Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bettin' The House

The White House actually.

Senator McCain's bold decision to suspend his campaign effective tomorrow morning could essentially cost him this election.

While he is living his campaign mantra "Country First" it remains to be seen how the electorate will react to this maneuver. Whether voters will view it as an act of bipartisanship during a looming economic crisis or if they will take the liberal media route "this is merely a campaign stunt"; only time will tell.

There is no denying that McCain's numbers are slipping each day the Dow experiences another drop. Analysts will question the timing of his decision to suspend as new polls released today have McCain within the margin of error or losing in the majority of battleground states.

Perhaps most troubling is a Fox News poll released today that has Obama leading McCain by ten points when it comes to which candidate is better suited to turn the economy around.

The last time McCain rolled the dice as boldly as he did today, Sarah Palin joined his ticket.

That of course turned out to be the most brilliant move of his entire campaign.

Today the Senator is again living up to his reputation as a maverick with this historic decision.

I fear his good intentions will be in vein due to Obama's increasingly divisive campaign strategy. These men today at their press conferences could not even agree as to whom called the other first.

I sincerely hope on November 4th I do not recall today as the day McCain made his fatal error and handed the election to Obama.

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michele said...

This move made me nervous too. I suspected it would be viewed as a sign of weakness by McCain and today that is how the media is playing it up. The favorite phrase of the Obama camp is you have to be able to walk and chew gum. I don't know that McCain has any choice but to attend the debate because if Obama shows up it is a great photo op and I think will reflect poorly on McCain. This feels to me like a political game of chicken to see who is going to give in first.