Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Comeback

Excellent news this morning for the McCain campaign.

This excerpt from Rasmussen: "After several weeks of John McCain’s campaign attacks on Barack Obama’s tax plan and idea of “spreading the wealth around”, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds voters trust McCain more than Obama on taxes, 47% to 45%."

With five days remaining, John McCain has taken the lead on the economy. An incredible feat for any Republican but more so when you consider earlier this month,Obama had a nine point lead on the matter. Also, the Maverick has not held a lead in this category since September 14th.

To be fair, according to Rasmussen, Obama maintains slight leads in six out of the ten most important issues to voters. But a month ago, he led in all ten categories.

This election is not over. McCain has held steady or gained in many national polls and early reviews of Obama's thirty minute infomercial last night are mediocre at best.

Absentee voters in Israel are backing McCain on a 3-1 margin. The same trend is being seen among early exit polls from members of the United States Armed Forces.

The number of undecideds is actually growing as well. That is an incredible phenomenon this late in an election. Polls show anywhere between six and eleven percent of likely voters listed as undecided. It will take a lot of effort for them to all break in McCain's favor but it can be done.

My message to fellow conservatives: Do not be discouraged by the media's portrayal of this election. If it was up to them to decide, MSNBC would have given it to Obama immediately following his convention speech. The GOP is making strides into blocs of voters we normally never reach. Do not give up, five days is a very long time in politics.

An update on a story earlier this week: The homeowner in West Hollywood where an effigy of Sarah Palin was hanging by a noose has taken down the disgusting display today.

No word on whether the McCain puppet is still burning in the chimney however.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Lackluster Show

I have to admit; I was worried when I first heard Barack Obama was going to be conducting a thirty minute infomercial simulcast on several networks. The timing of the program, a mere six days away, coupled with Obama's potential advantage in current polls made me very uneasy.

But after seeing the program tonight I am completely at ease.

The technical production quality of the show was fantastic. It was visually appealing and kept a consistent flow throughout the issues. It felt as if the American people were watching a Hollywood movie.

And in many respects, we were. It was thirty consecutive minutes of scripted and well-rehearsed material. There was nothing new, fresh or pioneering about it whatsoever. There was more fiction presented in tonight's show than there is in most of the garbage Hollywood is making nowadays.

Let's take a look at some of the most outlandish claims from tonight's very entertaining program.

"Obama talks about listening to the other side of the aisle and reaching across with every opportunity."

In fact, Obama has the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate. That is not a talking point created by the GOP, it is factual evidence as recorded in congressional logs.

"He has a history of going against party leadership"

Barack Obama has never stood up to the leaders in his party and is described by many as another talking head for the liberal elite.

Barack Obama- "We need to make sure Iran does not posses nuclear weapons."

This coming from the man who just months ago admitted he would sit down with Iran's leader with no preconditions. The two men could just sit down and have a little chat. This is not foreign policy. This is reckless and potentially life-threatening behavior.

Barack Obama- "We need to tighten our belts in Washington."

Obama has proposed massive spending increases, possibly the largest budget in the history of the United States. He wants to give handouts to the 40% of Americans who already pay nothing in income tax and continually redefines the middle class threshold. Not to mention his dangerous and hugely expensive socialist health care policies.

Now the Obama-mania media will eat this up tonight. They will try their hardest to keep this in the news cycle for the duration of the campaign. They will bill it as fresh, brave, and daring.

I think the American people are smart enough not to be taken in by an egomaniacal, politically savvy individual with no experience and a questionable character.

For the sake of this country, I hope so.

Where's Joe The Talker?

Senator Biden has been curiously inconspicuous the last couple days. He emerged briefly yesterday, just long enough to insert yet another foot in his mouth.

Remember Obama originally saying nobody making less than $250,000 would receive a tax increase? Then remember over the weekend at a rally when he lowered that, saying $200,000 was the threshold?

Well yesterday Joe Biden changed yet again his definition of middle class, claiming those making $150,000 would not see a penny raised.

I think you people are smart enough to see this disturbing trend.

The Obama campaign certainly sees a problem and are hoping to bench gaffe-prone Biden. An article in Time magazine depicts how much Joe has changed lately, rarely engaging with the press corps and keeping everyone but his staffers at arm's length.

