Wednesday, September 9, 2009


President Obama will address a joint session of Congress tonight in what is shaping up to be a raucous and untamed affair; like the State of the Union address with a two drink minimum.

Critics see the speech as a desperate attempt to repair the damage done by a summer of discontent for liberals while proponents of Obamacare believe the President will seal the deal tonight to socializing the health care industry.

The Republican Response will be delivered by Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany, thoracic surgeon for more than twenty years. Boustany knows the immense pressure he is under to steal Obama's thunder, particularly after the last Republican Response from Louisiana was an awkward and uncomfortable one by Governor Bobby Jindal.

The stakes are high for both sides tonight, a possible climax to a battle that has raged on since January.

Which side will emerge victorious?


Anonymous said...

Who is he speaking to? I doubt he will change any minds of the people in the room. We know hes been losing the battle with the American people for months now as poll numbers keep slipping out of control. Furthermore there are doubts hes going to give any information at all about specifics to sway any American minds. Is this the last ditch ever to influence media pundits?

Rick said...

I think once again you're way off base Casanova. This is an effort to bring the nation together, something Republicans like yourself are fiercely against. The longer you play partisan politics the more people die. The GOP will become roadblocks to any progress this president or congress make. Get on board already and admit health care in this country is shameful.

michele said...

Wow! I wondered how long it would take for someone to pull out the "do what Obama says or people will die" card. You are right Rick any sick person walks into an emergency room and doesn't have insurance they are left to die. Oh, wait a minute, that isn't true at all. Our country provides healthcare for ALL who need it regardless of ability to pay. It is a law called Emtala. It is the countries that have socialized medicine where people are being allowed to die while access to healthcare is tied up in red tape.\

And the liberals like to say we use scare tactics to get our way!