Monday, June 8, 2009

Tiny Tim

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced last week that he will not be seeking a third term in office. The news came as a bit of a shock to some but many in the political arena had been secretly anticipating this move.

Pawlenty has enjoyed immense popularity across a state that has become increasingly blue with each election. In a grim 2006 for the GOP, Pawlenty was able to fight off an aggressive challenge from former Attorney General Mike Hatch.

The Governor was on John McCain's shortlist for the VP slot last year and is considered a viable primary candidate in 2012.

Running for president has become a full time job and Pawlenty will take some time following his term's expiration in 2010 to assemble a competitive team of professionals.

While he does not yet have the national recognition of Governors Palin or Romney, he possesses youth and vitality that may be appealing to Republicans.

With Pawlenty becoming a lame duck governor of sorts, look for him to endorse legislation that will be attractive to conservatives while being unpopular with many Minnesotans as he moves more to the right.

Also watch for former Senator Norm Coleman to drop his challenge to the comedian Al Franken and throw his hat in the ring for governor.

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michele said...

I hope Pawlenty does more to get his name out there. The republicans can have the next election if they pull it together and get themselves organized and get the message out. It isn't too early to start.