Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Lackluster Show

I have to admit; I was worried when I first heard Barack Obama was going to be conducting a thirty minute infomercial simulcast on several networks. The timing of the program, a mere six days away, coupled with Obama's potential advantage in current polls made me very uneasy.

But after seeing the program tonight I am completely at ease.

The technical production quality of the show was fantastic. It was visually appealing and kept a consistent flow throughout the issues. It felt as if the American people were watching a Hollywood movie.

And in many respects, we were. It was thirty consecutive minutes of scripted and well-rehearsed material. There was nothing new, fresh or pioneering about it whatsoever. There was more fiction presented in tonight's show than there is in most of the garbage Hollywood is making nowadays.

Let's take a look at some of the most outlandish claims from tonight's very entertaining program.

"Obama talks about listening to the other side of the aisle and reaching across with every opportunity."

In fact, Obama has the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate. That is not a talking point created by the GOP, it is factual evidence as recorded in congressional logs.

"He has a history of going against party leadership"

Barack Obama has never stood up to the leaders in his party and is described by many as another talking head for the liberal elite.

Barack Obama- "We need to make sure Iran does not posses nuclear weapons."

This coming from the man who just months ago admitted he would sit down with Iran's leader with no preconditions. The two men could just sit down and have a little chat. This is not foreign policy. This is reckless and potentially life-threatening behavior.

Barack Obama- "We need to tighten our belts in Washington."

Obama has proposed massive spending increases, possibly the largest budget in the history of the United States. He wants to give handouts to the 40% of Americans who already pay nothing in income tax and continually redefines the middle class threshold. Not to mention his dangerous and hugely expensive socialist health care policies.

Now the Obama-mania media will eat this up tonight. They will try their hardest to keep this in the news cycle for the duration of the campaign. They will bill it as fresh, brave, and daring.

I think the American people are smart enough not to be taken in by an egomaniacal, politically savvy individual with no experience and a questionable character.

For the sake of this country, I hope so.

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