Monday, September 29, 2008

Uncertainty: Update

While the GOP leadership was addressing the media for about thirty minutes after the failed vote, the market was holding steady. Commentators were stunned that amid this resolution's defeat, investors retained some level of confidence.

When the GOP wrapped up, the Democrat leadership took on the media with their typical messages of fear and desperation. They engaged in a political food fight of sorts that has disgusted many Americans. Pelosi and her fellow liberals were quick to shift the entirety of the blame onto the Republican minority, even though more than 90 Democrats voted against it as well. The message the Democrat leadership put forth was a biased and heavily partisan one which did not sit well with investors.

In their approximately forty minute address, the Dow tanked an additional 130 points. We are now flirting with the largest single day point decline in Wall Street history.

Uncertainty is the problem.

And the Democrat Party made it clear today they have no solutions, just more attacks.


The House has just defeated the $700 billion bailout plan and the liberal media and spin masters are out in full force.

It is uncertainty which is driving down the markets, not the fact that this hastily assembled check to Wall Street was not passed. Upon hearing the news that the bill was defeated, the Dow plummeted more than 700 points. In a matter of 30 minutes however it had almost gained half of the loss back. (-410 as of this writing)

I applaud the GOP for returning to its roots of small government and restrained spending. The Bush Administration has alienated many conservatives, including this one, with regards to a massive federal government and spending money like John Edwards in a beauty salon. (One of my favorite lines from Mike Huckabee)

You will hear liberal commentators claim this is the last straw in a broken economy and that the markets could lose up to a 1/3 of their value. This is simply not the case. This is not the end of the world. And on the contrary to Chris Matthews commentary, you will still be able to withdraw money from the ATM.

There is no need for panic. There is however a need for action. But our leaders must ensure the actions they are taking will not be mere band-aid solutions; which might quell panic in the short term but will have no lasting importance.

I am also pleased to see more than 90 members of the Democrat majority vote against today's resolution. The more deficit hawks we can send to Washington, the better off this country will be.

San Francisco Pelosi did not listen to the concerns of House Republicans nor the concerns from members of her own party. Leadership from both sides will now convene back at the table and reach a more amicable agreement.

This is not a failure for the McCain campaign either. The Maverick went to Washington to start a dialogue, to show the public he is a doer and not a talker. Barack Obama phoned in his contribution to the discussion and only came to the White House when summoned by President Bush.

Congress will go back to work and this resolution might pass in the coming days. But at the very least, a real debate is going on and issues that matter to every American are being discussed in the public arena.

This, my friends, is democracy in action.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Game On

The debate is on tonight; the first time we will see John McCain and Barack Obama square off against each other.

Traditionally debates do not receive a great number of viewers nor do they heavily influence the polls. However I think we can all agree this election has been anything but traditional.

The focal point tonight is foreign policy; an area in which Senator McCain thrives.

It is widely accepted that the maverick will outperform his inexperienced opponent tonight but Obama's campaign is playing politics.

The Obama camp is acknowledging McCain's mastery of the subject matter and are intentionally setting expectations quite high tonight. So if McCain's performance is anything less than spectacular, the liberal media and the Obama attack dogs can pounce on it.

Neither men had a great deal of time to prep for the debate as they were interrupted by the meeting in Washington on the economy. Obama in fact had cleared three whole days of his schedule to focus on debate prep. McCain, clearly more knowledgable on foreign policy, had just a few hours devoted.

So what can we expect tonight?

I have no idea because this campaign has been the most unconventional in modern history. Nobody can predict McCain's next move anymore.

But I suggest you watch.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bettin' The House

The White House actually.

Senator McCain's bold decision to suspend his campaign effective tomorrow morning could essentially cost him this election.

While he is living his campaign mantra "Country First" it remains to be seen how the electorate will react to this maneuver. Whether voters will view it as an act of bipartisanship during a looming economic crisis or if they will take the liberal media route "this is merely a campaign stunt"; only time will tell.

There is no denying that McCain's numbers are slipping each day the Dow experiences another drop. Analysts will question the timing of his decision to suspend as new polls released today have McCain within the margin of error or losing in the majority of battleground states.

