Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enter Palin

Tonight is the highly anticipated debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin.

I believe this debate will attract a larger viewing audience than last Friday's presidential pairing with McCain and Obama. It will surely smash records of prior veep debates.

While Palin herself has never claimed sexism, the media has on her behalf. If Joe Biden comes off as making her appear submissive, it will clearly backfire. I have read reports that Obama aides are training the long-winded Senator to be succinct in his story telling and to always refer to his opponent as Governor Palin and not the dreaded "Sarah", which may look as though he is trivializing her position.

To be fair, the bar is pretty low for Sarah Palin tonight and merely showing up on stage next to the distinguished Senator from Delaware will make her look more credible and potentially presidential.

There is a lot of danger with letting "Biden be Biden" as some liberals believe. However, there is little risk and much reward to let Governor Palin be herself. The main reason why she is stumbling so badly with the press is due to suppression from McCain aides. They were trying to put a muzzle on her, and the pitbull didn't care for that.

She needs to be on the attack tonight and force Biden to defend Obama's record; a record incidentally that Biden does not wholly agree with.

In addition to the attacks on Obama, she needs to sink her teeth into Biden as well. As we have seen in the Democrat primary debates, Biden tends to fly off the handle when trying to defend himself and many of his gaffes come as a result.

I have confidence in Sarah Palin this evening as I have seen footage of her prior debates in which she was the underdog. I will maintain faith that tonight the hockey mom persona will stay in Wasilla, AK and the world will, at long last, be introduced to Sarah Barracuda.

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