Friday, September 19, 2008

One Fine Day

Okay I know I lifted the title from that cheesy 90s movie with George Clooney but it is certainly applicable to my situation.

Today I had the privilege of attending a rally with John McCain and Sarah Palin at an airport hangar in Blaine, Minnesota.

Let me tell you the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Thousands upon thousands of proud Americans showing their support for the only ticket that makes any sense in this election; the ticket that will fight for them and bring change to Washington rather than merely talking about it.

Governor Palin is even more incredible in person with her genuine smile and upbeat disposition as well as possessing the strength that has captured the nation's attention. She spoke with confidence and clarity while outlining in detail her role in a McCain administration; having to pause numerous times because of thunderous applause.

She then introduced John McCain and the audience delivered quite an ovation. He seemed surpised by the warm reception while he stood at the podium waiting for the applause to yield so he could give his speech. But that was not what the audience had in mind as they continued to show their support and admiration of this honorable public servant.

At long last he was able to get some words in edgewise between applause breaks. He spoke with the sincerity that has become a trademark of his campaign. He shared stories of a mother in Green Bay yesterday who gave him her fallen son's ARMY dog tags as well as a soldier in Minnesota this morning who was wounded in combat and asked John McCain to not let his friends die in vain.

Looking at the audience, there was no question why this race has become as close as it has. "Women for McCain", "Catholics for McCain", "Democrats for McCain" buttons and shirts were visible everywhere in that hangar. Another element that has become a staple at his campaign events was the homemade signs the supporters bring in.

A very touching moment occured when I noticed a little girl no older than five sitting on her mother's shoulders with flag stickers on her cheeks; red, white and blue berets in her hair holding a sign that said "I Love America and John McCain".

It was in that moment I realized how high the stakes have gotten. This little girl needs to know her leaders are protecting her each and every day so she may live a long and prosperous life.

This world has gotten far too dangerous and this country can ill afford to elect a leader who will bow down to our enemies at every available opportunity.

There are entities on this planet who wish to harm and destroy our great nation. There are Democrats the likes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden who would choose to ignore this very real threat and would prefer to forget the wounds of our past.

These fellow patriots that I was surrounded by this morning in a hot and stuffy hangar in Blaine, Minnesota know what is at stake and are determined to send John McCain to the White House.

While certainly the little girl's sign was adorable, another nearby read "Trig Is Perfect". Trig Palin of course is her infant son with Down's Syndrome.

I was so moved by today's experience and my resolve is stronger than it has ever been. We were presented the colors of our country, with our hands held firmly over our hearts and while reciting The Pledge of Allegiance with just a hint of greater volume during the phrase "Under God". We proudly sang the national anthem and then bowed our heads in a prayer led by a local reverend. The colors were then retired and many surrounding me had tears in their eyes. That is what separates our Grand Ole Party from the liberals.

We know the tremendous sacrifices that have been made by so many to ensure our freedom and we will honor their memories by remaining vigilant in our efforts to elect John McCain because to us as well as to him, "Country First".

God Bless America.

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michele said...

I am jealous. It sounds like an amazing experience. To be in the presence of a true American hero is something you will remember forever.