Monday, September 22, 2008

Bubba Shares His View

Bill Clinton is quickly becoming the most effective tool the Republicans have in this election. He is often criticized by the media and his own party for not being more supportive of Obama's candidacy. However their complaints have proven futile as he continues to subtly oppose the man who defeated his wife in the primaries.

Slick Willy was in his element Monday morning; sharing a couch with five women. He appeared calm and relaxed while speaking on a range of issues from the election to his Clinton Initiative. He publicly proclaimed that his wife was never approached by any member of the Obama campaign under the notion of joining the tickets together.

Of course, he also mentioned pretty firmly that Hillary won more of the popular vote than Obama and would have brought more political capital to the Democrat ticket.

He then went on to share a story he read about a woman in Washington D.C. who was a psychologist and lifelong liberal Democrat but would be voting for McCain solely because of Sarah Palin. This woman felt as though it was her obligation to vote based on her gender.

When asked by the panel if this was narrow-minded rationale, Clinton flatly denied it. He said we can not judge our fellow Americans on how they vote, whether it be on the grounds of gender, race, etc.

Phrases like "Whoever wins this election" and "Whatever policy agenda gets to the White House" were peppered in while he was speaking, showing the real uncertainty he holds in an Obama administration.

"Who's gonna win the election?"- Joy Behar
"I believe Obama will win" uttered the less than enthusiastic former president.

He went on to talk up John McCain and said if it were not for the maverick, he was not sure if the United States would have normalized relations with Vietnam. Clinton said repeatedly "I like John McCain" and confessed he thought McCain was the only Republican of the primary field who could win in November.

Just before wrapping up, the panel asked who was ready to be president; setting up an obvious softball question and a chance for Clinton to drive home the liberal rhetoric on change.

But Clinton refused to be a puppet of the party he once led.

Without batting an eye Bubba said "Both of them".

Hillary Clinton might be the happiest woman in the world today.

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