Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nobody Deserves This

Sarah Palin has faced every challenge and obstacle head on during her brief time as a nominee but the latest assault on this incredible woman is more egregious than ever.

In a stunning invasion of privacy, it appears as though hackers have gained access to her email account and published all of the findings online at several liberal websites.

It takes a lot for the likes of these radical Democrats to reach new lows but they certainly found a way to do so. They published dozens of emails, her address book, photos and many more private pieces of her life. When requested to take down the wealth of personal information lost by Governor Palin, the websites refused citing "full disclosure" of candidates.

Does "full disclosure" entitle crazed liberals to find her daughter Bristol's phone number so they may call and harass her? They in fact did that today.

How much more does Palin have to swallow?

She has done a much scrutinized interview with a less-than professional Charlie Gibson. She will be on Hannity and Colmes this evening and will be with CBS sometime after that. Reporters and liberal hatchet men have descended upon the town of Wasilla to dig up any dirt or create it in some instances while the media does endless cover stories of her pregnant teenager.

Nobody deserves this.

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michele said...

Can one even begin to imagine the outcry if this was done to Obama? Of course we will never know because Republicans wouldn't engage in such disgusting behavior.