Friday, October 3, 2008

"There You Go Again Joe"

The line was a stroke of genius as Ronald Reagan constantly used it to describe delusional liberals.

Sarah Palin effectively put to rest any criticism about her readiness to be on the ticket. There were many who described her as a drag on the team, bringing down McCain's popularity, but she silenced her critics last night.

The Drudge Report has a poll in which +282,000 people (70% of the poll) believe Palin was the clear winner. Obviously the Obama camp will try to save face as they claim Biden had the better showing but the public and the polls will reflect otherwise.

For the second time in five weeks, Palin saved McCain's shrinking poll numbers. In the coming days we will see the polls go back to being within the margin of error.

She was calm from the second she set foot on stage and politely asked "Can I call you Joe?". She had the compassion which has attracted so many supporters and still maintained the "Straight Talk" that conservatives long to hear. Most importantly, she did very well among independent voters surveyed last night.

One fact is certain: Win or lose in November, Palin has now made a national name for herself. She will be a conservative's idol and a liberal's nightmare for many years to come.

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michele said...

Palin is brillant. Not only is she able to get her point across and get in fabulous jabs that the left can't figure out she is showing the true feelings of the liberals. They hate the average American. They view the constituents as stupid and needing them to navigate the difficult waters.

They love to talk about the republican elitism and how out of touch the Maverick is with the regular citizen, but they have spent weeks criticizing Palin because she isn't a Washington insider. I can't tell you how many liberal media shows spent hours discussing the way she speaks and basically insinuating she isn't smart enough to be in politics because she doesn't speak like a politician. That is right she actually says what she means and is clear and to the point.

There are a lot of us out here that find her common sense approach and clear speaking style refreshing and effective and shame on those liberal who find it as somehow a lack of intelligence.

Who are the real elitists out there?