Perhaps most troubling is a Fox News poll released today that has Obama leading McCain by ten points when it comes to which candidate is better suited to turn the economy around.

The last time McCain rolled the dice as boldly as he did today, Sarah Palin joined his ticket.

That of course turned out to be the most brilliant move of his entire campaign.

Today the Senator is again living up to his reputation as a maverick with this historic decision.

I fear his good intentions will be in vein due to Obama's increasingly divisive campaign strategy. These men today at their press conferences could not even agree as to whom called the other first.

I sincerely hope on November 4th I do not recall today as the day McCain made his fatal error and handed the election to Obama.

Piling On Palin

Campbell Brown of CNN yesterday made an accusation that I am still unable to fathom 24 hours later. She claimed that Sarah Palin's absence from the media was due to sexism on the part of the Republican Party.

I will give you a moment to digest that.

Brown actually suggested that the McCain camp is so nervous about her public speaking skills that they are deliberately hiding her from the public and that if McCain had chosen a male running mate like Governor Romney, the campaign would give unfettered access to the media.

First off, no campaign these days gives unfettered access to the media; thank you Gary Hart.

Furthermore, liberal feminists the likes of Campbell Brown should be held accountable for outrageous intimations they make on-air. The media attack dogs will not be satisfied until they have torn Governor Palin to shreds. She will never be able to fully satisfy their appetites for blood.

I never thought I would see the day when Shepard Smith of Fox News would anger me but he too made me furious yesterday. He claimed "this is a woman who never talks to the media".

Not only did Sarah Palin agree to an interview with a relentless Charles Gibson, but she sat down just last week with Sean Hannity on Shep's very network. Not that these hounds will be interested, but the Governor is also sitting down with CBS tonight.

There is no denying that McCain & Co. are prepping her for prime time. She is an accomplished woman but has never faced the firestorm of the Democrat war machine or the national liberal media.

Democrats claim the GOP is afraid of a slip up from the ill-prepared Palin.

But as the public has witnessed lately with the distinguished Senator from Delaware, 36 years worth of prepping and you can still make yourself look like an ass on a daily basis.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Way To Go Joe

In keeping with tradition, it had been about 48 hours between Biden's gaffes on the campaign trail so he had to rectify that with plenty of fresh red meat.

In one of the most slanderous advertisements of the campaign season, Obama's staff created an ad that they claim was merely to paint McCain as "out of touch" because he does not use a computer. However the commercial fails to mention that Senator McCain's injuries suffered during his service to this country actually prevent him from doing so.

Senator Biden evidently took issue with the ad as well and said “I thought it was terrible. I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it”.

Additionally, Obama himself has now publicly criticized his running mate for his flip-flop on AIG. Just moments after John McCain said he disagreed with a government bailout, Biden actually agreed.

Then this morning with Matt Lauer, Obama states that McCain "lacks clarity" because he has now begun to revise his stance on the matter. When Lauer was quick to point out Biden sharing the sentiment, Barry retorted "...I think Joe should have waited, as well".

As Aaron Bruns of FoxNews writes, this is just another case of "Joe being Joe".

The Obama liberals had no clue what they were getting August 23rd when Biden was announced. He has caused more headaches for Obama and the rest of the closet socialists trying to take over this nation.

Between Joe Biden's countless gaffes and Bill Clinton's obvious contempt for Obama, why do the Democrats even need an opposition party?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bubba Shares His View

Bill Clinton is quickly becoming the most effective tool the Republicans have in this election. He is often criticized by the media and his own party for not being more supportive of Obama's candidacy. However their complaints have proven futile as he continues to subtly oppose the man who defeated his wife in the primaries.

Slick Willy was in his element Monday morning; sharing a couch with five women. He appeared calm and relaxed while speaking on a range of issues from the election to his Clinton Initiative. He publicly proclaimed that his wife was never approached by any member of the Obama campaign under the notion of joining the tickets together.

Of course, he also mentioned pretty firmly that Hillary won more of the popular vote than Obama and would have brought more political capital to the Democrat ticket.

He then went on to share a story he read about a woman in Washington D.C. who was a psychologist and lifelong liberal Democrat but would be voting for McCain solely because of Sarah Palin. This woman felt as though it was her obligation to vote based on her gender.

