Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama's Latest Gaffe

Barack Obama was interviewed by Clinton cronie George Stephanopoulos and during the broadcast yesterday, Obama made quite a slip of the tongue.

Obama was grumbling about how Fox News and Republicans close to Senator McCain have insinuated that Obama might not be the Christian he claims. For the record, Stephanopoulos stepped in and pointed out that John McCain's campaign has never even suggested such a notion. To which the senator acknowledged by saying-

"...John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith. And you're absolutely right that that has not come."

George rapidly replied "Christian faith".

Senator Obama agreed, repeating "My Christian faith".

Now I did see this exchange as it happened and at the time I was debating whether or not it is newsworthy. I knew that if the Republicans tried to spin this it could easily backfire and they could be seen as prejudiced and running a campaign with fear and close-mindedness as the central tenets. So I do not expect Senator McCain to speak to this issue. But it is the responsibility of Barack Obama to clear up a concern that has been looming over him since he entered the race.

The news media pummeled Governor Romney for adhering to the principles of his Mormon faith. He was chastised from the left and the right. I am not suggesting Obama is a Muslim but this gaffe will undoubtedly follow him on the campaign trail for awhile.

The Washington Times published a story yesterday speculating how this latest error will fuel Obama's critics. When they reached out to the campaign for a comment, Obama spokesman Bill Burton had this to say about the more conservative-leaning Washington Times-

"I'm not surprised that the only outlet doing this story is The Washington Times."

This is yet another snide partisan jab that we have become accustomed to within the campaign of a man who claims to transcend party lines.

Little did Mr. Burton know that Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report would pick up the story and post it on his site, which has drawn more than 23 million hits in the past 24 hours.

This kind of deception and sarcasm is a stark contrast to McCain's straight talk express. The voters are finally understanding this and have stopped clinging on Obama's every word. His rock star status and celebrity are fading fast.

On a related note, a USA Today poll has the maverick leading the freshman senator by ten points.

Cautious optimism people.

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michele said...

This is scary to me. Possibly a genuine slip of the tongue or maybe something more?

This is the issue that has been plaguing the Obama campaign. They did a poll not too long ago and a good number of Americans still thought he was Muslim. This coming right out of his mouth won't do anything to calm those concerns.

I think this brings us back to what scares me. We don't know much about this man who wishes to be President. What we do know is concerning. He hangs around with the likes of Rev Wright and Bill Ayers and now confusing his religion.

As we get closer to the election I really hope Americans take a long hard look at this candidate and stop getting so caught up in the charm he brings to the ticket.