Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carter Reincarnate

Jimmy Carter's presidency was disastrous due in large part to two factors: foreign policy and the energy crisis at home.

Carter paraded around the world apologizing to foreign dignitaries for the numerous shortcomings of the United States. He believed America was to blame for much of the world's problems. Carter was a weak and wobbly diplomat.

Domestically he faced a severe energy crisis. With decreasing popularity and weakening political capital, he delivered a "Crisis of Confidence" speech asking the American people to trust in his administration again and all would be fine.

To combat energy shortcomings Carter professed that Americans could no longer keep our thermostats at any level we wish and we must conserve to the best of our ability.

Is this pattern familiar to any modern day politician?

President Obama held a press conference yesterday to announce new lighting standards. Using inflated projections and phony promises, he projected savings of over $4 billion annually from 2012-2042. Any legitimate expert will concur these figures are nothing but pie-in-the-sky hopes.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell got it right when he said "Conservation is only half the equation. Even as we use less energy, we need to produce more of our own".

Democrats are not interested in an actual energy debate. As shown recently with the reprehensible "Cap and Trade" legislation, they care more about the climate change myth than they do everyday Americans.

Real people are losing their jobs, their homes, their health care everyday. We have a crisis situation in Iran and a nuclear North Korea.

These are serious issues. And what does our esteemed President do?

He holds a press conference telling us to change our lightbulbs.

Cut The Losses

Senator Norm Coleman and the comedian Al Franken have been in a heated legal battle over the Senate seat from Minnesota since November.

The court decisions have all ruled in Franken's favor and over the weekend Governor Pawlenty admitted he was ready to declare Al Franken the winner of last year's election.

The Minnesota State Supreme Court is also expected to make a ruling at any time with regards to the contested election results.

To date, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has contributed over $1 million to help defray Coleman's legal expenses.

The GOP will face major challenges in 2010 and if they wish to capitalize on the Democrat Party's numerous blunders they will need every penny in their warchest.

It is gravely unfortunate but the time has come for Senator Coleman to concede the election. The GOP is unable to move forward with their agenda while simultaneously defending Coleman.

Governor Pawlenty has decided not to seek another term in office, thereby presenting a great opportunity in the future for Coleman.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tiny Tim

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced last week that he will not be seeking a third term in office. The news came as a bit of a shock to some but many in the political arena had been secretly anticipating this move.

Pawlenty has enjoyed immense popularity across a state that has become increasingly blue with each election. In a grim 2006 for the GOP, Pawlenty was able to fight off an aggressive challenge from former Attorney General Mike Hatch.

The Governor was on John McCain's shortlist for the VP slot last year and is considered a viable primary candidate in 2012.

Running for president has become a full time job and Pawlenty will take some time following his term's expiration in 2010 to assemble a competitive team of professionals.

While he does not yet have the national recognition of Governors Palin or Romney, he possesses youth and vitality that may be appealing to Republicans.

With Pawlenty becoming a lame duck governor of sorts, look for him to endorse legislation that will be attractive to conservatives while being unpopular with many Minnesotans as he moves more to the right.

Also watch for former Senator Norm Coleman to drop his challenge to the comedian Al Franken and throw his hat in the ring for governor.

Dr. Killer

George Tiller committed countless thousands of late term abortions during his 35 years specializing in the deplorable practice.

He rightfully earned the nickname "Dr. Killer" from anti abortion activists who put his numbers at approximately 70,000 abortions.

As has been heavily reported, Tiller was gunned down in a Wichita church this past Sunday and the crime has fueled an already contentious abortion debate.

We do not resolve our ideological differences in this country with violence; we are more evolved than that. Tiller's murder is unacceptable in America; his assassin must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But let us not forget that this was a man whose specialty was the same as his undoing: murder.

Over the past week I have read articles from the left honoring and emulating this morally depraved man. Some view him as a martyr, anointing him as a champion of women's rights.

Taking a life is the prerogative of our Creator; not of an ultra liberal abortion doctor from Kansas.

His murder, like all others, was shameful. Our society must not resolve our differences in such a manner.

But to think for one minute that I am going to lose a wink of sleep tonight over this man, or sympathize with his cause, is ludicrous.

Sarah Palin on FNC Tonight

My apologies to the loyal readers for being a bit laxed in my editorial duties. I have been heavily engaged in my work at the University but it will be ending soon and I promise then the updates will become more regular.

Governor Palin, often regarded as one of the early frontrunners in 2012, has been rather inconspicuous since Obama's inauguration. She has largely avoided the media and has not taken a trip to "the lower 48" for some time.

That will all change tonight in what will be a heavily watched (and scrutinized) interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Early transcripts obtained by several media outlets show that Palin will not be pulling any punches at the Messiah tonight. Matt Drudge has even taken the liberty of calling it the "Told Ya So" interview.

Governor Palin, utilizing her charming and plain spoken disposition, says of the increased government spending "You gotta quit digging that hole!"

It is this "hockey mom" persona that endeared her to millions of Americans, reenergized a depleted base searching for a real conservative, and nearly brought her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Governor Palin faces an uphill battle in trying to remain relevant over the next four years. Elitists admonish her, the media trivializes her political career, and the left paints her as a gun-toting radical.

Only time will tell if the Governor can overcome these odds. But one must give the woman a lot of credit for trying.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Presidential Bond

Dick Cheney has been anything but subtle in his criticism of the Obama administration since the former vice president left elected office.

He has charged the President with making the country less safe by declassifying once secret documents and his plan to close Gitmo. He said he fears for the future of this nation under the Obama presidency.

As a contrast to Cheney's sharp tongued accusations, President George W. Bush has been noticeably quiet. He has stayed out of the public spotlight and steered clear from criticizing his successor.

Former presidents, upon vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, are generally respectful towards future commanders in chief. Reagan, Bush 41, and even Bill Clinton did not engage in partisan bickering with the new President. The notable exception to this is Jimmy Carter whose unfounded attacks against George W. Bush were classless and asinine.

There is an inexplicable bond among the men who serve as America's chief executive.

Candidate Obama verbally scourged W at every opportunity.

However when the transition process started in November, President-elect Obama had nothing but praise for the man.

When Obama witnessed firsthand the stresses that had plagued President Bush on a daily basis, he was not so quick to judge him anymore.

Serving as President is an awesome responsibility that the general population can never fully understand or appreciate.

Those who have been there, seated behind the desk in that oval shaped room, comprise the most exclusive club in the world.