Monday, October 27, 2008

"Say It Ain't So Joe!"

Last week, Barbara West of Channel 9 in Orlando faced much scrutiny from her leftist media colleagues when she asked very serious questions during an interview with Senator Joe Biden.

She was obviously well-prepared for the segment, questioning the distinction between an Obama redistribution of wealth to theories first concocted by Karl Marx.

Now apparently the campaign has banned a second television station for asking Biden legitimate questions. CBS 3 in Philadelphia has joined its Orlando counterpart on the list of stations the Obama camp will not speak to anymore.

The reporters on the 4 o'clock news asked Biden again to defend Obama's plan from those who label it as socialism. Biden again could not, only repeating the phrase "Absolutely not" several times.

Recently there have been concerns over where exactly the campaign money is going as it often turns up in the hands of Biden's relatives. $150,000 was paid to a law firm where Joe's son is a senior partner. When asked about this, an irritated Biden interrupted "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down here, old buddy!"

Sources close to his campaign claim Biden was fuming after the interview and immediately placed a call to the national headquarters to instruct them to "cut off" CBS 3.

Campaign staffers claimed Biden was again blindsided by ambush tactics that was reminiscent of a Fox News interview.

I know I like to end some of my writings with a short quip or last minute jab at the opponent, but what I am about to leave you with is factual. It was confirmed by campaign officials. I am not clever enough to make this up.

Senator Biden agreed to this interview because he was expecting it to consist of two elements.

1) His review of Obama's performance in the final debate. (I wonder what his expert analysis would have been.)

And, wait for it...

2) The Philadelphia Phillies.

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