Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Cup Of Joe

Earlier today I, along with every respectable American, denounced the vicious and horrifying plot that was thankfully foiled by the authorities yesterday.

The Obama camp was outraged as was Senator McCain's. This election has brought out rather passionate individuals who sometimes think they are living in a different country.

Sadly, more than a few governments around the world resolve elections through murder; but that tactic has no place in American politics. (Except of course Vice President Aaron Burr killing Alexander Hamilton in a gunfight duel in 1804)

This is a better country. It has to be for the sake of the last remaining superpower in the world.

But when presented with the opportunity to unify a deeply split nation, Joe Biden squanders it. He engages in the same old despicable tactic that has been ever present within the Obama campaign by politicizing yesterday's events in the same manner he politicizes the deaths of his wife and daughter.

At a campaign rally in North Carolina, Biden used yesterday's arrests to compare Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. He went on to say "The defenders of the status quo have always tried to tear down those who would change our nation for the better."

There are many aspects which were very wrong about Biden's comparison but the most troubling and most apparent is that Lincoln and Kennedy were both killed in office.

Is this another grim, zen-like prediction comparable to the one Joe made last week saying Obama would be tested by terrorists within six months of inauguration?

I believe the Obama campaign should tap into more of that $600 million warchest and chip in for Joe's badly needed CAT scan.

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