When asked by the panel if this was narrow-minded rationale, Clinton flatly denied it. He said we can not judge our fellow Americans on how they vote, whether it be on the grounds of gender, race, etc.

Phrases like "Whoever wins this election" and "Whatever policy agenda gets to the White House" were peppered in while he was speaking, showing the real uncertainty he holds in an Obama administration.

"Who's gonna win the election?"- Joy Behar
"I believe Obama will win" uttered the less than enthusiastic former president.

He went on to talk up John McCain and said if it were not for the maverick, he was not sure if the United States would have normalized relations with Vietnam. Clinton said repeatedly "I like John McCain" and confessed he thought McCain was the only Republican of the primary field who could win in November.

Just before wrapping up, the panel asked who was ready to be president; setting up an obvious softball question and a chance for Clinton to drive home the liberal rhetoric on change.

But Clinton refused to be a puppet of the party he once led.

Without batting an eye Bubba said "Both of them".

Hillary Clinton might be the happiest woman in the world today.

Friday, September 19, 2008

One Fine Day

Okay I know I lifted the title from that cheesy 90s movie with George Clooney but it is certainly applicable to my situation.

Today I had the privilege of attending a rally with John McCain and Sarah Palin at an airport hangar in Blaine, Minnesota.

Let me tell you the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Thousands upon thousands of proud Americans showing their support for the only ticket that makes any sense in this election; the ticket that will fight for them and bring change to Washington rather than merely talking about it.

Governor Palin is even more incredible in person with her genuine smile and upbeat disposition as well as possessing the strength that has captured the nation's attention. She spoke with confidence and clarity while outlining in detail her role in a McCain administration; having to pause numerous times because of thunderous applause.

She then introduced John McCain and the audience delivered quite an ovation. He seemed surpised by the warm reception while he stood at the podium waiting for the applause to yield so he could give his speech. But that was not what the audience had in mind as they continued to show their support and admiration of this honorable public servant.

At long last he was able to get some words in edgewise between applause breaks. He spoke with the sincerity that has become a trademark of his campaign. He shared stories of a mother in Green Bay yesterday who gave him her fallen son's ARMY dog tags as well as a soldier in Minnesota this morning who was wounded in combat and asked John McCain to not let his friends die in vain.

Looking at the audience, there was no question why this race has become as close as it has. "Women for McCain", "Catholics for McCain", "Democrats for McCain" buttons and shirts were visible everywhere in that hangar. Another element that has become a staple at his campaign events was the homemade signs the supporters bring in.

A very touching moment occured when I noticed a little girl no older than five sitting on her mother's shoulders with flag stickers on her cheeks; red, white and blue berets in her hair holding a sign that said "I Love America and John McCain".

It was in that moment I realized how high the stakes have gotten. This little girl needs to know her leaders are protecting her each and every day so she may live a long and prosperous life.

This world has gotten far too dangerous and this country can ill afford to elect a leader who will bow down to our enemies at every available opportunity.

There are entities on this planet who wish to harm and destroy our great nation. There are Democrats the likes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden who would choose to ignore this very real threat and would prefer to forget the wounds of our past.

These fellow patriots that I was surrounded by this morning in a hot and stuffy hangar in Blaine, Minnesota know what is at stake and are determined to send John McCain to the White House.

While certainly the little girl's sign was adorable, another nearby read "Trig Is Perfect". Trig Palin of course is her infant son with Down's Syndrome.

I was so moved by today's experience and my resolve is stronger than it has ever been. We were presented the colors of our country, with our hands held firmly over our hearts and while reciting The Pledge of Allegiance with just a hint of greater volume during the phrase "Under God". We proudly sang the national anthem and then bowed our heads in a prayer led by a local reverend. The colors were then retired and many surrounding me had tears in their eyes. That is what separates our Grand Ole Party from the liberals.

We know the tremendous sacrifices that have been made by so many to ensure our freedom and we will honor their memories by remaining vigilant in our efforts to elect John McCain because to us as well as to him, "Country First".

God Bless America.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry Barry

Today was certainly not what the Democrat Party ordered: a huge market rally.