The magazine wrote an entire article entitled "Hidin' Biden". In the fascinating piece, they characterize the vp candidate as now being "leashed to a teleprompter".

It's nice to see objectivity from the press.

If only the L.A. Times could do the same and release the tape of Barack Obama touting his warm relationship with Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi.

For reasons that completely allude me, the news outlet is suppressing the story.

What else are they hiding?

Primetime Obama

Tonight Barack Obama will speak to America through a thirty minute advertisement simulcast on several networks.

The campaign has said it will consist of "everyday Americans" talking about their troubles with a cut-in to Obama outlining his solutions. The infomercial will then go to a live rally in Florida with Barack Obama addressing the crowd, possibly alongside President Clinton.

CBS, NBC, Fox, MSNBC, Univision and BET will all run the program. Surprisingly, CNN took a pass and stated the network would rather maintain objectivity in its' reporting; notice how MSNBC snapped at the opportunity to run the half hour lovefest.
Fox News Channel has confirmed it was never approached by Obama's staff.

As if thirty consecutive minutes of empty promises and frivolous rhetoric was not enough today, the Messiah will appear on other venues as well.

Prior to his infomercial, he will be interviewed on ABC's "World News" with Charles Gibson. I hope Charlie will ask him to define the Bush Doctrine but I won't hold my breath.

To finalize his media blitz, he will appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart following his rally in Florida.

I think Barack's daughter put it best earlier this week:

"Are you going to interrupt my TV?"

For those of us seeking refuge from Obama's unrelenting "in your face" style politics, John McCain will be on CNN's Larry King tonight.

And as always, God bless the Fox News Channel.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Cup Of Joe

Earlier today I, along with every respectable American, denounced the vicious and horrifying plot that was thankfully foiled by the authorities yesterday.

The Obama camp was outraged as was Senator McCain's. This election has brought out rather passionate individuals who sometimes think they are living in a different country.

Sadly, more than a few governments around the world resolve elections through murder; but that tactic has no place in American politics. (Except of course Vice President Aaron Burr killing Alexander Hamilton in a gunfight duel in 1804)

This is a better country. It has to be for the sake of the last remaining superpower in the world.

But when presented with the opportunity to unify a deeply split nation, Joe Biden squanders it. He engages in the same old despicable tactic that has been ever present within the Obama campaign by politicizing yesterday's events in the same manner he politicizes the deaths of his wife and daughter.

At a campaign rally in North Carolina, Biden used yesterday's arrests to compare Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. He went on to say "The defenders of the status quo have always tried to tear down those who would change our nation for the better."

There are many aspects which were very wrong about Biden's comparison but the most troubling and most apparent is that Lincoln and Kennedy were both killed in office.

Is this another grim, zen-like prediction comparable to the one Joe made last week saying Obama would be tested by terrorists within six months of inauguration?

I believe the Obama campaign should tap into more of that $600 million warchest and chip in for Joe's badly needed CAT scan.

Two Americas

With the division so clear and present in this country, it is understandable for this election to stir up some harsh feelings. But those feelings have tendencies to manifest themselves into dangerous and threatening behavior.

In the last few days, this country has witnessed the demeanor of some of our worst citizens.

In West Hollywood, a house is adorned with an effigy of Governor Palin hanging from a noose. Authorities are powerless and claim this does not fit the profile of a hate crime. The same home also displays Senator McCain surrounded by flames in the chimney.

Ashley Todd, a college student in Pennsylvania, claimed she was robbed and accosted by an African American man who then carved a letter "B" in her cheek in support of Barack Obama. Turns out, neither event ever occurred.

In Virginia, elderly campaign volunteers working for Senator McCain were maced when a couple walked into the campaign headquarters and became agitated. They claimed these volunteers were stealing Obama yard signs (for the record the four volunteers consisted of a 75 year old couple and a 71 year old couple). When the workers denied the accusation, a woman pulled mace from her purse and sprayed the workers.

Most seriously, a plot was disrupted yesterday wherein two skinheads would go on a national killing spree. These white supremacists were planning to kill over one hundred black people, several through decapitation. This most heinous scheme would then culminate in the assassination of Barack Obama.

These are chilling reminders that there is still evil in this country. There is hate, there is fear.

The brightest minds of generations of Americans can not suppress this small minority who live in a very different America.

