Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Will It Pass?

Tonight the Senate will vote on a revised version of the bailout bill in an attempt to win over the House once more.

Earlier in the week, the fiscal conservatives and liberal deficit hawks (most of whom are involved in close races with Republican candidates in their home districts) killed a bill that they viewed as doing more harm than good.

This is a serious problem we are faced with today and it requires a serious solution. One way or another, this legislation will be paid for by this generation and the next.

Is the revised bill perfect? Far from, but it does more to address the problems than its' predecessor. It includes tax breaks for corporations and the middle class while increasing the amount the FDIC protects in an account.

It is an inevitability that legislation will be created to address the economic situation. And the longer Congress delays its' passing, the more liberal it will become.

The bill itself has grown from a heavy 100 page document to a morbidly obese one at more than 400 pages.

It has become what politicians deem a "Christmas Tree Bill"; wherein members attach provisions for themselves onto the resolution. (i.e. hanging ornaments on a tree)

There are two things in the world the public should never see how they are made:

Sausages and laws.

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