After a very tumultuous week on Wall Street, the market saw the biggest rally in six years today with the Dow up more than 400 points.

Obama and the Democrats would love nothing more than to see the Dow below the 10,000 threshold come November 4th. They have done nothing but invoke fear and uncertainty regarding the market since economic growth slowed. Using words like "crisis" and "catastrophe" as well as invoking several allusions to the Great Depression, they have run an economic campaign solely on fear tactics.

They claim the GOP scares voters when we discuss the very real threat of terrorism with the American electorate, but the Obama camp goes to the extreme when they exaggerate the economic problem and fill voters' minds with rhetoric that leads them to worry about their financial stability.

Today was a sure win for the principles of free-market capitalism and confirms John McCain's statement earlier in the week for which the liberals sought to crucify him: "The foundation of our economy is strong".

A single day rally does not change the undeniable fact that markets have taken a downward turn recently, but the surge is reason enough not to resort to all-out panic in the manner the Democrats want us to.

Today dealt a serious blow to Obama's credibility.

His campaign is surely working overtime on spin control tonight. But as he has done countless times in the past, I am sure he will manage to flip-flop his position without the media even batting an eye.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nobody Deserves This

Sarah Palin has faced every challenge and obstacle head on during her brief time as a nominee but the latest assault on this incredible woman is more egregious than ever.

In a stunning invasion of privacy, it appears as though hackers have gained access to her email account and published all of the findings online at several liberal websites.

It takes a lot for the likes of these radical Democrats to reach new lows but they certainly found a way to do so. They published dozens of emails, her address book, photos and many more private pieces of her life. When requested to take down the wealth of personal information lost by Governor Palin, the websites refused citing "full disclosure" of candidates.

Does "full disclosure" entitle crazed liberals to find her daughter Bristol's phone number so they may call and harass her? They in fact did that today.

How much more does Palin have to swallow?

She has done a much scrutinized interview with a less-than professional Charlie Gibson. She will be on Hannity and Colmes this evening and will be with CBS sometime after that. Reporters and liberal hatchet men have descended upon the town of Wasilla to dig up any dirt or create it in some instances while the media does endless cover stories of her pregnant teenager.

Nobody deserves this.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Hollywood Crowd

Matt Drudge gets another one right today.

He has an article on his website that shows the world just what level of hypocrisy the Democrats have sunk.

A mere 24 hours after Obama declared we are in "the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression" he is hosting a dinner fund raiser that costs $28,500 per plate.

And the liberals actually have the audacity to call the GOP the party of the wealthy?

It's a dinner tonight in Hollywood with Barbara Streisand as the headliner and you can rest assured Michael Moore, Annette Bening and the rest of the Palin-bashing liberal elite will be there in full force to open their pocket books for the media darling that is Obama.

These radicals do not speak for mainstream America and we are finally seeing that reflection in the polls just about everywhere. His lead is evaporating rapidly and he needs some quick cash to stem the flow of momentum against him.

Tinseltown has long been the foundation of the liberals' financial support.

This doesn't bode well for Obama's claim of fighting for middle America.

In fact, he has confirmed what John McCain's attack advertisement suggested long ago:

Obama is just another celebrity.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New York State Of Mind And New Negativity

My oh my the woes continue for the Dems as a new poll courtesy of the Siena Research Institute shows Obama's lead at a mere five points in New York state.

To put this into greater context, the same poll had the Maverick trailing by an astounding eighteen points in June.

Does this mean the state is in play?

Unfortunately not. This is a state that has voted for the Democrat nominee during each of the last five elections (like California) and has a strong, devoted liberal base. California has a steady liberal presence but also consists of a growing number of independent voters who will ultimately decide the victor in this election.

McCain & Co. realize this and have decided to aggressively pursue Californian voters (as mentioned last week) but will likely not be as vigorous in the Empire State.

This poll is significant however in that it highlights a very disturbing national trend for Obama. The mere fact that he has lost much of his appeal in a state with the demographics like New York possesses has to signal panic within the campaign. They have lost their momentum.

How do they get it back?

