Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Piling On Palin

Campbell Brown of CNN yesterday made an accusation that I am still unable to fathom 24 hours later. She claimed that Sarah Palin's absence from the media was due to sexism on the part of the Republican Party.

I will give you a moment to digest that.

Brown actually suggested that the McCain camp is so nervous about her public speaking skills that they are deliberately hiding her from the public and that if McCain had chosen a male running mate like Governor Romney, the campaign would give unfettered access to the media.

First off, no campaign these days gives unfettered access to the media; thank you Gary Hart.

Furthermore, liberal feminists the likes of Campbell Brown should be held accountable for outrageous intimations they make on-air. The media attack dogs will not be satisfied until they have torn Governor Palin to shreds. She will never be able to fully satisfy their appetites for blood.

I never thought I would see the day when Shepard Smith of Fox News would anger me but he too made me furious yesterday. He claimed "this is a woman who never talks to the media".

Not only did Sarah Palin agree to an interview with a relentless Charles Gibson, but she sat down just last week with Sean Hannity on Shep's very network. Not that these hounds will be interested, but the Governor is also sitting down with CBS tonight.

There is no denying that McCain & Co. are prepping her for prime time. She is an accomplished woman but has never faced the firestorm of the Democrat war machine or the national liberal media.

Democrats claim the GOP is afraid of a slip up from the ill-prepared Palin.

But as the public has witnessed lately with the distinguished Senator from Delaware, 36 years worth of prepping and you can still make yourself look like an ass on a daily basis.

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