Monday, September 15, 2008

New York State Of Mind And New Negativity

My oh my the woes continue for the Dems as a new poll courtesy of the Siena Research Institute shows Obama's lead at a mere five points in New York state.

To put this into greater context, the same poll had the Maverick trailing by an astounding eighteen points in June.

Does this mean the state is in play?

Unfortunately not. This is a state that has voted for the Democrat nominee during each of the last five elections (like California) and has a strong, devoted liberal base. California has a steady liberal presence but also consists of a growing number of independent voters who will ultimately decide the victor in this election.

McCain & Co. realize this and have decided to aggressively pursue Californian voters (as mentioned last week) but will likely not be as vigorous in the Empire State.

This poll is significant however in that it highlights a very disturbing national trend for Obama. The mere fact that he has lost much of his appeal in a state with the demographics like New York possesses has to signal panic within the campaign. They have lost their momentum.

How do they get it back?

Well we will see much negativity specifically from the radicals at These are the liberals who comprise the base of Obama's support. They gripe at Karl Rove's dirty tactics and claim the GOP is "swiftboating" Obama in the same fashion as Kerry in 2004.

However this is the same group that a year ago put out major attack ads at General David Petraeus; a neutral military figure. Members of the military are executing orders and should not be subject to attack in the same fashion as a politician. They have no public political affiliation and should be treated with respect. This group obviously slept through ethics class as they put out literature that even dubbed him at one point-General Betray Us.

It is inevitable that we will see a level of mudslinging that has not yet appeared in this campaign. We have had slip ups and intimations of personal attacks (lipstick on a pig) but we will now witness the full strength of the George Soros funded liberal attack machine.

Brace yourselves.

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