Well we will see much negativity specifically from the radicals at These are the liberals who comprise the base of Obama's support. They gripe at Karl Rove's dirty tactics and claim the GOP is "swiftboating" Obama in the same fashion as Kerry in 2004.

However this is the same group that a year ago put out major attack ads at General David Petraeus; a neutral military figure. Members of the military are executing orders and should not be subject to attack in the same fashion as a politician. They have no public political affiliation and should be treated with respect. This group obviously slept through ethics class as they put out literature that even dubbed him at one point-General Betray Us.

It is inevitable that we will see a level of mudslinging that has not yet appeared in this campaign. We have had slip ups and intimations of personal attacks (lipstick on a pig) but we will now witness the full strength of the George Soros funded liberal attack machine.

Brace yourselves.

Return Of The Race Card

Randall Kennedy of The Washington Post wrote an op-ed piece this weekend entitled "The Big 'What If' . He discusses the repercussions of an Obama loss this November within the African American community. Kennedy asserts "The hopes of black America ride on his shoulders. But the outcome's way up in the air."

Is this not the same man who was losing to Hillary Clinton among African American voters because he was not a strong enough candidate only a matter of months ago?

He is not John F. Kennedy. He is not Dr. Martin Luther King. The only outlets even making these comparisons are the media and the Obama campaign itself (often these entities are one-in-the-same).

Randall Kennedy recognizes McCain's growing popularity and his newfound momentum as a serious threat to Obama's thirst for power. Of course, he decides to return to the old liberal adage of divisive politics.

On a potential Obama loss, he asserts that the voters will have made a critical error. He explains it: "And I'll think that an important ingredient of their (the voters) error is racial prejudice".

This was the liberal theme earlier in the primaries when Hillary Clinton was the front-runner: A vote against her must not be because of her politics or agenda but rather because of sexism.

Now with Obama; a vote against him must not be due to his gross lack of experience or his numerous flip-flops and indecisions but rather because of racism.

Don't get me wrong: this is an accomplished man who has done a great deal for the African American community. He is also much less of a polarizing figure than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

But is this a solid qualification to elect him president?

Absolutely not.

His campaign is getting desperate so expect to see many more articles and specials regarding the veil of racism in America and the role the liberal media will say it is playing in this election.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Back At It

After a day that the campaigns suspended activity for the sake of honoring the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Barack Obama's campaign debuted a fierce attack ad against the Maverick. It paints him as out of touch with the times, even suggesting he is still living in 1982, the first year he was sent to Washington.

It hammers him for statements he made in a summer interview in which he admitted he does not know too much about computers and can not send an email. Obama's campaign manager stated “Today is the first day of the rest of the campaign”. I think it is abundantly clear what type of mudslinging contest the liberals will make this election into.

Sarah Palin's first interview last night received mixed reviews, even with Charlie Gibson's unrelenting and sometimes misleading questions. He set several traps but the Governor was able to side step them and speak with the seriousness and conviction that has adhered her to a growing number of supporters.

Of course, the Associated Press put a liberal spin on the interview and led off with the headline "Palin Does Not Rule Out War Option With Russia" shortly following its conclusion.

This is very misleading as Gibson posed a hypothetical situation of Georgia joining NATO and then being attacked by imperialist Russia and Putin. Palin simply said that it is the responsibility of NATO nations to fight against aggression if one of its members should fall under attack.

Her "straight-talk" against Iran was very impressive as well. Gibson tried to lay a trap when he posed yet another hypothetical: Would you support Israel if it attacked missile sites in Iran?
Palin promptly replied that we must not second guess the right Israel has to defend itself.

Of course The New York Times had a different opinion, with a headline "Palin Shows Confidence, In Prepared Answers". Allesandra Stanley writes the article and argues that Palin sticks to talking points and can not come up with answers on the spot. Stanley writes "At times, her voice hesitated, and she looked like a student trying to bend prepared answers to fit unexpected questions."

Part two is tonight and while I hope Charlie will ask the questions with a much less "gotcha" style I don't see him easing up at all. But after watching Sarah Barracuda's performance last night, I think I can speak for all of her supporters in saying "Bring It On".

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Seven years ago the world changed immeasurably. Lives were lost, fear was rampant and the enemies of freedom and democracy showed their faces.

