Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Americas

With the division so clear and present in this country, it is understandable for this election to stir up some harsh feelings. But those feelings have tendencies to manifest themselves into dangerous and threatening behavior.

In the last few days, this country has witnessed the demeanor of some of our worst citizens.

In West Hollywood, a house is adorned with an effigy of Governor Palin hanging from a noose. Authorities are powerless and claim this does not fit the profile of a hate crime. The same home also displays Senator McCain surrounded by flames in the chimney.

Ashley Todd, a college student in Pennsylvania, claimed she was robbed and accosted by an African American man who then carved a letter "B" in her cheek in support of Barack Obama. Turns out, neither event ever occurred.

In Virginia, elderly campaign volunteers working for Senator McCain were maced when a couple walked into the campaign headquarters and became agitated. They claimed these volunteers were stealing Obama yard signs (for the record the four volunteers consisted of a 75 year old couple and a 71 year old couple). When the workers denied the accusation, a woman pulled mace from her purse and sprayed the workers.

Most seriously, a plot was disrupted yesterday wherein two skinheads would go on a national killing spree. These white supremacists were planning to kill over one hundred black people, several through decapitation. This most heinous scheme would then culminate in the assassination of Barack Obama.

These are chilling reminders that there is still evil in this country. There is hate, there is fear.

The brightest minds of generations of Americans can not suppress this small minority who live in a very different America.

We have six days to go in arguably the most divisive election in modern American history. The news has been dominated recently by people representing the worst this country has to offer.

From now until November 4th, let's show off our best.

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