Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where's Joe The Talker?

Senator Biden has been curiously inconspicuous the last couple days. He emerged briefly yesterday, just long enough to insert yet another foot in his mouth.

Remember Obama originally saying nobody making less than $250,000 would receive a tax increase? Then remember over the weekend at a rally when he lowered that, saying $200,000 was the threshold?

Well yesterday Joe Biden changed yet again his definition of middle class, claiming those making $150,000 would not see a penny raised.

I think you people are smart enough to see this disturbing trend.

The Obama campaign certainly sees a problem and are hoping to bench gaffe-prone Biden. An article in Time magazine depicts how much Joe has changed lately, rarely engaging with the press corps and keeping everyone but his staffers at arm's length.

The magazine wrote an entire article entitled "Hidin' Biden". In the fascinating piece, they characterize the vp candidate as now being "leashed to a teleprompter".

It's nice to see objectivity from the press.

If only the L.A. Times could do the same and release the tape of Barack Obama touting his warm relationship with Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi.

For reasons that completely allude me, the news outlet is suppressing the story.

What else are they hiding?

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