We have six days to go in arguably the most divisive election in modern American history. The news has been dominated recently by people representing the worst this country has to offer.

From now until November 4th, let's show off our best.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Coffee Break

Taking a brief break from the campaign season, I came across a news article devoted to those in the entertainment industry who go against the liberal grain.

CBS Chicago created a slideshow recently of celebrities and other notable Americans who have expressed a clear proclivity towards the GOP. This is not exclusive to movie stars, as it also contains authors, athletes and even a notorious boxing promoter.

I have summarized the list and was surprised by more than a few of the names.
  • Chuck Norris
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  • Kelsey Grammer
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Bruce Willis
  • John Elway
  • Richard Petty
  • Curt Schilling
  • Mel Gibson
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Ben Stein
  • Tom Clancy
  • Trace Adkins
  • Angie Harmon
  • Mike Ditka
  • Jon Voight
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Stephen Baldwin
  • Pat Sajak
  • Susan Lucci
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Robert Duvall
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Tom Selleck
  • Don King
  • James Woods
  • Mary Lou Retton
  • Dennis Miller
  • Rick Schroeder
  • Bo Derek
These individuals should be commended for not backing down from positions that are very unpopular and increasingly rare among their colleagues.

"Say It Ain't So Joe!"

Last week, Barbara West of Channel 9 in Orlando faced much scrutiny from her leftist media colleagues when she asked very serious questions during an interview with Senator Joe Biden.

She was obviously well-prepared for the segment, questioning the distinction between an Obama redistribution of wealth to theories first concocted by Karl Marx.

Now apparently the campaign has banned a second television station for asking Biden legitimate questions. CBS 3 in Philadelphia has joined its Orlando counterpart on the list of stations the Obama camp will not speak to anymore.

The reporters on the 4 o'clock news asked Biden again to defend Obama's plan from those who label it as socialism. Biden again could not, only repeating the phrase "Absolutely not" several times.

Recently there have been concerns over where exactly the campaign money is going as it often turns up in the hands of Biden's relatives. $150,000 was paid to a law firm where Joe's son is a senior partner. When asked about this, an irritated Biden interrupted "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down here, old buddy!"

Sources close to his campaign claim Biden was fuming after the interview and immediately placed a call to the national headquarters to instruct them to "cut off" CBS 3.

Campaign staffers claimed Biden was again blindsided by ambush tactics that was reminiscent of a Fox News interview.

I know I like to end some of my writings with a short quip or last minute jab at the opponent, but what I am about to leave you with is factual. It was confirmed by campaign officials. I am not clever enough to make this up.

Senator Biden agreed to this interview because he was expecting it to consist of two elements.

1) His review of Obama's performance in the final debate. (I wonder what his expert analysis would have been.)

And, wait for it...

2) The Philadelphia Phillies.

The Right Message

Barack Obama continues his lead in the polls as we are now eight days from November 4th. While Senator McCain has new momentum with his "Joe the plumber" advertisements, he continues to come up short with some key demographics.

But McCain has touched on a nerve here. Barack's slip up of "redistributing the wealth" has concerned many voters and in most polls, the number of undecideds has actually increased in recent days. John McCain needs to stay on this very important message for the duration of this campaign.

An interview Barack Obama gave in law school has just been uncovered and it possesses this same type of troubling, socialist message. While asked why he was concentrating so heavily on city issues, specifically the inner city, he replied “I’m not interested in the suburbs. The suburbs bore me.”

The comments this man has made about most of America should have fueled outrage but through the filter of the media, he is left unscathed.

But to recap for everyone, this is a man who does not identify with small town America because they "cling to guns and religion" while at the same time labeling life in Suburbia as "boring".

It will be difficult however for the Maverick to get a word in edgewise, especially as Obama prepares his thirty minute pitch to voters Wednesday night which will be simulcast on the broadcast networks.

The GOP had a successful attack this summer in painting Obama as someone completely full of himself. They would run ads of Obama speaking to throngs of eager supporters in Berlin and delivering his acceptance speech in a massive stadium while standing upon a temple-like structure.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, they dropped this line of attack. But a thirty minute infomercial on Obama just might spark up that debate again.

McCain has made a career out of come from behind victories. Let's pray he has one more left in him.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Herculean Task

A Fox News anchor this morning described Senator McCain's mission of defeating Obama in the polls November 4th as a "Herculean Task".

