Sunday, September 7, 2008

Conventions, Palin And Oprah

Tuesday night I felt as if this election had already reached its culmination and had become a mere coronation for the Democrat Party. The convention in Denver was a success and drew much enthusiasm out of its participants and of course the liberal media. Popular support was shifting more and more each day towards the left and it appeared as if nothing could halt it. I privately braced myself for higher taxes and cringed at the thought of Senator Obama leading the war against terrorism.

To add to my growing concern regarding GOP elect ability in November, Hurricane Gustav cast a dark cloud over Republicans in St. Paul. Schedules were shortened, speakers were bumped, and convention goers were noticeably apprehensive of the future. Even Tuesday, with the convention desperately trying to get back on track, the enthusiasm was lackluster at best.

Then came Wednesday, and Sarah Barracuda made her grand debut.

She spoke to throngs of eager onlookers with confidence and compassion. She delivered a very effective speech that did not pull any punches at Obama and Biden. She proved that she can be sincere and warm, but can also throw out the red meat at her opposition.

McCain re energized a Republican base that had seriously depleted their energy when he chose her to accompany him on the ticket. Because of her independence and gravitas, she appeals to more progressive women searching for a strong role model due to the absence of Mrs. Clinton. She also wins housewives and stay-at-home mothers who can identify with her increasingly complex family(A special needs infant, a son about to be sent to Iraq, and a pregnant teenager). And perhaps most importantly she wins a key demographic that has troubled McCain since the onset of this campaign: conservatives. Make no mistake- Governor Palin is a tested and true Reagan Republican.

The Maverick hit one out of the park with this decision and just this morning, Zogby has released a poll which for the very first time has the GOP leading by four points. Bravo Senator.

And finally I would be remiss to not mention Ms. Winfrey. She is considered a champion of women's rights and equality, yet refuses to allow Palin to appear on her show. Oprah claims she will not use her show as a platform for any candidate, yet the freshman senator from Illinois has appeared there twice during his campaign.

This is an example of the double standard and hypocrisy that now confronts Sarah Palin. But she will not back down from this fight. She is as fearless as she is benevolent; a lethal combination.

Thankfully, the country was prepared for Hurricane Gustav last week.

The liberals however are in no way ready for Hurricane Sarah.

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