But our resolve was stronger than ever and continues to this very day. Good will ultimately prevail against the evil in this world.

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have suspended their campaigns for the day: no campaign events and all negative advertisements are off the air.

I too will respect the memory of this day and all those lost because of it.

No politics today.

Today we are not Republican or Democrat; liberal or conservative.

Today we are simply Americans.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Flood Gates Are Wide Open

Governor Palin will give her first interview to ABC News and it will air the first part tomorrow night. This incredible woman will be the most scrutinized candidate in modern American politics. The left is so hellbent on breaking her down that no matter what Charles Gibson asks her; the responses will not suffice to the liberals.

Sarah Palin could have a marvelous performance tomorrow night (which I am guessing she will) and it still will not be enough to quell all the partisan bashing.

Liberals attacked her for going home to Alaska and not being available to do endless interviews this week; but they fail to grasp that she went home to be with her eldest son Track as he prepares for deployment to Iraq Thursday morning. These liberals who claim to hold love and compassion for all in high regard obviously have neither for Ms. Palin.

They are fueling one of the biggest smear campaigns in a presidential election based purely on frivolous accusations and unfounded rumors. The best one I've read to date happened just this morning when the National Enquirer suggested Palin had an affair with a business associate of her husband's. Thankfully the family was so outraged they are speaking to lawyers about filing suit against this trashy publication for libel.

This kind of discriminating inspection into every possible aspect of Palin's life is unheard of. Obama and Biden never faced such a firestorm of fierce and hungry reporters looking for dirt.

It is a shame to see that the double standard in the media is still alive and well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How Low Can He Go?

Speaking at a campaign rally today in Lebanon, Virginia, the inexperienced Senator from Illinois actually barked out the following line:

"You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig."

Now I think it is abundantly clear who he is referencing here unless there is a side to the Maverick we know nothing about.

How far has Barry fallen here folks; making asinine and sexist remarks at a truly incredible and pioneering woman.

You know, there is so much talk about how the world wants Americans to elect Obama. The BBC conducted a worldwide survey of 22 countries and it was a clean sweep for the freshman Senator.

The margin supporting Obama was well into the double digits but ABC News touted the fact this man won in Kenya with 82% of the vote there. Gee, could it be because his brother still resides in a hut there?

I am unmoved by these reports from other countries, especially those hostile to the U.S. and democracy abroad who show a favoritism to Obama. If Iran is annoyed with Americans for favoring McCain we must be doing something right then.

Maybe Obama is better suited for the U.N. I hear it's like community organizing: lazy, corrupt, etc.

The Golden State

Some pundits and analysts were dumbfounded recently when the McCain camp opened several campaign offices within the state of California. These "experts" simply looked at the fact that a member of the GOP had not carried the state in two decades and the most recent polls had the Maverick trailing by double digits.

Couple of things they overlooked...

-The most recent poll was only a twelve point gap and was conducted on August 14, well before Sarah Barracuda stirred things up and the Republicans had the most successful convention in modern history.

-This is a state whose majority disapproves of President Bush but approves of Governor Schwarzenegger (I believe McCain shares that sentiment to an extent).

-The growing number of Hispanic voters could be easily swayed to vote Republican due to the Maverick's popularity among this group.

-California is made up of a number of small towns whose voters place a great deal of emphasis on family and traditional values.

Perhaps most convincing is a study conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California in January 2008 which truly dissected the political landscape there.

It found a number of interesting tidbits that surely persuaded the McCain campaign to take on the immense task of campaigning in such a state; challenging both in terms of energy/manpower and money.

18% of Californians are registered independents and the vast majority (70%) remain unaffiliated until they cast their ballots. We are seeing Senator McCain's popularity among independent voters grow exponentially and by November he very well may have a lock on these very influential citizens.

Finally the study asked independents to choose a political ideology:
30% responded "Conservative"
31% responded "Liberal"
39% responded "Moderate"

John McCain has been taking flak because he is a moderate Republican; which can play right into these voters' minds. They are looking for a moderate, not a radical lefty the likes of Obama.

The decision to put California in play was a brilliant strategic move and can only produce good consequences.