However Zogby is showing gains for McCain in Indiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Virginia. The same poll also has the race tied in Missouri.

We are twelve days out and this race is far too close to call. McCain has found a message that works in dissecting Obama's disastrous tax plan which provides handouts to people who already pay nothing in taxes. McCain and his surrogates are justified when they label this as socialism. The Obama camp is trying to back step a bit and have added work requirements to the plan but it is clear McCain's post debate momentum has them concerned.

Nonetheless, the Drudge Report leads off with a story about the massive construction underway in Chicago's Grant Park for Obama's victory party. Hundreds of thousands are expected to gather on that chilly night in November to witness the Messiah win our nation's top prize.

To be fair, Grant Park has already hosted a man who believed himself to be God's representation on earth when Pope John Paul II celebrated mass there in 1979.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fall's Gonna Kill You

Title taken from one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing.

It seems as though this country is entering into a more serious state of delusion as Barack Obama's numbers continue to climb.

I have always been a skeptic of polls but I do pay attention to Zogby. It has been my experience that Zogby's numbers are among the most accurate and reliable.

In a poll released this morning, Obama holds a 51.6% lead to McCain's 42%. John Zogby writes "Three big days for Obama. Anything can happen, but time is running short for McCain."

This ominous warning sends chills down my spine.

Sarah Palin's favorability has dropped considerably since September, undoubtedly fueled by the barrage of attacks from the media. (In a new low, the RNC is now being assailed by CNN and MSNBC for the amount they spent on new clothing for the Palin family).

John McCain is being seen as increasingly negative and divisive while campaign surrogates engage in 1950s McCarthyism questioning their opponents' patriotism; thank you Michelle Bachmann.

So what can the GOP do to avoid what many call an inevitable defeat on November 4th?

Change the message. Leave the Bill Ayers story on the back burner for Fox News to report. A recent poll shows only 37% believe it is a legitimate story.

Limit the attacks on Obama and Biden only to their actual quotes. These buffoons provide more than enough material in their campaign stump speeches for the GOP to pounce on. A great example is Obama's infamous "Spread the wealth around" quote. McCain's campaign took this gaffe and ran with it, now airing a very impressive ad entitled "I'm Joe the plumber".

Stop making Sarah Palin the campaign's official attack dog. A major reason why her personal numbers are slipping stems from the harsh rhetoric the campaign is handing her. Let her speak to her specialty: ENERGY. This woman is more knowledgeable on energy than the Democrat ticket or even her own running mate. It is unacceptable that this campaign has allowed her to become a drag on the ticket.

Ronald Reagan took the lead in 1980 with two days to go. There is still time to turn this around and save our nation from the grasps of liberals who will "spread the wealth around".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Had Me At Hero

Arguably the greatest sign I have seen during this entire election. It reads "You had me at hero" and is a touching reminder of the throngs of compassionate conservatives who will be voting based on the issues and character.

NBC and CNN would have the public believe McCain's support is merely comprised of narrow-minded, racist individuals who label Barack Obama as a Muslim. Obviously this could not be further from the truth.

We are now seeing the Maverick's return to brighter, more optimistic and uplifting rhetoric as opposed to the sharp but necessary attacks last week.

It was important for the public to reexamine issues that have followed Obama his entire life and indicate a clear tendency towards radicalism and corruption.

But now the American electorate longs to hear the impassioned straight-talk that originally endeared so many to McCain's campaign. We are witnessing McCain return to his roots, the very same tactic that won him elections when everyone had counted him out.

Wednesday night we will behold McCain's transition back to a sanguine disposition with hints of Reaganesque optimism peppered into his remarks.

Obama's attempts at painting his opponent as morose and impulsive will surely backfire with the newly found tone of McCain's campaign.

We are 21 days away from the big day; a lifetime in politics.

Monday, October 13, 2008


We are approaching the culmination of this long election season in just a little more than three weeks and the outcome is anything but definite.

Three major polls released today (Gallup, Zogby, and Rasmussen) all have Senator McCain tightening the gap, with one showing the Maverick within a mere four points.

