Thursday, October 2, 2008


Initially I was not even going to waste my time addressing this issue but it has been weighing heavily on my conscience.

Oliver Stone is a very talented writer/director/producer. He has won three Oscars and some of his films are part of Hollywood gold (Platoon, Scarface, Wall Street etc).

Stone is no stranger to controversy or criticism and has tackled movies regarding two former presidents: JFK and Nixon. But his latest project is the most offensive of all.

W examines the life (as Stone sees it) of President George W. Bush. Based on the promos floating around the internet, the film will be anything but flattering (I actually saw that Stone decided to include a scene based on Bush's infamous pretzel mishap).

The line beneath the title reads Based on a True Story which could not be more misleading. Unfortunately however movie-goers will mistake this fiction for fact and may villainize the president even further.

The timing of its' release is no coincidence as Stone is an outspoken Hollywood liberal. The movie is to be released a mere 19 days before election day.

Will this film have an impact on the election? Stone sure hopes it might. However I would suggest that the people going to see this filth have probably endorsed Barack Obama.

At least Hollywood film studious displayed a shred of decency as Stone did not receive any financial backing from them. The film itself is heavily financed by the Chinese.

Like Bill Maher's trashy and insulting Religulous, I would expect W to earn rave reviews from the media elites.

My advice: Go see An American Carol.

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michele said...

Oliver Stone is a delusional paranoid man that garners the respect of the liberals for his willingness to be edgy. The liberals love to view this guy as some sort of genius. Although these are the same people that take Michael Moore seriously.