Monday, July 6, 2009

These Heels Were Made For Walking

Governor Palin's shocking announcement Friday afternoon that she will be stepping down as the chief executive of Alaska on July 26th made headlines across the world.

A Google search for "Palin" over the weekend yielded thousands of news articles about the breaking story. Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin's influence is undeniable.

At first glance this decision seems ill-advised. The liberal operatives within the Democrat Party wasted no time issuing an attack on Palin, calling her behavior reckless and bizarre.

Her resignation also causes some friction within the GOP itself; with moderate Republicans (RINOs for all intents and purposes) taking issue while conservatives laud her boldness.

This woman has been relentlessly attacked since September; from the media, the Democrat Party, feminists, liberal academic elites and celebrities, the Colin Powell Republicans and bitter former employees of the McCain campaign.

Every aspect of her life has been shamefully smeared on television and the internet. Nothing has been off limits to a media thirsty for conservative blood, including her infant son's battle with Down's Syndrome.

Despite all this the incredible Hockey Mom is leaving her office in Alaska to pursue a "higher calling".

Her resignation was essential in order to wage an uphill, national campaign against President Obama in 2012.

Running for president has expanded to a full time task. It is next to impossible for a sitting Governor to perform her state obligations while on the campaign trail. Additionally, Palin could not compete in a national campaign without being in the lower 48.

After coming to this realization she decided to put Alaska's interest ahead of her own personal ambitions and relinquish her post.

It is an extraordinary rarity in politics to have Palin practice what she preaches. She is tired with "politics as usual" and has spent her life fighting against a broken political system. What better way to attempt fixing the system than to remove yourself from it for awhile in order to gain a fresh perspective?

Palin has lived up to her campaign mantra of 2008 and has put "Country First".

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Anonymous said...

Are you SERIOUS? I have to admit I'm glad you wrote about this. I thought to myself, 'theres no way Casanova can spin this one' but you proved me incorrect.
You actually write at length all the reasons why this was a "smart move". They are all flat out wrong but make for an entertaining article.