Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Carter Reincarnate

Jimmy Carter's presidency was disastrous due in large part to two factors: foreign policy and the energy crisis at home.

Carter paraded around the world apologizing to foreign dignitaries for the numerous shortcomings of the United States. He believed America was to blame for much of the world's problems. Carter was a weak and wobbly diplomat.

Domestically he faced a severe energy crisis. With decreasing popularity and weakening political capital, he delivered a "Crisis of Confidence" speech asking the American people to trust in his administration again and all would be fine.

To combat energy shortcomings Carter professed that Americans could no longer keep our thermostats at any level we wish and we must conserve to the best of our ability.

Is this pattern familiar to any modern day politician?

President Obama held a press conference yesterday to announce new lighting standards. Using inflated projections and phony promises, he projected savings of over $4 billion annually from 2012-2042. Any legitimate expert will concur these figures are nothing but pie-in-the-sky hopes.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell got it right when he said "Conservation is only half the equation. Even as we use less energy, we need to produce more of our own".

Democrats are not interested in an actual energy debate. As shown recently with the reprehensible "Cap and Trade" legislation, they care more about the climate change myth than they do everyday Americans.

Real people are losing their jobs, their homes, their health care everyday. We have a crisis situation in Iran and a nuclear North Korea.

These are serious issues. And what does our esteemed President do?

He holds a press conference telling us to change our lightbulbs.

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