Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Open Letter to the Minnesota 4th Congressional

Congresswoman Betty McCollum has represented Minnesota's 4th Congressional District for more than eight years.

During her tenure, the former high school teacher has found herself casting a number of controversial votes; including her vote today to defend criminally corrupt ACORN. (She was one of only 75 nay votes in the House)

In February, 2007 she voted against the surge in Iraq which was overwhelmingly successful and is now widely considered to be the turning point of the conflict.

In May of that very year she again expressed her disdain and contempt for the military by voting against funding American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, calling instead for a complete withdrawal of the troops.

She has consistently voted for tax increases and supports grossly expanding the size of the federal government, including socialized health care.

She voted against the Bush tax cuts which spurred 33 months of consecutive GDP growth. Voted against protecting the border from illegal aliens. Against the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Against a ban on the desecration of the American flag. And in 2005 she voted against a resolution instituting House ethics reform.

This "independent" and "strong willed" woman has sided with her colleagues on the left for a whopping 98.3% of her votes cast.

Betty McCollum: Against economic growth, against national security, against public ethics reform.

Her campaign war chest is routinely bankrolled by the AFL-CIO and she is customarily well below the national average for fund raising due to the lack of a plausible GOP or independent candidate.

As a resident of the 4th Congressional District I know we desperately need to elect an individual who is not ruled by Speaker Pelosi, supports our military and possesses a sincere desire to achieve American prosperity.

The 4th has been held by a Democrat since 1949.

60 years is enough.

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why are you so angry all the time?