If McCain loses the state; Not a big deal. It had voted for the Democrat candidate since 1992 and at least the GOP forced Obama to go back and campaign on once solid liberal terrain.

If McCain wins the state; the Democrats lost their biggest piece of the electoral pie, Obama loses the election (no Dem wins without California) and the national political landscape will be rocked to its core.

The Wheels Are Coming Off

It's like watching a car accident; you cringe at the sight yet are unable to look away.

Of course I am referring to the panic going on within the Obama campaign. Obama is being more divisive than he has ever been before; obviously abandoning his plans to appeal to Republicans.
His focus is now on the radical crowd which comprises a solid part of his base.

Out of complete and utter desperation, the campaign has moved more negative than any Democrat presidential campaign in recent memory. In a speech yesterday in Michigan, Obama repeatedly referred to the GOP as "These people!".

He even retorted "I gotta admit these folks are shameless".

Now it is pretty simple to notice what is fueling such desperation: Here is a political novice with no executive experience who was campaigning nearly as a formality for November because he believed it was in the bag.

[Enter Palin and a revamped McCain campaign]

The liberal media will of course do their best to discredit the GOP ticket, leading off today with a column in The Washington Post by Eugene Robinson in which he professes "McCain the Messiah". Robinson claims McCain's ego is even larger than that of Obama's and his "Country First" motto is a phony cover.

Whoopi Goldberg of The View this morning said it was unfair because an African-American man is not allowed to attack a white woman. She believes Palin will be able to get a number of political punches in while Obama has to take a dive.

Elisabeth Bumiller from International Herald Tribune (the global version of The New York Times) even has a piece published in which she analyzes the proper etiquette between Palin and McCain while on the campaign trail. When McCain introduces the Governor, will a kiss be appropriate or will a mere hug suffice? Where Mrs. McCain should be during the exchange? Because these are truly the issues that voters care about.

I suppose nothing out of the liberal media should surprise me anymore but this most recent round of protecting the king does.

The McCain camp has routinely called out the media on such bias. The convention-goers shared his sentiment and it is clear now that the American electorate is tired with slanted reporting from many news outlets.

This method of forcing the media to at least make the attempt to hide biases appears to have started working. The McCain-Palin ticket is now receiving a great deal of coverage while Obama the rock star is frantically searching for anyone with a camcorder to follow him around.

To end, a word of caution for the GOP as Mark Twain famously said: Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama's Latest Gaffe

Barack Obama was interviewed by Clinton cronie George Stephanopoulos and during the broadcast yesterday, Obama made quite a slip of the tongue.

Obama was grumbling about how Fox News and Republicans close to Senator McCain have insinuated that Obama might not be the Christian he claims. For the record, Stephanopoulos stepped in and pointed out that John McCain's campaign has never even suggested such a notion. To which the senator acknowledged by saying-

"...John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith. And you're absolutely right that that has not come."

George rapidly replied "Christian faith".

Senator Obama agreed, repeating "My Christian faith".

Now I did see this exchange as it happened and at the time I was debating whether or not it is newsworthy. I knew that if the Republicans tried to spin this it could easily backfire and they could be seen as prejudiced and running a campaign with fear and close-mindedness as the central tenets. So I do not expect Senator McCain to speak to this issue. But it is the responsibility of Barack Obama to clear up a concern that has been looming over him since he entered the race.

The news media pummeled Governor Romney for adhering to the principles of his Mormon faith. He was chastised from the left and the right. I am not suggesting Obama is a Muslim but this gaffe will undoubtedly follow him on the campaign trail for awhile.

The Washington Times published a story yesterday speculating how this latest error will fuel Obama's critics. When they reached out to the campaign for a comment, Obama spokesman Bill Burton had this to say about the more conservative-leaning Washington Times-

"I'm not surprised that the only outlet doing this story is The Washington Times."

This is yet another snide partisan jab that we have become accustomed to within the campaign of a man who claims to transcend party lines.

Little did Mr. Burton know that Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report would pick up the story and post it on his site, which has drawn more than 23 million hits in the past 24 hours.

This kind of deception and sarcasm is a stark contrast to McCain's straight talk express. The voters are finally understanding this and have stopped clinging on Obama's every word. His rock star status and celebrity are fading fast.

