Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Herculean Task

A Fox News anchor this morning described Senator McCain's mission of defeating Obama in the polls November 4th as a "Herculean Task".

However Zogby is showing gains for McCain in Indiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Virginia. The same poll also has the race tied in Missouri.

We are twelve days out and this race is far too close to call. McCain has found a message that works in dissecting Obama's disastrous tax plan which provides handouts to people who already pay nothing in taxes. McCain and his surrogates are justified when they label this as socialism. The Obama camp is trying to back step a bit and have added work requirements to the plan but it is clear McCain's post debate momentum has them concerned.

Nonetheless, the Drudge Report leads off with a story about the massive construction underway in Chicago's Grant Park for Obama's victory party. Hundreds of thousands are expected to gather on that chilly night in November to witness the Messiah win our nation's top prize.

To be fair, Grant Park has already hosted a man who believed himself to be God's representation on earth when Pope John Paul II celebrated mass there in 1979.

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