The McCain camp has quietly been retooling its campaign over the weekend; making staff changes and experimenting with new strategies. The Senator will debut a revamped stump speech today, with more straight-talk than ever before. At one point he even exclaims "22 days to go. The national media has written us off. We're just six points down. We got him right where we want him."

This type of fiery language is sure to enthuse a very tired base and increase the amount of fund raising capabilities.

San Francisco Pelosi has already intimated she expects an eventual Obama administration and is putting together a dangerous liberal agenda along with her fellow socialists.

Before Obama measures the curtains in the Oval Office, he ought to heed the lessons of his Democrat predecessors and be wary of that "October Surprise".

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty Dull

Last night's debate is being viewed by many pundits and analysts as rather boring. went so far as to say it was the worst debate since the format became a fixture of presidential elections. While I will not go that far, I will concede that neither candidate strayed too far from their prepackaged campaign talking points.

We did not see the lively exchange between the candidates as witnessed last week between Palin and Biden. Tom Brokaw and the debate rules were pretty firm in not allowing either men to address each other or have time for necessary rebuttals.

While I am not wild on the idea of nationalizing mortgages as John McCain suggested last night, it was refreshing to hear a specific plan to combat the housing crisis. Obama served up "pie in the sky" proposals without laying out any details, most importantly how the government will fund such initiatives.

After Sarah Palin's debate debut last week, we witnessed countless news stories of her alleged refusal to answer Gwen's questions. I do not even remotely agree with that analysis but nonetheless, the stories were out there.

Barack Obama on the other hand clearly dodged several questions last night. The rare answers he gave were too vague and wordy. McCain's straight talk was a refreshing difference from the same drab liberal rhetoric we have been hearing for a year from Barack Obama.

There is one debate remaining and John McCain must throw everything in the GOP arsenal against Obama. McCain pulled a lot of punches last night that could have easily knocked out his opponent.

The Maverick has seven days to revise his strategy and I will be optimistic that he is merely saving his best performance for last.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama's Support

Wonder where it all comes from?

Besides, George Soros, Hollywood and the liberal elite; there is an article this morning in the New York Post that sheds light on a new sect supporting the Messiah.

"Volunteers supporting Barack Obama picked up hundreds of people at homeless shelters, soup kitchens and drug-rehab centers and drove them to a polling place yesterday on the last day that Ohioans could register and vote on the same day, almost no questions asked."

The article can be found here.

So we can now add drug addicts and convicted felons to his already questionable list of endorsers.

Also, there may be investigations into how much campaign money is coming from foreign donors on government watch lists. It is no secret that the world supports Obama over McCain because he will bow down to foreign pressure. He has made remarks that can lead us to believe he will negotiate away our country. These potential terrorists on American watch lists realize that and are among his most steadfast supporters.

Barack Obama needs a lesson in American history and what has been our bedrock principle for decades.

As a conservative ally of mine said in regards to a class at the university entitled "Terrorist Communications"...

"Terrorist Communication? There is none".

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lead Shrinks As Attacks Grow

With the rhetoric and advertising on both sides growing increasingly more divisive and negative, a CBS poll conducted after the VP debate shows Obama's lead nationally at four points. Prior to the debate, Obama's lead was more than double that figure at a comfortable nine points.

The pit bull has been unleashed and at a number of campaign events and interviews this weekend, including one with The New York Times, Governor Palin took some serious shots at Obama. Not only did she invoke numerous references to his close relationship with the wrong Reverend Wright and radical terrorist Bill Ayers, but she also said of Obama: "This is a man who does not see America as you and I do...".

I understand the importance of bringing this issue to the forefront of the campaign. A person's friends and companions are extensions of themselves to a degree. I also wholeheartedly agree that Obama was unscathed by the revelations of who his close friends really are but this is a slippery slope for the GOP to go down. One slip up by Ms. Palin and the liberal media will accuse the party of race-baiting.

Obama's camp however has not been the clean, issues-based one he promised to the American people. Their campaign purchased two websites ( and entirely devoted to the same old liberal smears we have seen for years.

They ignore factual evidence and on the Keating case conveniently leave out John McCain's exoneration. He was cleared of all charges but admitted personal failure. It was at that point in his life that he began his career as a reformer. We do not expect our leaders to be free of flaws, that is completely impractical. We do however judge them on how they handle the mistake;if they learn from it or continue down the same destructive path.

True character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.

