Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fall's Gonna Kill You

Title taken from one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing.

It seems as though this country is entering into a more serious state of delusion as Barack Obama's numbers continue to climb.

I have always been a skeptic of polls but I do pay attention to Zogby. It has been my experience that Zogby's numbers are among the most accurate and reliable.

In a poll released this morning, Obama holds a 51.6% lead to McCain's 42%. John Zogby writes "Three big days for Obama. Anything can happen, but time is running short for McCain."

This ominous warning sends chills down my spine.

Sarah Palin's favorability has dropped considerably since September, undoubtedly fueled by the barrage of attacks from the media. (In a new low, the RNC is now being assailed by CNN and MSNBC for the amount they spent on new clothing for the Palin family).

John McCain is being seen as increasingly negative and divisive while campaign surrogates engage in 1950s McCarthyism questioning their opponents' patriotism; thank you Michelle Bachmann.

So what can the GOP do to avoid what many call an inevitable defeat on November 4th?

Change the message. Leave the Bill Ayers story on the back burner for Fox News to report. A recent poll shows only 37% believe it is a legitimate story.

Limit the attacks on Obama and Biden only to their actual quotes. These buffoons provide more than enough material in their campaign stump speeches for the GOP to pounce on. A great example is Obama's infamous "Spread the wealth around" quote. McCain's campaign took this gaffe and ran with it, now airing a very impressive ad entitled "I'm Joe the plumber".

Stop making Sarah Palin the campaign's official attack dog. A major reason why her personal numbers are slipping stems from the harsh rhetoric the campaign is handing her. Let her speak to her specialty: ENERGY. This woman is more knowledgeable on energy than the Democrat ticket or even her own running mate. It is unacceptable that this campaign has allowed her to become a drag on the ticket.

Ronald Reagan took the lead in 1980 with two days to go. There is still time to turn this around and save our nation from the grasps of liberals who will "spread the wealth around".

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