Monday, June 1, 2009

The Presidential Bond

Dick Cheney has been anything but subtle in his criticism of the Obama administration since the former vice president left elected office.

He has charged the President with making the country less safe by declassifying once secret documents and his plan to close Gitmo. He said he fears for the future of this nation under the Obama presidency.

As a contrast to Cheney's sharp tongued accusations, President George W. Bush has been noticeably quiet. He has stayed out of the public spotlight and steered clear from criticizing his successor.

Former presidents, upon vacating 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, are generally respectful towards future commanders in chief. Reagan, Bush 41, and even Bill Clinton did not engage in partisan bickering with the new President. The notable exception to this is Jimmy Carter whose unfounded attacks against George W. Bush were classless and asinine.

There is an inexplicable bond among the men who serve as America's chief executive.

Candidate Obama verbally scourged W at every opportunity.

However when the transition process started in November, President-elect Obama had nothing but praise for the man.

When Obama witnessed firsthand the stresses that had plagued President Bush on a daily basis, he was not so quick to judge him anymore.

Serving as President is an awesome responsibility that the general population can never fully understand or appreciate.

Those who have been there, seated behind the desk in that oval shaped room, comprise the most exclusive club in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Very insightful piece. I think only presidents are in the position to judge eachother because as you said, we really don't know all that goes on.