Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Wheels Are Coming Off

It's like watching a car accident; you cringe at the sight yet are unable to look away.

Of course I am referring to the panic going on within the Obama campaign. Obama is being more divisive than he has ever been before; obviously abandoning his plans to appeal to Republicans.
His focus is now on the radical moveon.org crowd which comprises a solid part of his base.

Out of complete and utter desperation, the campaign has moved more negative than any Democrat presidential campaign in recent memory. In a speech yesterday in Michigan, Obama repeatedly referred to the GOP as "These people!".

He even retorted "I gotta admit these folks are shameless".

Now it is pretty simple to notice what is fueling such desperation: Here is a political novice with no executive experience who was campaigning nearly as a formality for November because he believed it was in the bag.

[Enter Palin and a revamped McCain campaign]

The liberal media will of course do their best to discredit the GOP ticket, leading off today with a column in The Washington Post by Eugene Robinson in which he professes "McCain the Messiah". Robinson claims McCain's ego is even larger than that of Obama's and his "Country First" motto is a phony cover.

Whoopi Goldberg of The View this morning said it was unfair because an African-American man is not allowed to attack a white woman. She believes Palin will be able to get a number of political punches in while Obama has to take a dive.

Elisabeth Bumiller from International Herald Tribune (the global version of The New York Times) even has a piece published in which she analyzes the proper etiquette between Palin and McCain while on the campaign trail. When McCain introduces the Governor, will a kiss be appropriate or will a mere hug suffice? Where Mrs. McCain should be during the exchange? Because these are truly the issues that voters care about.

I suppose nothing out of the liberal media should surprise me anymore but this most recent round of protecting the king does.

The McCain camp has routinely called out the media on such bias. The convention-goers shared his sentiment and it is clear now that the American electorate is tired with slanted reporting from many news outlets.

This method of forcing the media to at least make the attempt to hide biases appears to have started working. The McCain-Palin ticket is now receiving a great deal of coverage while Obama the rock star is frantically searching for anyone with a camcorder to follow him around.

To end, a word of caution for the GOP as Mark Twain famously said: Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

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