Sunday, September 7, 2008

MSNBC Shakeup

Sometimes my friends I am so good that I actually scare myself.

I was visiting the Drudge Report as I normally do before bed and found a breaking news headline regarding MSNBC.

Apparently execs there are so disappointed with the consistent flat ratings the network has been receiving that they have decided to significantly limit the on-air time of both Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. You can read the article in its entirety here.

Earlier this evening I bashed both of those men specifically for their obvious prejudice towards members of the political right. Neither possess a shred of professionalism and routinely trivialize issues in order to advance a liberal agenda.

Just a few hours after the post, both have been reprimanded and their positions minimized.

I like to think the Casanova has played a role in their downfall.

Good Riddance.

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michele said...

Thanks Casanova! Once again you called it correctly.

Those two are an embarssment to watch. They behave like spoiled children and I am glad to see something finally being done. They carried the liberal media bias to an embarssingly new level. I am glad something was finally done. Expect to see Keith Olbermann unravel pretty quickly. The stories of his paranoid behavior and outlandish demands have been getting more frequent.