On a related note, a USA Today poll has the maverick leading the freshman senator by ten points.

Cautious optimism people.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

MSNBC Shakeup

Sometimes my friends I am so good that I actually scare myself.

I was visiting the Drudge Report as I normally do before bed and found a breaking news headline regarding MSNBC.

Apparently execs there are so disappointed with the consistent flat ratings the network has been receiving that they have decided to significantly limit the on-air time of both Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. You can read the article in its entirety here.

Earlier this evening I bashed both of those men specifically for their obvious prejudice towards members of the political right. Neither possess a shred of professionalism and routinely trivialize issues in order to advance a liberal agenda.

Just a few hours after the post, both have been reprimanded and their positions minimized.

I like to think the Casanova has played a role in their downfall.

Good Riddance.

MSNBC Slammed!

MSNBC has no morals. They have no journalistic integrity. They do not deliver the news as "Fair and Balanced". What they do possess, is a radical liberal bias.

These are some of the reasons why MSNBC is routinely dead last in ratings among news channels. Closet communists the likes of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews dominate their airwaves spewing scripted talking points that sound as if they come directly from the Obama campaign.

So I was quite satisfied when I stumbled across this video courtesy of Bill O'Reilly's website. It is yet another arrogant MSNBC reporter questioning and challenging Governor Palin's experience.

He was interviewing former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on the convention floor at the time he began his intrusive examination of Ms. Palin. He was not expecting Newt to fire back with the passion that he held but it serves as an example of how fired up and invigorated conservatives are over this tremendous woman. We will go to bat for her at every opportunity.

Gingrich's rebuttal makes me long for the days of old and his Contract With America. Why this man left public office we can only speculate. What is certain however, is that even out of Washington Newt is still on top of his game.

Listen to what he has to say. He will leave you the same way in which he left this haughty reporter from MSNBC: Speechless.

We miss you Newt.

Conventions, Palin And Oprah

Tuesday night I felt as if this election had already reached its culmination and had become a mere coronation for the Democrat Party. The convention in Denver was a success and drew much enthusiasm out of its participants and of course the liberal media. Popular support was shifting more and more each day towards the left and it appeared as if nothing could halt it. I privately braced myself for higher taxes and cringed at the thought of Senator Obama leading the war against terrorism.

To add to my growing concern regarding GOP elect ability in November, Hurricane Gustav cast a dark cloud over Republicans in St. Paul. Schedules were shortened, speakers were bumped, and convention goers were noticeably apprehensive of the future. Even Tuesday, with the convention desperately trying to get back on track, the enthusiasm was lackluster at best.

Then came Wednesday, and Sarah Barracuda made her grand debut.

She spoke to throngs of eager onlookers with confidence and compassion. She delivered a very effective speech that did not pull any punches at Obama and Biden. She proved that she can be sincere and warm, but can also throw out the red meat at her opposition.

McCain re energized a Republican base that had seriously depleted their energy when he chose her to accompany him on the ticket. Because of her independence and gravitas, she appeals to more progressive women searching for a strong role model due to the absence of Mrs. Clinton. She also wins housewives and stay-at-home mothers who can identify with her increasingly complex family(A special needs infant, a son about to be sent to Iraq, and a pregnant teenager). And perhaps most importantly she wins a key demographic that has troubled McCain since the onset of this campaign: conservatives. Make no mistake- Governor Palin is a tested and true Reagan Republican.

The Maverick hit one out of the park with this decision and just this morning, Zogby has released a poll which for the very first time has the GOP leading by four points. Bravo Senator.

And finally I would be remiss to not mention Ms. Winfrey. She is considered a champion of women's rights and equality, yet refuses to allow Palin to appear on her show. Oprah claims she will not use her show as a platform for any candidate, yet the freshman senator from Illinois has appeared there twice during his campaign.

This is an example of the double standard and hypocrisy that now confronts Sarah Palin. But she will not back down from this fight. She is as fearless as she is benevolent; a lethal combination.

Thankfully, the country was prepared for Hurricane Gustav last week.

The liberals however are in no way ready for Hurricane Sarah.