wolf Blitzer has never denied his liberal leanings, nor has anyone at that network. But never before has the public seen such blatant liberalism in protecting their prodigal son as Wolf's recent program.

Over the weekend, Fred Armisen portrayed Obama and took issue with his non-deliverance on any campaign pledge. The SNL Obama appeared in the Oval Office sighting each issue and his failure to deliver on every campaign pledge. From health care reform to Gitmo, the comedian Armisen, acting as the left's Messiah, proclaimed "I did nothing".

While I was stunned to see such a skit on a GE owned network, nothing could prepare me for Wolf Blitzer and his liberal cronies "fact-checking" the particular skit.

Blitzer devoted a sizable amount of his mediocre program towards discrediting the comedic performance.

I ask you all, has any news organization ever engaged in dissecting a scenario solely based on comedy?

Did Fox News ever discredit Tina Fey's portrayal of Sarah Palin? Or Will Ferrell's George W. Bush?

The answer is an emphatic "no".

The fact that CNN, which claims to be the world wide leader in news, would challenge a comedic performance of Obama only proves that the left can endure no criticism of their Messiah.

SNL has never been subject to "fact checking" until the show took aim at the left's golden boy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Open Letter to the Minnesota 4th Congressional

Congresswoman Betty McCollum has represented Minnesota's 4th Congressional District for more than eight years.

During her tenure, the former high school teacher has found herself casting a number of controversial votes; including her vote today to defend criminally corrupt ACORN. (She was one of only 75 nay votes in the House)

In February, 2007 she voted against the surge in Iraq which was overwhelmingly successful and is now widely considered to be the turning point of the conflict.

In May of that very year she again expressed her disdain and contempt for the military by voting against funding American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling instead for a complete withdrawal of the troops.

She has consistently voted for tax increases and supports grossly expanding the size of the federal government, including socialized health care.

She voted against the Bush tax cuts which spurred 33 months of consecutive GDP growth. Voted against protecting the border from illegal aliens. Against the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Against a ban on the desecration of the American flag. And in 2005 she voted against a resolution instituting House ethics reform.

This "independent" and "strong willed" woman has sided with her colleagues on the left for a whopping 98.3% of her votes cast.

Betty McCollum: Against economic growth, against national security, against public ethics reform.

Her campaign war chest is routinely bankrolled by the AFL-CIO and she is customarily well below the national average for fund raising due to the lack of a plausible GOP or independent candidate.

As a resident of the 4th Congressional District I know we desperately need to elect an individual who is not ruled by Speaker Pelosi, supports our military and possesses a sincere desire to achieve American prosperity.

The 4th has been held by a Democrat since 1949.

60 years is enough.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Speech of Dissidence

President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress last night to campaign for health care reform.

The speech was a verbose and pompous one; filled with partisan attacks, vague generalities and paradoxical subject matter.

One of his most ambivalent "facts" was the sheer number of uninsured individuals in this country. Last night he set it at 30 million; a mere three weeks ago at one of his town hall meetings it was more than 46 million.

Obama delivered more of the same empty rhetoric that the public has become accustomed to these past nine months, playing the typical GOP blame game and talking up all the problems he inherited from his predecessor.

The President acknowledged his plan has "...some details to be ironed out". This provided one of the most amusing moments of the night when it was followed by roaring laughter from Republicans.

Throughout Obama's act, it was blatantly obvious that he was angry and bitter at his falling poll numbers. He looked on with scorn and animosity when he addressed the right side of the aisle and engaged in petty, campaign warfare tactics.

The contradictions ran aplenty last night. The truth is Obama has neither the facts nor the record to support his absurd socialized health care.

This prompted Rep. Joe Wilson to exclaim "you lie!" when Obama said illegal immigrants would not receive health benefits. Mr. Wilson now finds himself in the spotlight as a rallying point for on-the-fence Dems. Any liberal who doubted Obama's plan up until last night will now support it out of spite for Mr. Wilson and the GOP.

The Kennedy eulogy was blasphemous and unethical, as was having Teddy's widow seated beside Mrs. Obama while her husband's body has hardly been returned to the ground.

The shot of Biden holding back water works was a nice touch. Pelosi tried her best to force a cry but unfortunately due to her numerous face lifts and excessive botox injections her tear ducts are now at her elbows.

This address did nothing to "recenter" the debate as was its intention. The details were not revealed and people's fears were not put to rest.

This was a speech that did not require a joint session of Congress. It was so hateful and divisive that it could have been given to the Democrat Caucus alone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


President Obama will address a joint session of Congress tonight in what is shaping up to be a raucous and untamed affair; like the State of the Union address with a two drink minimum.

Critics see the speech as a desperate attempt to repair the damage done by a summer of discontent for liberals while proponents of Obamacare believe the President will seal the deal tonight to socializing the health care industry.

The Republican Response will be delivered by Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany, thoracic surgeon for more than twenty years. Boustany knows the immense pressure he is under to steal Obama's thunder, particularly after the last Republican Response from Louisiana was an awkward and uncomfortable one by Governor Bobby Jindal.

The stakes are high for both sides tonight, a possible climax to a battle that has raged on since January.

Which side will emerge victorious?