Friday, September 26, 2008

Game On

The debate is on tonight; the first time we will see John McCain and Barack Obama square off against each other.

Traditionally debates do not receive a great number of viewers nor do they heavily influence the polls. However I think we can all agree this election has been anything but traditional.

The focal point tonight is foreign policy; an area in which Senator McCain thrives.

It is widely accepted that the maverick will outperform his inexperienced opponent tonight but Obama's campaign is playing politics.

The Obama camp is acknowledging McCain's mastery of the subject matter and are intentionally setting expectations quite high tonight. So if McCain's performance is anything less than spectacular, the liberal media and the Obama attack dogs can pounce on it.

Neither men had a great deal of time to prep for the debate as they were interrupted by the meeting in Washington on the economy. Obama in fact had cleared three whole days of his schedule to focus on debate prep. McCain, clearly more knowledgable on foreign policy, had just a few hours devoted.

So what can we expect tonight?

I have no idea because this campaign has been the most unconventional in modern history. Nobody can predict McCain's next move anymore.

But I suggest you watch.

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michele said...

It should be quite exciting. I have no concerns about McCains expertise, but I am concerned about Obama's ability to talk in circles and say nothing. I hope he is called on it and forced to clarify his positions.