Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Flood Gates Are Wide Open

Governor Palin will give her first interview to ABC News and it will air the first part tomorrow night. This incredible woman will be the most scrutinized candidate in modern American politics. The left is so hellbent on breaking her down that no matter what Charles Gibson asks her; the responses will not suffice to the liberals.

Sarah Palin could have a marvelous performance tomorrow night (which I am guessing she will) and it still will not be enough to quell all the partisan bashing.

Liberals attacked her for going home to Alaska and not being available to do endless interviews this week; but they fail to grasp that she went home to be with her eldest son Track as he prepares for deployment to Iraq Thursday morning. These liberals who claim to hold love and compassion for all in high regard obviously have neither for Ms. Palin.

They are fueling one of the biggest smear campaigns in a presidential election based purely on frivolous accusations and unfounded rumors. The best one I've read to date happened just this morning when the National Enquirer suggested Palin had an affair with a business associate of her husband's. Thankfully the family was so outraged they are speaking to lawyers about filing suit against this trashy publication for libel.

This kind of discriminating inspection into every possible aspect of Palin's life is unheard of. Obama and Biden never faced such a firestorm of fierce and hungry reporters looking for dirt.

It is a shame to see that the double standard in the media is still alive and well.

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