Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Way To Go Joe

In keeping with tradition, it had been about 48 hours between Biden's gaffes on the campaign trail so he had to rectify that with plenty of fresh red meat.

In one of the most slanderous advertisements of the campaign season, Obama's staff created an ad that they claim was merely to paint McCain as "out of touch" because he does not use a computer. However the commercial fails to mention that Senator McCain's injuries suffered during his service to this country actually prevent him from doing so.

Senator Biden evidently took issue with the ad as well and said “I thought it was terrible. I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it”.

Additionally, Obama himself has now publicly criticized his running mate for his flip-flop on AIG. Just moments after John McCain said he disagreed with a government bailout, Biden actually agreed.

Then this morning with Matt Lauer, Obama states that McCain "lacks clarity" because he has now begun to revise his stance on the matter. When Lauer was quick to point out Biden sharing the sentiment, Barry retorted "...I think Joe should have waited, as well".

As Aaron Bruns of FoxNews writes, this is just another case of "Joe being Joe".

The Obama liberals had no clue what they were getting August 23rd when Biden was announced. He has caused more headaches for Obama and the rest of the closet socialists trying to take over this nation.

Between Joe Biden's countless gaffes and Bill Clinton's obvious contempt for Obama, why do the Democrats even need an opposition party?

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