Nobody was looking at John McCain after his name was cleared following the Keating proceedings but he did the right thing. He learned and moved on with his career, remaining cognizant of his past mistake but vowing not to let it happen again. This is character.

Barack Obama has none. He is nothing more than a talking head for the Democrat establishment in this country. He will smear, lie, flip-flop, and attack at will to avoid any accountability for the plethora of skeletons in his closet.

This is the same old Chicago "politics as usual" but now on a national stage.

Friday, October 3, 2008

"There You Go Again Joe"

The line was a stroke of genius as Ronald Reagan constantly used it to describe delusional liberals.

Sarah Palin effectively put to rest any criticism about her readiness to be on the ticket. There were many who described her as a drag on the team, bringing down McCain's popularity, but she silenced her critics last night.

The Drudge Report has a poll in which +282,000 people (70% of the poll) believe Palin was the clear winner. Obviously the Obama camp will try to save face as they claim Biden had the better showing but the public and the polls will reflect otherwise.

For the second time in five weeks, Palin saved McCain's shrinking poll numbers. In the coming days we will see the polls go back to being within the margin of error.

She was calm from the second she set foot on stage and politely asked "Can I call you Joe?". She had the compassion which has attracted so many supporters and still maintained the "Straight Talk" that conservatives long to hear. Most importantly, she did very well among independent voters surveyed last night.

One fact is certain: Win or lose in November, Palin has now made a national name for herself. She will be a conservative's idol and a liberal's nightmare for many years to come.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enter Palin

Tonight is the highly anticipated debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin.

I believe this debate will attract a larger viewing audience than last Friday's presidential pairing with McCain and Obama. It will surely smash records of prior veep debates.

While Palin herself has never claimed sexism, the media has on her behalf. If Joe Biden comes off as making her appear submissive, it will clearly backfire. I have read reports that Obama aides are training the long-winded Senator to be succinct in his story telling and to always refer to his opponent as Governor Palin and not the dreaded "Sarah", which may look as though he is trivializing her position.

To be fair, the bar is pretty low for Sarah Palin tonight and merely showing up on stage next to the distinguished Senator from Delaware will make her look more credible and potentially presidential.

There is a lot of danger with letting "Biden be Biden" as some liberals believe. However, there is little risk and much reward to let Governor Palin be herself. The main reason why she is stumbling so badly with the press is due to suppression from McCain aides. They were trying to put a muzzle on her, and the pitbull didn't care for that.

She needs to be on the attack tonight and force Biden to defend Obama's record; a record incidentally that Biden does not wholly agree with.

In addition to the attacks on Obama, she needs to sink her teeth into Biden as well. As we have seen in the Democrat primary debates, Biden tends to fly off the handle when trying to defend himself and many of his gaffes come as a result.

I have confidence in Sarah Palin this evening as I have seen footage of her prior debates in which she was the underdog. I will maintain faith that tonight the hockey mom persona will stay in Wasilla, AK and the world will, at long last, be introduced to Sarah Barracuda.


Initially I was not even going to waste my time addressing this issue but it has been weighing heavily on my conscience.

Oliver Stone is a very talented writer/director/producer. He has won three Oscars and some of his films are part of Hollywood gold (Platoon, Scarface, Wall Street etc).

Stone is no stranger to controversy or criticism and has tackled movies regarding two former presidents: JFK and Nixon. But his latest project is the most offensive of all.

W examines the life (as Stone sees it) of President George W. Bush. Based on the promos floating around the internet, the film will be anything but flattering (I actually saw that Stone decided to include a scene based on Bush's infamous pretzel mishap).

The line beneath the title reads Based on a True Story which could not be more misleading. Unfortunately however movie-goers will mistake this fiction for fact and may villainize the president even further.

The timing of its' release is no coincidence as Stone is an outspoken Hollywood liberal. The movie is to be released a mere 19 days before election day.

Will this film have an impact on the election? Stone sure hopes it might. However I would suggest that the people going to see this filth have probably endorsed Barack Obama.

At least Hollywood film studious displayed a shred of decency as Stone did not receive any financial backing from them. The film itself is heavily financed by the Chinese.

Like Bill Maher's trashy and insulting Religulous, I would expect W to earn rave reviews from the media elites.

My advice: Go see An American Carol.