Monday, September 15, 2008

Return Of The Race Card

Randall Kennedy of The Washington Post wrote an op-ed piece this weekend entitled "The Big 'What If' . He discusses the repercussions of an Obama loss this November within the African American community. Kennedy asserts "The hopes of black America ride on his shoulders. But the outcome's way up in the air."

Is this not the same man who was losing to Hillary Clinton among African American voters because he was not a strong enough candidate only a matter of months ago?

He is not John F. Kennedy. He is not Dr. Martin Luther King. The only outlets even making these comparisons are the media and the Obama campaign itself (often these entities are one-in-the-same).

Randall Kennedy recognizes McCain's growing popularity and his newfound momentum as a serious threat to Obama's thirst for power. Of course, he decides to return to the old liberal adage of divisive politics.

On a potential Obama loss, he asserts that the voters will have made a critical error. He explains it: "And I'll think that an important ingredient of their (the voters) error is racial prejudice".

This was the liberal theme earlier in the primaries when Hillary Clinton was the front-runner: A vote against her must not be because of her politics or agenda but rather because of sexism.

Now with Obama; a vote against him must not be due to his gross lack of experience or his numerous flip-flops and indecisions but rather because of racism.

Don't get me wrong: this is an accomplished man who has done a great deal for the African American community. He is also much less of a polarizing figure than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

But is this a solid qualification to elect him president?

Absolutely not.

His campaign is getting desperate so expect to see many more articles and specials regarding the veil of racism in America and the role the liberal media will say it is playing in this election.

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