Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Michael Jackson's life came to a sudden end June 25th at the age of 50. His contribution to the music industry is undeniable and he was an entertainment icon.

But since his death, television coverage of every detail leading up through today's memorial service has been meticulously reported. He has been eulogized for two weeks now and it is resulting in a false portrait of the man.

Congressman Peter King, a popular Republican from New York, made a short videotaped statement over the weekend condemning the media for its incessant reporting on Jackson.

King goes on to label Jacko a "pervert", "lowlife" and "pedophile".

While the Congressman's choice of vocabulary may have been controversial many individuals, especially the Casanova, agree with his overall sentiment.

This past weekend was among the deadliest in recent years for American troops in Afghanistan and yet these fallen heroes received a fraction of the time as Jackson.

The only time it seems CNN can ever beat Fox News in the ratings war is when a famous person dies. Liberals have been glued to their television sets and have been falsely eulogizing the singer since his demise.

The individuals who feel this story is worthy of the hundreds of hours of airtime it has received are severely out of touch with reality.

Men and women in our Armed Forces are dying in service to this nation; people are losing their jobs, pensions and health care; social security is drying up; education is failing and we are fighting an increasingly dangerous war on terror.

Liberals choose not recognize these problems, they have more exciting things to do than learn about these issues.

But when a celebrity drops dead rest assured they sit and gaze into that screen for hours.

This is not to say I did not enjoy some of Jackson's music; admittedly I own an album or two.

But I will not deny or forget the many, many accusations leveled towards him over the years.

I simply choose to separate the art from the artist.

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